As the holiday season continues and shows are on break, we still have two episodes of The Gifted to catch up on before it returns on New Years Day at a new time. Instead of airing at 8, FOX will move its start time to 9 PM EST. Here’s a recap of season 2, episode 8: “the dreaM”.

Emma Dumont and Sean Teale in The Gifted (2017)To refresh your memory, in episode 7 Reeva and the Inner Circle broke into Creed Financial. Things got a little crazy when Rebecca went against orders and killed the staff, including Reeva’s boyfriend. Things picked up in episode 8 with a flashback of Lorna and Marcos from seven months ago. She refused to discuss her father and they promised to never be like their parents. In the present, Rebecca ran away after Lorna told her that she didn’t belong with them. Andy tried to spin her actions of killing 30 people as losing control, but Lorna wasn’t having it. In her escape, Rebecca twisted the truck’s door, leaving a piece on the ground.

While anti-mutant protests and news of a mutant curfew are all over the news, Lauren, Kate, and Reed are on the road to the geneticist that can help Reed figure out how to control his powers. In D.C., John wanted to head out to figure out what Reeva and company were after. Clarice went with him, knowing it was a bad idea but not wanting him to be out alone. At Charlotte State University (CSU), Dr. Risman (played by Kate Burton) immediately recognized Reed despite not seeing him since he was a child.

Risman’s plan was to stabilize Reed and use Lauren’s genes to figure out what went wrong with her father. While there, Lauren interacted with a young medical assistant, Noah, who told her about his powers and how he can be normal and go to school because of Dr. Risman’s work. Back at Inner Circle HQ, Lorna feared for her daughter’s safety and the state of the world with Rebecca’s behavior. Her frustration triggered a flashback to when she was a teenager. The memory showed us her struggle to fit in and hide her powers and her relationship with her aunt. We also saw that her biological father left her a gift and a note on her birthday. She ripped up the note but keep the symbol that resembled a piece of his iconic helmet.

Fearing for Dawn’s safety and discovering that a mutant foster care center was burned down, Esme suggested that Lorna send her daughter to a hidden mutant school in Switzerland. Elsewhere in D.C., John and Clarice find and follow Rebecca’s trail. Clarice was forced to remove her contacts when the energy from Rebbeca’s powers threw off her portal-making energy. Around the corner, they discovered the body of a man that Rebecca stole a car from.

In another flashback, Lorna pressed her aunt for answers about her birth father after she was released from jail after ruining a guy’s car after he hit on her in a bar. In the present, Lorna paid Marcos a visit with Dawn. She told him that she was sending Dawn away and Marcos was completely against it, bringing up their promise not to be like their fathers. The visit left both of them in tears. Instead of taking Dawn to Switzerland, Lorna left her with her aunt, who was surprised to see her. In Charlotte, Reed, Kate, and Lauren sat down for dinner with Dr. Risman. She explained to Reed that his father kept secrets from him because of their family history. When she began explaining the Fenris twin’s powers, Reed and Lauren realized similarities in her and Andy.

The next day, Noah tried to help Lauren experience what normal could be like while John and Clarice ran into Rebecca. She only gave them the name of what Reeva was looking for at Creed Financial before telling them to quit while they were ahead. John was able to find out more, but Clarice wasn’t satisfied and worried about his tendency to act like he’s immortal. Later at CSU, Lauren learned from Noah that Dr. Risman wanted to use her tests on them to potentially create a suppressant for all mutants. He also told her that Risman’s brother founded the Purifiers and that Risman hated him. Lauren was hesitant, but let Noah continue his test.

Miles away, Andy reacted if had been poked with a needle and Fade found and threatened Rebecca. In the final moments of “the dreaM”, Clarice left John to his research, Marcos got a text from an unknown number with a picture of Dawn, and Lorna turned the metal she was gifted years ago into a headband reminiscent of her canon comic look.

Final take on The Gifted episode 8

I loved the focus on Lorna this episode as she’s one of the most interesting characters on The Gifted. This season, any scene revolving around her, Marcos, and Dawn has made my eyes water and this episode definitely delivered on that. I’m glad that Lorna didn’t send Dawn to Switzerland. It’s a common plot in shows to make young children disappear after a while, usually for their safety, so its no surprise that Dawn has to go away.

The flashbacks in “the dreaM” really made me want to find out what happened to older mutants like Magneto and the X-Men. We know of the big event and that they disappeared, but what really went down. I’m looking forward to seeing what happened to Reeva, Phoebe, and Sophie as well as what Lorna’s next move will be.

I’m giving “the dreaM” an 8 out of 10.

The Gifted returns January 1st at 9 PM EST.

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