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As we approach the holidays, fans, like us, are using our time off and days away from school to catch up on their favorite shows. This week, we’ve been looking back at the latest episodes of ABC’s The Good Doctor. Here’s a recap of season 2, episode 9, “Empathy”.

In this episode, we saw Dr. Glassman continue to struggle with all the changes since his diagnosis and surgery. To start things off he became upset and argued against Shaun taking his driver’s license or reporting him to the DMV.

Freddie Highmore and Will Yun Lee in The Good Doctor (2017)This week’s cases involved patients named George and Billy. While George (Tyler Ritter) came in with the symptoms of a stroke claiming to have the pre-existing issue of atypical hyperplasia, Billy (Mason Gooding), a teenager in juvie, came in with injuries and hope from Dr. Park that they could repair the crater-like injury in his forehead. When Shaun disagreed with Park’s declaration that they could fix it, Park privately questioned him about empathy.

It was later revealed that George was taking the medicine that caused his stroke to help contain his sexual urges. After George checked out of the hospital, Claire discovered that his medicine wouldn’t make sense unless it was to curb deviant urges aka a possible pedophile was back on the streets. Later that day, he returned after causing self-harm to his scrotum stop his urges. He asked his doctors to finish the job, an act Claire and Morgan disagreed on.

Andrews sat in while the duo and Melendez discussed their next move. With Billy, Shaun and Alex learned that he had a laceration that caused his stomach to move into his chest. They rushed him into emergency surgery. Later, he revealed that his father caused his head injury years ago after his favorite baseball team lost.

Elsewhere, bets are waged as Allegra gave Andrews a deadline to pick a chief of surgery. This pressure caused both doctors to be on edge during their surgeries and with all of their decisions. When Lim suggested they tell Andrews to back off and stop sitting in on all their discussions and surgeries, Melendez laughed her off believing he was in the lead and not wanting to offend Andrews. Later, he used her advice and asked Andrews to leave while he, Morgan, and Claire decided what to do about George.

The Good Doctor (2017)Another subplot for The Good Doctor episode 9 was Shaun learning how to drive after Glassman expressed displeasure at losing the freedom to be behind the wheel. On the road, he became overwhelmed and caused a bit of a traffic jam. Later, Lim, Park, and Shaun did their main surgery on Billy.

Midway through, she took a break and marched into Melendez’ surgery and got on him for stealing her suggestion to gain points with Andrews. After the interruption, Melendez decided that to save George’s life, they had to save his testicles.

Back in Lim’s OR, Billy flatlined but they were able to get a heartbeat again. After their surgery, Lea was able to get Shaun back on the road. He did well until a kid ran out into the road to get a soccer ball. He was able to stop in time and Lea was able to calm him down. Later, Andrews announced that he was retaining the title of chief of surgery much to Lim and Melendez’ disappointment. While Billy’s surgery was a success, Shaun saw it as a mistake and told Billy just that since he almost died. Elsewhere, Claire and Morgan witnessed George commit suicide by walking in front of a bus after leaving the hospital without checking out.

The episode ended with Melendez and Lim meeting up at a bar, Claire and Morgan recovering from what they witnessed and Shaun and Lea driving Glassman to his next doctor’s appointment.

Final take on The Good Doctor, episode 9

I enjoyed this episode. While Claire and Morgan continue to disagree with each other about their views and treatments styles, it’s become less hostile and I like the shift. Having Andrews keep the title maintains the status level of Lim and Melendez, which I think is good for the current dynamics of the characters. The subplots with the guest actors of the week were good and I liked that there were different outcomes for both storylines.

I’m giving “Empathy” a 10 out 10.

The Good Doctor is currently on break and will return Monday, January 14th.


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