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We’re just a few days away from 2019 and the second half of The Gifted season 2. Here’s what went down in the fall finale, “gaMe changer”. Things kicked off in typical fashion for the series; a flashback. This time around we got to see Rebecca before she was placed in Lynwood. Its revealed that her parents called Sentinel Services after she almost killed one of her teachers. In the present, Andy continued to defend Rebecca, who had been placed in a chamber that kept her in the dark and in motion to keep her from using her powers.

In Charlotte, Lauren’s uncertainties about Dr. Risman continued to grow. When she explained what she learned to her parents, Reed agreed that if Lauren was right, they needed to destroy her research. Kate was hesitant because she wanted the cure for Reed. Later, Lauren was able to get Noah to show her where her blood was stored. While Purifiers began taking their protection into their own hands, John, Marcos, and Clarice went after Lawrence Hayes, a businessman who worked at Regimen. Things went awry when there were security guards at his home, causing Clarice to portal Hayes into their trunk before transporting herself and John back into the parking garage. They tied him up at the clinic but a police warrant but Clarice on edge. They discovered that Regimen controlled all mutant collars.

While Jace appeared on TV to talk about the Purifiers’ cause, Sage warned Reeva that someone on to their Regimen mission. Reeva directed her to find out where they source is and to send Fade after them. Elsewhere, Dr. Risman approached Kate and Reed and told them that Lauren’s DNA revealed two versions of the X-gene just like her great-grandparents. She questioned them about Andy until they revealed that they hadn’t seen him in months. Downstairs, Noah showed Lauren the lab. On the way out, she used her powers to keep the door open a smidge.

While Hayes searched for where Reeva and co. could hack, Marcos pulled John outside to get him to calm down. Clarice interrupted to let him know that police searches had turned into mutants being arrested just because. Marcos left the duo to argue about Erg and whether or not John trusted her. She left him to his “lonely, noble crusade” while she headed out to try and fix things. At Inner Circle HQ, Reeva went to see Andy to convince him to help with their next mission.

Afterward, he packed a bag and freed Rebecca. Instead of leaving as Andy planned, Rebecca made them go upstairs where everyone else was meeting. Her plan was to kill them all. When she went to attack, Andy used his powers to stop her. She flew back and fatally hit her head. As Andy cried over her body, Reeva thanked him for saving them. Later, Lorna went to comfort him and explained their next target and why it would help people like Rebecca.

At the clinic, Fade arrived and shot Hayes. John and Marcos were able to knock their former friend out before fleeing with him when they heard police sirens. The fight drew the attention of Jace and his group, who armed themselves and headed that way. While the Inner Circle broke into Regimen, Lauren and her parents got caught before they could destroy Dr. Risman’s work.

When the doctor started spouting things about mutants being a curse and that Lauren should have never been born, Noah took off his inhibitor and used his powers to disorient the guards and Risman so the Struckers could escape. His harmonic vibrations shook the building and destroyed all of Risman’s research.

When Purifiers cornered Marcos, John, and Fade, John stayed behind to hold them off. He was eventually pinned by a truck and knocked out by Jace. Elsewhere, Lorna and Andy destroyed Regimen tech, deactivating mutant collars across the country. Prisoners attacked guards and ran free.

Final take on The Gifted, episode 9

So much happened in this fall finale. From the possible end of ThunderBlink and John getting caught to Rebbeca’s death and the Inner Circle’s victory, it looks like the Underground is only going to take losses this season. I never really got connected to Rebecca so her death didn’t really do anything for me besides fulfill the trope of a girl’s death making a guy stronger. Shoutout to Noah for helping Lauren. I’m hoping we see him again.

On another note, the ongoing fight between John and Clarice made me want to roll my eyes so hard. Their drama this season feels like something extra thrown in after the season was planned out and I hate it. I love them as a couple so I want their disputes to feel deeper, the way Lorna and Marcos’ issues do. Here’s to hoping that Marcos and company can have a few victories in part two of this season.

I’m giving the midseason finale of The Gifted a 9 out of 10.


The Gifted returns January 1st.


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