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Next up in this mini catching up on Blindspot series, is the fourth season’s twelfth episode titled, “The Tale of the Book of Secrets”. In this episode, Boston poses as Del Toro to help Zapata while Patterson and Rich go to Peru in search for an artifact called, The Book of Secrets. All done in a race to get the Stanton cells to save Jane’s life.

After the previous episode, Zapata needs a backup plan now that Del Toro refused to work with her after she failed to meet him at the right time. With Reade’s help, she brings in Boston so that she can trick Madeline into thinking he’s Del Toro and switch out Madeline’s hacking device, which sits on her desk masquerading as a paperweight, with identical one of their own. When Zapata and Boston go to meet with Madeline, Madeline already knows who Boston really is, but they use the fact that no one knows what Del Toro looks like to their advantage. They try to convince Madeline that Boston and Del Toro are the same person. Boston acts like an entitled ass to sell the act, which is both brave and extremely risky. Luckily for him, it works and Boston successfully switches out the device while Madeline isn’t looking. This plan of theirs succeeds but it takes longer than expected as Reade starts to get worried about the fact that they haven’t checked in. To make matters worse, Madeline tells them that she’s ready to crash the plane now, which means that Zapata doesn’t have very much time to change it as she initially thought.

rich and patterson in peru looking for the book of secrets

As for the rest of the team, they race to find the Stanton cells for Jane as she stays in the hospital. Patterson finds out that a hypochondriac billionaire, Ken Lee, owns them. At first, he refuses to sell them the cells but Patterson offers a trade: the Stanton cells for the Book of Secrets, an old and missing artifact. He agrees. The only problem is that they don’t have the Book of Secrets and Ken gives them a limited amount of time to find it. So, the team embarks on looking for the book. Patterson gives a quick history lesson about the book and where it’s been in the past, all of that and a puzzle from Roman’s data cache points them towards Peru. But Reade informs them that the FBI’s technically not supposed to be in Peru, which means Patterson and Rich will have to keep a low profile. Kurt, however, stays behind with Jane in the hospital, just in case.

They go through a series of other clues and discover that an explorer, Alejandro and his wife, Eva, found the book (and numerous other artifacts) years ago. But they hid it so that it wouldn’t be stolen or sold, as they believed in the true value of it. At the end of it, all the clues lead to one last clue: a puzzle in the form of a map that even Roman couldn’t solve. And he had months to solve it and they only have days before Jane dies. Fortunately for them though, Patterson and Rich are staying in what used to be Alejandro’s study at his daughter’s B&B (because the clues led them there). There they’re equipped with all of Alejandro’s notes and they eventually find The Book of Secrets.

While Patterson and Rich go around chasing clues, however, a suspicious man is tailing them. We later learn that he’s one of Ken’s men. Ken never planned on giving them the cells, he planned to double-cross them. Alejandro and his men show up, planning on taking the book from them. Reade calls the local Peru police from the New York office to get them out of the situation. The outcome? They give Ken a choice of agreeing to give them the Stanton cells and getting house arrest or he can rot in jail and for a hypochondriac like Ken, going to jail might as well be a germaphobe’s worst nightmare. As for The Book of Secrets, they give it to the museum for safekeeping as Alejandro and Eva’s They get back and save Jane just in the nick of time.

Final Thoughts

jane and kurt in the hospital

Let’s face it: we all knew they’d save Jane from the zip poisoning. They definitely cut it really close to the wire timing-wise, but we knew it’d happen eventually. She is the show’s lead, after all. Other than that, tt was nice to see Patterson and Rich out in the field this time instead of being stuck in the office. I just wish that Ken wasn’t so much of a dick about the Stanton cells. He had no reason for wanting to keep them other than having them so at least he got what he deserved. Boston’s cockiness while pretending to be Del Toro was brave but extremely risky, so I’m glad it worked out in his favor. We’ll see how long that lasts. Madeline’s plan of crashing a plane is huge but I still don’t understand what her end goal is. I understand that it’ll lead to more profits for HCI Global but I’d think that the company’s already making more than enough money at this point. So, the question remains: what is she working towards and how bad will it be?

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