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This title alone let us know that things were going to get intense on the midseason finale of The Good Doctor. Here’s a recap of season 2, episode 10: “Quarantine”.

Episode 10 opened with Lim and Melendez waking up beside each other after a night of drinking after the events of “Empathy”. They agreed that it shouldn’t happen again for their work relationship. At St. Bonaventure, Christmas decorations have gone up and a man in Santa costume is laid up in the ER. Things pick up when two patients are rushed in from the airport. One of the MTs knew that Reznick was at work that day, which Lim found weird. When the first patient died, Shaun noticed similarities in their symptoms. They learned that they were on the same flight.

Soon the ER and everyone in it is under quarantine after the second patient died and the MT that Morgan knew formed a rash and spiked a fever. Patients included a man who was there to be an organ donor for his son who was dealing with cancer. Upstairs, that patient thought his father had disappointed him again. This group downstairs also included a pregnant woman, a sick Santa, and Dr. Park’s teenage son, Kellan.

This surely put a damper on the boy’s holiday visit when he was already less than pleased to hang out while his dad worked. It wasn’t hard to see that he wasn’t as excited to see his father as Alex was to see him. (Someone give Dr. Park a real hug!)

Tyler, Morgan’s “friend”, tried to ask her out on a date before he got worse. He’s put on a high dose of anti-virals as Morgan began to talk to him about ideas for their first date. Elsewhere, Lea took Glassman to his appointment with Shaun stuck. Glassman wanted to go to St. Bonaventure but she refused. While patients downstairs started to get emotional, Claire learned that her patient’s donor is in the quarantine. With the CDC on the ground at the virus’ source in Malaysia and others stuck on the east coast due to snow, Marcus is frustrated with their delay. He also advised Melendez to find another donor for his patient. Anyone else notice his concerned face when he saw the footage of Lim in the ER?

The Good Doctor (2017)While Melendez’ patient, Chris, doesn’t want to wait for the CDC to arrive, Lim revealed that she was infected and put herself in isolation with Tyler. It wasn’t long until Tyler died, leaving Morgan teary-eyed. Elsewhere, Santa, also known as Pete, required surgery as his abdominal obstruction returned. His medical emergency interrupted a patient grilling Shaun because his blood sugar was too high. Kellan was in the midst of defending Shaun when Pete threw up on the rude guy.

Reznick and Murphy were forced to improvise and do surgery on Pete in one of the side rooms. Midway through surgery, Shaun had to leave to treat the rude guy. While he’s out there, Lim fainted while talking Morgan through her procedure and Kellan began to have difficulty breathing as Park yelled from behind the locked doors.

“Quarantine” ended with Shaun overwhelmed by all the shouting and the light that had been buzzing all episode, curled into a ball on the ground. Elsewhere, Melendez and Claire tried to revive Chris despite his DNR, and Glassman learned that his cancer had returned.

Final take on The Good Doctor, episode 10

I knew we were getting intense, but holy cow! Episode 10 gave us multiple character deaths, an infected main character, and a Shaun breakdown. I can imagine that Park is going to get into that ER and help his son even if it means he gets infected. Shoutout to the casting team for casting some great actors. I noticed familiar faces in Dan Byrd who played Tyler and Camille Guaty who played Violet, the pregnant woman. You’ll probably know Tyler from Easy A and if you watched Disney in the early 2000’s you’ll remember Camille from Gotta Kick It Up, although they’ve both done good work since.

The only thing I wish the writers would have cleared up is how Morgan and Tyler knew each other. Despite giving his death more emotional pull, their dynamic felt random since we’d never seen or heard of him before. I can’t wait to see what happens when the show returns in January. I’m giving The Good Doctor: “Quarantine” a 10 out of 10.


The Good Doctor returns January 14th.


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