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Next up in this mini catching up series of Dynasty is episode eight titled, “A Real Instinct for the Jugular”. In this episode, Fallon gets help from Alexis and Cristal, Sam feels tempted by Manny, the new nanny, and Culhane continues to work for Ada.

Sam finds the baby car seat at the end of the seventh episode and Alexis assumes that the baby is Hank’s because she has no idea who Claudia is, so with Sam wanting to keep the baby, they agree to keep what they think is Little Blake’s true patronage a secret for now. Cristal, however, is suspicious, as she should be, but fails to get anything useful from Sam. At the end of the episode, Alexis figures out that Claudia is a crazy lady (which just so happens to be the title of the next episode) and puts the pieces together after Sam spots Claudia in one of his and Steven’s wedding pictures.

Speaking of Sam, he realizes that he (and Kirby) is attracted to his new nanny, Manuel, and the feeling’s mutual. With Steven gone and no answering his video calls, Steven’s temptations are only amplified, but Steven stops himself when Manuel takes things too far. In addition to that, Steven fires him, which, without giving anything away till my next review, comes to bite him in the ass in the next episode, to say the least. At the end of the episode, we also find out that the baby is missing.


Meanwhile, Fallon is busy planning her wedding and gets help from both Cristal, her future stepmother, and Alexis while Blake tries to get Cristal an engagement present. Blake keeps trying to buy Cristal expensive and materialistic to which Cristal refuses, all while she’s watching soccer on TV, so Blake buys her a soccer team. All the women in the house all end up trying wedding dresses on, Fallon and Cristal are actually trying them on for their upcoming weddings whereas Alexis just dresses up for the hell of it. Fallon has her sights set on having her wedding at The Swan House, which is this historical estate that’s already booked with another wedding on the same date. However, the other person getting married, Mimi Rose Prescott, is apparently an old friend of Alexis’, which is why Fallon goes to her for help.

Unfortunately, though, Alexis ruins it by trying to get Fallon both the Swan House for her wedding and entry into the Peach Tree Society, which is Atlanta’s most exclusive social society. Alexis gets into the society but doesn’t get the Swan House for Fallon so after trying to ask Mimi for it semi-nicely, she hits her with her car. Yes, you read that correctly, she hit the woman with her car. Why? Because it now means that Mimi would be too injured to have her wedding on that specific date. After all that work though, Fallon ends up deciding to have the wedding at the Carrington house instead and uninviting Alexis just to invite her again.

As for Culhane, he delivers some packages for Ada with one of her regular workers, Keith, but they find some trouble dealing with U.S customs with claims that their paperwork was incomplete. After discovering that Ada obtained some of the antiques in the truck illegally, Culhane thinks fast on his feet and plays the race card with the officer, who ultimately lets them pass through without the inspection. Later, Keith gets angry at Ada and points a gun at her but Culhane diffuses the situation because he learned about how the Van Kirks killed her daughter. After that, Ada offers Culhane an out but he decides to keep working for her because the danger apparently turns him on.


Final Thoughts

fallon and alexis

It’s odd that Fallon is so welcoming to new Cristal considering how resistant she was with the first one, but then again, new Cristal isn’t up for the CFO job she wanted. As for Alexis, she clearly wants to fix her relationship with Alexis as well as get back into society but in my opinion, she needs to focus on one or the other before she tries to do the other. In addition to that, Blake buying Cristal an entire soccer team seems excessive but it’s Blake so it isn’t much of a surprise. I think the obvious choice for who took the baby would be Claudia but she also has no idea where the baby is, so how would she know that the baby is with the Carringtons? Lastly, Culhane continuing to work for Ada only sounds like a recipe for trouble.


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