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Here at MFST, we continue with our catch-up on the NBC show, Blindspot with the fourth season’s thirteenth episode titled, “Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In’t”. In this episode, the FBI work towards stopping Madeline’s plans of crashing a plane as they come to a head as Jane and Kurt attempt to take a romantic getaway.

First, the doctors inform Jane and Kurt that Jane’s body is officially clean as the zip drug is no longer in her system. To celebrate, they decide to go on a romantic getaway at a cabin. Unfortunately, they don’t get too far. Their car pops a tire a couple of miles out, there’s zero cell reception and they don’t have a spare, forcing them to walk the rest of the way. Then FBI cars catch up to them to bring them back to the office. Turns out they can’t even get a weekend off. Understandable though given the situation.

The team, sans Jane and Kurt until later on in the episode, still haven’t heard from Boston and Zapata so they do a little digging on their own. They go to Madeline’s office with a mission to retrieve the hacking device Boston left on her desk (and replacing them with an identical one) while pretending to return all the boxes of papers she gave them. They succeed in getting the device and find evidence that a defense contractor called Bradley Dynamics, hid safety errors about a “Project Arvo”. After they bring in the head of safety at Bradley Dynamics, they find out that all the paperwork on Madeline’s computer is fake. Apparently, Madeline created (or more likely, had them made) fake paperwork, claiming that Project Arvo wasn’t safe. But because they’re fake, the only way to prove that these documents are real is to crash a plane. And to make matters worse, Arvo’s only installed in one plane: Air Force One.

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Meanwhile, Madeline takes Zapata and Boston to a building where she has Boston hack the plane. Zapata tells him to hack the plane without actually crashing it. They need Madeline to believe that they’re helping her. Too bad it doesn’t last long. Madeline finds out that Boston isn’t really Del Toro because Dominic brings her the real Del Toro. Boston finds out that Madeline knows that he isn’t really Del Toro via some hacking obstacle so, he and Zapata make a run for it. They discover C4 all around the building, meaning that Madeline’s going to blow up the place after the job’s done. They also find the real Del Toro, who’s hacking the plane for Madeline, protected by a couple of bodyguards. While Boston distracts them with a fake dead man switch, Zapata comes in and kills Del Toro and his bodyguards.

By the time Boston gets to the computer, Del Toro’s already taken control of the plane using analytical servers and the team is in the process of cutting the server Del Toro was using. Right when Boston is about to give the controls back to the pilot, Rich (from the New York office) cuts off the server, under the rest of the team’s orders. The only things left to fix this entire hacking mess are Rich turning the servers back on and for someone to press enter. Unfortunately, there’s no cell service in the building so Zapata devises a plan for Boston to run outside to call Rich so that he’ll turn the servers back on. That way, Zapata can press enter once it’s back on and run the hell out of there before it blows up. She has Boston go out instead of her because she says that there are still people who care about him. Fortunately, her plan works and Zapata barely gets out of there alive. We’re even lead to believe that she died in the explosion at first. At the end of the episode, Jane receives an envelope from Shepard from beyond the grave, which looks like a literal jigsaw puzzle.

Final Thoughts

rich, reade, and patterson

For now, it seems like the best thing for Madeline to do is to lay low for a while. I don’t think she’ll be gone for too long, however, as the show’s made it clear that she’s this season’s big bad. Even though Zapata didn’t get everything off Madeline’s drive, I’m guessing she still got something that will prove to be useful to them in the future. As for Shepard’s final puzzle, all I can say is this family really has a thing for puzzles.

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