The Good Doctor

This week, we’re catching up on The Good Doctor and all the medical feels it’s brought us in the last few episodes. Here’s a look back at season two, episode eight, “Stories”.

the good doctor storiesDuring this episode, Dr. Reznick and Dr. Park dealt with a couple who were against vaccines after the husband’s niece developed a long-term issue after being vaccinated. The episode’s title comes from the fact that Dr. Park took a story Dr. Reznick told him about her friend and how she lost a child after not vaccinating him and repeated it to the couple, hoping to sway them into vaccinating their pre-teen son. Reznick believed that simply telling stories don’t change people’s hearts, while Park disagreed.

It turned out that Finn had two spinal cords. Before the surgery, the mother told Park that he had their approval to give Finn vaccines when in reality she made the decision on her own without telling her husband. When Finn collapsed while trying to stand, he was rushed into surgery. He was okay besides a staph infection but the truth about the vaccination was revealed. Finn was upset with Park for pushing the issue now that his parents are fighting. Park tried to tell the husband another story, this time one of his own. He lied and told him the story of a broken family wasn’t true.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Aoki pressed Andrews to intervene after she discovered that Claire was considering leaving the hospital. This stems from this season’s drama between Claire and Neil. Andrews went to see Claire and tried to persuade her to stay by saying Melendez would take her back onto his team. She told him to talk to Melendez because she had nothing to say to him. Andrews went to Melendez who eventually went to talk to Claire. Before he could say much, she apologized and told him that she didn’t really mean it and was only doing it to cover him.

The Good DoctorWhile dealing with all the drama, Claire worked with Shaun and Dr. Lim on the case of a woman who was injured in an accident. When it was revealed post surgery that she had been pregnant, her husband revealed that he had a vasectomy ten years ago. After she kissed Shaun and told her husband that she couldn’t help herself when it came to cheating, Shaun become curious and ran some test.

After a brain scan didn’t find anything, Claire did another test; getting the woman to draw the face of a clock. It was discovered that she had a chest tumor that released a chemical in her brain that impacted her inhibitions. Afterward, her husband stood by her, despite his anger and hurt.

As for another one of this season’s arcs, Glassman continued to struggle while Dr. Blaze tried to get him to realize that he’s not in the best condition. Glassman went to Shaun to get his help to see if he was losing his memory. Shaun asked where he got items in his house, before asking him what his brother’s name was. Glassman got it wrong, proving that he was losing his memory.

Final Take on The Good Doctor, Episode 8

And so, we move forward into a new space for Claire and Neil’s work relationship. I absolutely love that Claire stood her ground with Andrews and told Neil that she wasn’t really sorry but was tired of drama. I also love learning more about Dr. Park. I’m wondering if we’ll ever see his home life. As per usual, Glassman’s storyline continues to tug on my heartstrings. The scene where he couldn’t remember Steve’s name was like a punch in the gut despite already knowing his mind is failing him.

As for subplots, I both liked and disliked that the Tilley family’s story was left open-ended. We don’t know what happens but viewers are given an option to complete it on our own.  The second subplot with the cheating wife was a little weird, but not unenjoyable because the actors were talented.

I’m giving “Stories” a 9 out of 10.


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