The Champions League is back on! Here are the predictions for the 16 teams that will move on out of the group stage.

Champions League

Group A: Manchester United and SC Benfica

Manchester United have a deep squad this year for a solid champions league run. They’re not probably at the stage for a run to the finals but they should go well on to the Round of 16.

SC Benfica are the only team in this group to rival United. FC Basel and CSKA Moscow don’t have enough to surpass Benfica let alone United. However, it should be close in the remaining three spots.

Group B: FC Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain

Bayern are the most dominant team in Germany and they always make noise in the Champions League, this is a no-brainer to have them advance.

Had PSG not pulled in Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, Celtic could’ve been favored as the upset team to advance. However, PSG have too much firepower to not score enough goals to come out in the Top 2.

Group C: Chelsea and Atletico Madrid

Chelsea are starting to click now in the Premier League. How deep of a run they make in the Champions League is up to them but they’ll make it to the next round.

Atletico Madrid feast in the Champions League. They’ll have something to prove this year. Playing second fiddle to Real Madrid, and having the runs they’ve had over the past few years, no doubt Atletico will be in the Round of 16 to charge at that final.

Group D: FC Barcelona and Juventus 

Even without Neymar, Barcelona will surely advance to the next round. But a deep run may not be attainable without making a big transfer in to replace the once formidable left wing in MSN.

Juventus will be in without a doubt. They’re the best team in Italy, and know the stage of the finals, they’ll be there when it counts.

Champions League

Group E: Liverpool and Sevilla FC

This is one of the more contested groups. The top 2 of this group will likely be knocked out in the next round. Liverpool were walloped by Manchester City over the weekend 5-0. Minus using Philippe Coutinho due to his less than desired presence to play for the club, Liverpool will have to fight for the top spot.

Sevilla are average but capable. They can fend off the remaining opposition, but only by a few points, or even goals. That’s what this team and this group come down to. One to two points difference and scoring as many goals as possible get you out of this group, but barely.

Group F: Manchester City and Napoli

City are a no brainer coming out of this group on top. Pep Guardiola is primed for a better run in the Champions League this year.

Napoli are better than the remaining opposition. They should have no problem advancing with a slightly comfortable margin in points.

Group G: AS Monaco and RB Leipzig

Monaco shocked the world with their run last year. It’s up in the air how far they go in the knockout stages, and it will be a close battle in this group stage but the defending Ligue 1 champions should see the Round of 16.

RB Leipzig will barely make it out of this group. Upsetting FC Porto should be welcoming momentum for the Red Bull sponsored team. They still show their teeth in the Bundesliga, so there’s optimism they’ll put in a good run in a good enough run in the group stage and possible Round of 16 upsetters.

Group H: Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur

Real Madrid are the defending Champions League and La Liga Champions. They hold all the cards this year and they’re the team to beat. They’ll make another run at that trophy this year.

How far they go is up to them, but the Spurs will make it to the next round. Borussia Dortmund is the only team to give them trouble, but they should be able to handle the opposition.

Group stages kick off tomorrow, so tune into Fox Sports or your favorite club’s tv station to watch your team’s fixture.

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