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Here’s the next round of catch up pieces on The Flash. This time we’re looking back at episode seven. As per usual, series give us a Thanksgiving episode and then an episode or two before the midseason finale. Here’s a recap of Thanksgiving in Flash style, “O Come, All Ye Thankful”.

Episode 7 revealed a couple of things. First, Orlin is Grace Gibbon’s uncle and not her father. He took her in after his sister was killed in a meta attack. Second, Barry is terrible at baking. When he tried to make a pie with Caitlin, it was a fail. Before the holiday, Barry went to visit Grace in the hospital while Orlin hid in her room. Doctor Ambres stopped Barry, explaining to him that Grace’s parents were dead and she didn’t have any family. At home, Barry was glad to see his wife and daughter bond, while Iris told Nora about all of the close calls Barry has had.

Jessica Parker Kennedy and Candice Patton in The Flash (2014)Later as Team Flash tried to explain the familial happiness of Thanksgiving to Sherloque, alarms went off notifying them of a power surge on the roof of a lab. When Nora and Barry went to check it out, Barry was electrocuted while trying to remove a core that could take out the block if ignited. His heart stopped but Nora tearfully refused to give up and shocked him until it restarted.

Back the lab, Nora was shaken and everyone else was curious about the storm’s origin. Elsewhere, Orlin dealt with Ambres’ warning to keep away from Grace because CCPD was looking for him. He had flashbacks about his struggles to be a parental figure.

Later, the West-Allens headed to Iron Heights to make sure Mark Mardon was still locked up. During their visit, Mardon’s daughter, Joslyn broke in with a weapon that mimicked her dad’s powers. She threatened to destroy the city if she didn’t get her father. Cisco named her Weather Witch and discovered that her weapon was a weathervane she once used as a storm chaser. The staff had been infected with dark matter, becoming meta-tech like Spencer Young’s phone. When they met up with her, she tried to kill her father only to realize that it was a hologram. Pissed, she created a storm and ran away.

Nora was angry that Barry once again was putting his life at risk and begged him to give up being the Flash to make sure that he doesn’t disappear in the future. She wanted him to leave saving their world to others. When he told her that people need his alter ego, she replied with, “I need my dad.” Elsewhere, Orlin sat outside the hospital and had a flashback about the night of the Enlightenment and how he and Grace got hurt.

Tom Cavanagh, Danielle Panabaker, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, and Carlos Valdes in The Flash (2014)In the present, Nora brought Barry the weather device Cisco made to beat Mardon to counteract Joslyn’s tech even if it put his own life at risk. Their standoff ended in a bright flash of light and victorious Barry. The episode ended with Orlin visiting Grace, a flashback of the night he began his mission against metas, and Team Flash gathering at the West-Allen loft for Thanksgiving. Barry and Nora got a chance to sit and chat about his choice to be there for his family and save others. We ended things with the team discovering Cicada’s identity.

Final thoughts on episode 7 of  The Flash

I loved that instead of just having Joss want her father back, she wanted to kill him. It was a nice twist. The flashbacks really fleshed out Orlin’s story, which was definitely needed. I think his background reveal was done better than Clifford DeVoe’s backstory, which was drawn out across several flashbacks in several different episodes. The West-Allen dynamic continues to be a nice emotional tether for this season. Lastly, I’m glad someone was smart enough to hack into hospital cameras and catch Orlin going into Grace’s room.

I’m giving “Oh Come, All Ye Thankful” a 9 out of 10.


The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on The CW Network.


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