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Dynasty is currently on a hiatus for winter break, but I still have a couple of episodes to catch up on, which seems to be a common theme here at MFST as of recently. So, I haven’t reviewed the show since after the show’s sixth episode, which I did in a big catch-up article but now, I need to catch up on all of the episodes leading up to the midseason finale. First up in this mini catch-up is episode seven of Dynasty:

alexis, baby matthew, and sam

Blake and Cristal announce and enjoy their newly engaged status while as Alexis replaces the fake baby in the nativity scene and replace it with the real baby, leaving the rest of the family to deal with it. Her plan works and Sam takes responsibility for the baby for the time-being and gets Kirby to help find a nanny while Alexis calls CPS, or at least that’s what she tells everyone.


blake and cristal

Cristal and Blake are supposed to be in their post-engagement bliss but Alexis apparently says something that bothers Cristal enough to mess with her. Long story short, Cristal pays off a maid to kill her plants going into her newly refurbished loft, tries to get Alexis to believe in it happening because old Cristal’s spirits being angry at her, and then Alexis getting back at her and getting Cristal to admit that she killed the plants on purpose. At first, it seems like Alexis has won the war when in reality, Cristal was playing a larger game. The video of Cristal admitting to killing the plants didn’t really phase Blake, as she’d hope, but for a while there, Alexis felt pretty proud of herself. Cristal, however, is onto her when it comes to baby Matthew (or Little Blake as they’ve all been calling him), Claudia, and potentially Hank.


fallon and culhane

Culhane works with Jeff in this episode by organizing a poker game. At first, it seems like it isn’t going to happen because Monica is also working with Fallon and Broken Glass Recording Artists, her new potential business endeavor, but they end up just doing both at the club. Unfortunately, however, Culhane sends a smoke bomb into the club so that both of his worlds (the one with Ada and the other with Fallon) collide after Ada meets Fallon pretending to be someone else. By the end of the episode, Fallon tells Culhane that she and Liam kissed at the party, but that it’s over between them now and Culhane is just the great supportive fiancé that he is.


Final Thoughts

fallon, cristal, and blake

Blake and Cristal already being engaged seems a little premature, but after losing the first Cristal, I guess I can understand why he wants to be with someone and why he seems so urgent in wanting to start a life with someone. That aside, it’ll be interesting to see where the feud between Cristal and Alexis goes and who’s going to win out in the end. As for Culhane, he seems to be way over his head with the whole Ada situation, especially since if Fallon knew about it, she’d probably resolve it a lot faster.

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