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Before I start, yes I realize I’m craming three episodes in one article but it’s been a busy three weeks for me. Now that that’s addressed, a lot has happened over the past three weeks, especially after finding out that Steven is actually Anders’ son and Melissa’s baby isn’t actually Steven’s (but I don’t think we were all that surprised by that one). Since I missed so much, I’ll be breaking down what happened in each episode. Here’s what’s been happening on Dynasty lately:


Episode 4: “Snowflakes in Hell”

sam, steven, and fallopn

After those big reveals, especially finding out that Steven’s actually Anders’ son and not Blake’s, all hell breaks loose with both families where everyone’s arguing with everybody. Pretty much everyone is mad at Alexis for keeping this secret and Blake’s mad at Anders for what he calls stabbing him in the back. So, naturally, Steven decides that he wants to move to Paraguay to continue his volunteer work of building houses for them, but because he’s married to Sam now, Sam comes along with him, which is hilarious only because Sam has very obviously taken a deep dive into this very luxurious lifestyle.

Fallon, not wanting Steven to go, decides it’s a good idea to take the whole family (both the Anders’, except for Kirby, and the Carrington’s) to Paraguay in hopes of bringing the family together. Culhane, however, doesn’t come along as he uses work as an excuse when really Ada (the sketchy woman he’s working for now) is pulling the strings. Ada basically has Culhane take part in an illegal poker game and finds Jeff Colby is also at the game. We don’t really know why Culhane is even there in the first place or why Ada wants him there until it actually happens: the FBI comes in to arrest the guys hosting the game but Culhane grabs Jeff to hide the both of them so that he doesn’t get arrested, thus forming a partnership between the two.

Steven accuses Fallon of only caring about herself throughout the whole episode. The premise of bringing everyone together in Paraguay to build houses for families in need is a nice one but Fallon’s ulterior motive is to bring Steven back home with all of them because she doesn’t want to lose her support system against Blake (i.e: Steven). A lot more fighting and arguing ensue but by the end, all is well and everyone goes home. At the end of the episode, however, new Cristal shows up, thanks to Anders, and it looks like she’s here to stay for a while. I can’t quite remember if it’s revealed in this episode or the next but we find out that Cristal was laid off from her job, and that’s partly why she’s back.

sam and steven

Fallon does surprisingly grow a little in this episode and ultimately tells Steven to go back to Paraguay because he genuinely cares and wants to be there. She’s ultimately giving up her security blanket of sorts because Fallon’s always been a very independent character but if there’s one person she does need in order to not just survive but thrive, it’s Steven. As for Sam, he hadn’t adjusted to living in Paraguay very well but was willing to push through. But Steven, being the angel that he is, convinces Sam to stay at the Carrington house to basically work towards starting their family together.

It was nice to see Culhane and Jeff form a bond of sorts, and it’s even nicer to see in the later episodes. But it was weird seeing Culhane being so secretive as he’s always been the moral center of the show (in addition to Steven, who’s only good the majority of the time). Regardless, Culhane and Jeff’s friendship and how it bonds it the next two episodes is interesting, to say the least. It also wasn’t surprising that new Cristal’s back, or that the writers are pushing her and Blake together. A little strange being that they really pushed Blake and the now deceased Cristal together so much (even though Blake was pretty terrible to her) and it’s only been a few months since her death. But overall, this episode was a little tamer in comparison to the other drama-filled episodes we’ve seen of Dynasty thus far.


Episode 5: “Queen of Cups”

psychic and sam

In this next episode, a lot happens: a psychic, via new Cristal’s request, comes to the Carrington mansion, Liam and Fallon throw a divorce party (’cause why the hell not?), Fallon gets more suspicious of Culhane as he works with Jeff to try to beat Ada at her own game, and we find out that Liam is working with Claudia for some reason. We’re not sure how this pairing came to be (and we still don’t know as of the time I’m writing this) nor are we quite sure why Claudia even comes back at first but by the next episode, we find out that it’s just because she wants money, much like Liam. But I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s get on to what this episode is about:

Liam and Fallon decide to throw a divorce party because it’s apparently a trendy thing now and Liam confesses that he wants one last kiss. Fallon laughs it off at first and continues to plan their party. Meanwhile, she (finally) becomes suspicious of Culhane because of how secretive he’s been and even gives him a (very subtle) chance to tell her the truth. Culhane, however, is working with Jeff as they formulate a plan to somehow go against Ada? I’m not completely sure what their end goal was but it was definitely supposed to be a full-frontal attack on Ada. They organize another high-stakes illegal poker game (during Fallon and Liam’s divorce party, mind you) and Ada comes to basically put them in their place. So, needless to say, Culhane and Jeff’s efforts failed.

But before the actual divorce party and poker game even start, new Cristal decides it’s a good idea to bring in her psychic, Adriana, for the whole family to experience. All of the Carringtons are skeptical to start but then Adriana starts anyway and Fallon and Alexis really get into it. Adriana tells Fallon something about a magical kiss (which relates to that last kiss that Liam asks for) and a bare-chested man (which she thinks applies to Liam at first but then realizes it’s about Culhane). For Alexis, Adriana tells her that Alexis will get together with the one she loves but that he’s going to “expire”, i.e die. She immediately thinks Adriana means Blake and gets paranoid, thinking that Blake’s going to die soon but that’s not explored as much until the next episode.

the carringtons and the psychic

In tandem with Fallon’s suspicion, she leans into Liam and gives Liam that “last” kiss in front of everyone at the party and then make out. It would’ve led to more if Jeff hadn’t walked in and sees Liam’s unbuttoned shirt, and if Fallon hadn’t seen via a security camera feed where Culhane was talking to Ada. Then at the end of the episode, Claudia randomly shows up (not at the Carrington house this time but in her own apartment) and we see she’s talking to Hank. We find out that they’re working together in trying to get money from Alexis. And that’s where the story ends in this episode.

It’s still weird seeing Culhane hiding things from Fallon but regardless, I’m still on Team Falhane as I feel I have been since the beginning of this show. Liam seems like a nice guy but he’s no Culhane, and I’m glad that Fallon stopped herself before she did something she’d never be able to take back. I thought that the psychic coming in was pretty random but at the very least, it gave Alexis something to focus on in addition to trying to get the money she owes to Hank. The last thing I’ll say about this episode is that bringing Claudia back into the show is interesting, and pairing her with Hank is even more interesting. Unfortunately, however, it’s not explained how their partnership started or why. It’s obvious they’re working together for the money but I don’t understand why Hank decided to partner up with her. Or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, it’s strange and something I hope we’ll find out later on.


Episode 6: “That Witch”

blake and new cristal

For the last episode of this catch up is episode six, which is their Thanksgiving episode with a huge reference to The Wizard of Oz. Fallon tries to get in Culhane’s mother’s good graces, Alexis obsesses over trying to keep new Cristal away from Blake (but fails miserably) and anything that could potentially kill him, and new Cristal and Blake take their romance to the next level.

We discover pretty early on in the episode that Luella, Culhane’s mother, doesn’t know about their engagement, so they go meet with her at the church to just drop that bomb on her. Luella is very obviously against it, which is understandable given the fact that CA’s drilling was directly related to how Culhane’s father died. But Fallon, determined to get Luella to like her, invites her, Culhane’s younger sister, Evie, and their entire church to Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, Blake continues to romance new Cristal by trying to take it slow. He admits to her that he wants to sleep with her but that he wants to do things right this time. Unbeknownst to her, at least before this episode, Blake bought out her small clinic and gave out huge severance checks to new Cristal and her coworkers, which obviously makes her very suspicious. She figures this out later in the episode but before then, Cristal and Blake just try to get some alone time together, which they do end up getting right after dinner in the wine cellar, but they’re interrupted by everyone rushing to the blanket because of the storm. And right when they’re heating up too. But after new Cristal confronts Blake about the clinic, Blake gets down his knees and…proposes! It’s only been a couple of weeks and he’s already proposing. To me, this isn’t just ridiculous but it also only means there’ll be more chaos down the road.

fallon wizard of oz

Fallon, however, is pretty stressed out this entire episode. She’s focused on trying to get Luella to like her while still feeling very suspicious about Culhane and the fact that he’s obviously hiding something from her. She then makes the bold choice to go back upstairs after everyone’s already gone down into the wine cellar for safety so Culhane goes upstairs after her, trying to get her to come back downstairs. They argue and Fallon gets hit in the head with something and she goes into a Wizard of Oz inspired dream state. The main takeaway from this dream is that she still conflicted about Culhane and Liam and for some reason, she sees new Cristal as the bad witch and Alexis as the white witch. Is this foreshadowing something to come with new Cristal in the future? Maybe. But this fever dream also surprisingly resulted in Fallon writing Alexis a check and calling Liam to tell him that she picks Culhane.

Hank and Claudia also make another appearance in this episode where Hank tells Claudia that she’s supposed to meet Alexis at a park to collect the money. Instead, Hank takes baby Matthew (Claudia’s baby, in case you forgot about him) and meets Alexis at her trailer where Alexis gives him the money. Hank takes the money but then leaves baby Matthew on Alexis’ doorstep with a note (left by Hank) that says look after me because my mom Claudia is crazy. So it turns out that Hank really does have a heart.

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