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We’re catching up on the last few episodes of The Flash that led into this week’s Elseworld’s Crossover and the midseason finale. Here’s a look at what been going down in Central City.

Episode 5: “All Doll’d Up”

On episode 5, Barry tried to distract Iris from Nora-drama while the others continued to look for Cicada and Caitlin’s father. Sherloque got another lead for where Cicada could be but he hit a snag on the search for Caitlin’s dad. Although he was still recovering, Cisco used his powers to vibe the elemental table. He saw her father working at Hudson University and they all figured out there was a connection to Professor Stein.

They explored Stein’s old office and discovered that her father knew the truth about Killer Frost. Despite his pain, Cisco continued to push himself, vibing a drawing and leading the team to Vera Industries. There, they found a destroyed lab and her mother’s last name. Things got tense and Cisco suddenly collapsed after unintentionally vibing a book.

The Flash“All Doll’d Up” featured Peter Merkel, meta and son of a rich socialite who disowned him. Peter had the ability to bend and contort his body. Donning a clown mask, he stole an expensive heirloom necklace and brought down a tall building. While Barry and Iris investigated, Cecile didn’t take Nora ranting about Iris lightly and made her help do some things around the house, promising her some stories about Barry. In the end, she ended up telling her about Iris.

Later, the couple went to a gala where Theresa Merkel, Peter’s mother, would be. Theresa quickly recognized that Iris was there to interview her and not to make a donation. It turned out that she hadn’t seen her son in two years and didn’t care. Outside, Peter was chilling in all his creepiness on the roof.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin confronted Cisco about covering up his pain. Later, Peter went after Barry and told Iris via video call to come and get him. With Nora M.I.A., Ralph and Iris went after him. In the end, Iris dove off of the skyscraper to unlock Barry’s meta cuffs, giving him his speed back in time to save them. Nora got there in time to witness it all and Ralph ended up sucking Ragdoll (props to Cisco for that name) into his body off-screen.

In the end, Nora was in awe of her mom and showed Iris the photo album Cecile gave her. The duo finally began bonding while Cisco was able to hack DeVoe’s old satellite’s, giving S.T.A.R. Labs its eyes and ears back.

Episode 6: “The Icicle Cometh”

After being absent in episode five, Cicada returned in episode 6, murdering a meta woman after his blade lit up when she passed him in Jitters. She was able to injure him with her arms that turned into blades. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco and Team Flash discovered that Cicada’s blade had so much dark matter that it only could have come from the core of their Sally satellite. They split up to investigate, with Nora excitedly following after her mother and Sherloque. Cisco and Barry hung back with Caitlin and revealed that they found the decommissioned site of her mom’s lab where her father went and never left.

Danielle Panabaker, Grant Gustin, and Carlos Valdes in The Flash (2014)With Joe out with Jenna, Ralph and Cecile went to get answers from a FEMA employee about people who came into the help center after the Enlightenment. After failing once, Cecile realized the man’s nerves projected onto her. In round two, they were able to get a list of people who reported injuries that night.

Elsewhere, Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco went to Antartica to the Tannhauser site and found her father. It turned out that he knew them all and kept track by staying in touch with some scientist including Harrison Wells.

It was revealed that Caitlin had the genetic marker for ALS so her father did the same experiments on her that he did on himself, hence Killer Frost. Cisco didn’t trust Thomas’ story and tried to warn Caitlin. She didn’t believe him until Barry talked to her again. By that point, it was too late and Thomas’ icy alter ego came out and knocked them out and escaped with the serum Caitlin made.

Out in the field, Sherloque gave Nora a way to bond with her mother despite their different investigation styles. He led them to the core but let them figure out it was there together. It was also revealed that Doctor Ambres was helping Cicada, real name Orlin, was because she hated seeing victims of meta attacks come into her hospital. When Thomas went to the DOD to use their array to hit absolute zero and use the serum Team Flash followed him. Everyone but Caitlin was too cold to move. She tried to appeal to her father but his alter ego ignored her until she dug down and brought out Killer Frost. They used their ice against each other but Thomas was able to get away.

The Flash (2014)Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco realized that DeVoe used Brainstorm’s powers and not Melting Point’s powers to create a mental block. He gave Caitlin Harry’s mental amplifier to let her talk to Killer Frost and eventually be able to connect with her effortlessly. Upstairs, Nora, Iris, and Sherloque showed off the satellite core. Episode 6 ended with Orlin telling Doctor Ambres to leave him be since his injuries were making him stronger.

My take on The Flash episode 5 and 6

I will admit that Ragdoll freaked me out a bit. Episode five was interesting and I love that Nora was able to see Iris in a new light but it left me wanting more of Ragdoll. We didn’t even get to see him and Ralph go head to head, which given the similarities of their powers would have been interesting. The West-Allen dynamics are a nice touch to this season of The Flash, but still, give us the villain-hero showdowns! I’m giving “All Doll’d Up” a 7 out of 10.

“The Icicle Cometh” gave us just enough Cicada to keep things moving which I’m happy for as we approach the halfway point of the season. Lesson learned this week: listen to Cisco. He’s intelligent and has everyone’s best interest at heart, even if it hurts him. Thomas’ “Icicle” persona was a little predictable, but I’m glad it prompted Killer Frost’s return. I’m also glad he wasn’t a one and done appearance. I’m giving “The Icicle Cometh” an 8 out of 10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on the CW Network.


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