Into the Badlands

Here’s a look at the last two episodes of Into the Badlands before tonight’s series finale. Let it be noted that I’m desperately hoping that these episodes won’t be the last of Sunny and co. Here’s a recap of “Curse of the Red Rain” and “Requiem for the Fallen”.

“Curse of the Red Rain” opens with Widow and Nix returning to the Sanctuary, catching Cressida off guard. Elsewhere, Baije, Sunny, and Kannin find the ruins of the monastery and head back into the badlands. While Lydia is hesitant to face Pilgrim and his dark ones, Minerva is certain this is their only chance with him weak. She also tells Lydia that she wants her to lead in her place after the war.

into the badlands Curse of the Red RainLater, Cressida asks to see Widow and tells her that she “saw” that she is pregnant. As promises to survive the coming fight fly between a number of characters, Minvera sends Tilda and Nix to track Pilgrim. We see it rain blood following a curse from Cressida before the big battle. When the fighting begins, Team Widow comes out strong, taking out several dark ones with arrows. They blow up their own gate, killing more and leaving M.K. injured.


Elsewhere, Baije was less than trusting of Kannin. Sunny told him he was being paranoid. She leads them to the coast instead of back to their allies and urges Sunny to run away.  He refuses and begs her to unlock his gift. Kannin refuses and the duo leaves her on the beach. Baije expresses frustration about Sunny never listening to his warnings and being so trusting.

Back in the badlands, Pilgrim demands vengeance. Nathaniel and Gaius urge Widow to go ahead after she sends Lydia to handle Cressida. The witch seems to unlock a different version of the gift, this one giving her red eyes. She stabs Lydia with her own blade. As dark ones approach, Nathaniel catches sight of Cressida fleeing and finds Lydia, just in time to share a final moment with her before she dies.

Requiem for the Fallen

Episode 15 kicks off with Nix battling Pilgrim while Tilda and Widow roll out with Henry and the other survivors. It wasn’t long until Pilgrim beheads his former pupil. (I’ve had enough up close shots of heads on this series!) Later at Lydia’s burial, Nathaniel blames the Widow for his lover’s death.

into the badlands Requiem for the FallenSoon, Baije and Sunny arrive and see all of the bodies, including Nix’s head. They begin their search for everyone else just as the healer, Vitania, confirms that Minerva is pregnant. Later, Sunny is reunited with Henry and Baije suggests they team up with Magnus and his forces to win.


Back at dark one’s HQ, M.K. suffers, with half of his face looking like DC’s Two-Face. Pilgrim urges him to teach others to control their gift and not overuse his own in his pain. Their conversation is interrupted by Kannin’s arrival. She tells Pilgrim that Azra’s mission was to wipe out anyone who didn’t have the gift to warn him against his belief in the past, but her reveal only led him to want to follow their path. She warns Cressida to look deeper to see his path.

When Kannin tries to kill him, he uses the newly fixed meridian chamber to take her gift. In Lydia’s old refugee camp, Minerva reveals her pregnancy and doubts about being a mother and a warrior. Gaius wants to take care of her, but she’s adamant about taking care of herself. He gets in on Sunny and Baije’s trip to see Magnus, revealing he wants to protect the future for his kid too. Baije is amused by this development.


Elsewhere in the camp, Tilda runs into Odessa and her girlfriend. Heartbroken that she’s moved on, Tilda refuses to let Odessa fight. Later, Nathaniel tells Minverva he is resigning as her regent if he survives. He also advises that she ends her pregnancy before she losses her child in the future the same way he had.

As Cressida foresees disaster and Pilgrim killing her, Kannin finds her way to Widow’s camp. She discovers she’s too late and goes after Sunny. When Mangus refuses to team up with them against Pilgrim, Kannin swoops in to help Sunny. She’s the one to kill Magnus, taking his sword and telling his army to side with them. She also reveals that Pilgrim took her gift.

Final take on episode 14 and 15 of Into the Badlands

It wasn’t hard to guess that Lydia wasn’t going to survive the series without any kind of training. Honestly, the characters should know that Cressida wasn’t too be trusted or trifled with. There’s no way they should have sent Lydia alone. At this point, I don’t know how I feel about Widow’s pregnancy and it’s hard to pinpoint why I feel that way. On one hand, she deserves a light moment, but she’s a warrior at the height of a war.

It almost reminds me of Veil getting pregnant at the cusp of Sunny’s efforts to escape Quinn. The only difference is Veil wasn’t out wrecking folks in heels or expected to lead people into battle. As we’ve already seen, Widow pulls back and is ready to give up everything she’s been working the entire series for. As for other characters, I’m not here for Nathaniel blaming Widow or the way Nix dies rather quickly. Both women deserved better treatment. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Into the Badlands team closes things out.

I’m giving both episodes an 8 out 10.



The series finale of Into the Badlands airs tonight at 10 PM on AMC. The episode also streams live on




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