Harley Quinn vs Duela Dent

Harley Quinn vs Duela Dent

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s time for another exciting Character Battle here at MFST.  We’ve already seen Joker vs Penguin, Scarecrow vs Riddler, and even had our first girl fight between Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Now it’s time to see two crazy clowns fight over an even crazier clown. Let’s see how a fight between Harley Quinn and Duela Dent would go down without Black Manta breaking them up at every chance. After their last altercation during a mission to Russia, Victor Sage decides it would be an interesting idea to let Harley and Duela have a rematch in one of the abandoned cells deep within Belle Reeve. Amanda Waller is not at all excited about this idea, especially after Victor expresses further interest in broadcasting the brawl online. He eventually persuades Waller into the idea with talks of money and says they can make it seem like the Joker is hosting it for fun, thereby reducing the risk of their involvement being leaked to the public. So with a firm but hesitant handshake from Waller, the fight was set up within 24 hours.

Blindfolded and slightly confused, Harley starts asking questions and shouting obscenities as she is shoved onto the cold hard floor of the empty cell. “Lookie here! Seems like Christmas came early for me this year!” A familiar face but different smile greets Harley as she rips off her blindfold. “I thought I already dealt with you in Russia. I don’t like you! Or did you not get the memo?” Harley retorts as she gets herself up and ready for whatever was about to come next. She had learned very quickly to sleep with one eye open ready to fight in Belle Reeve. Duela took a step closer. “I thought you knew by now we’re not that easy to keep down.” She smiles as she lovingly strokes the face Harley fears the most. Duela lets out a soft cackle as Harley lunges towards her. Harley stops short at the sound of Amanda Waller’s voice booming down from overheard. Waller quickly explains the situation to them as Harley’s baseball bat and Duela’s moon staff drops into the middle of the cell. Both women dive for their murderous appendages before them to the sound of Victor Sage’s voice saying “FIGHT!” with a game show host type cadence to it.

Harley overshoots her mark, missing her precious bat by inches. “TOO SLOW!” Duela screams as she kicks the bat across the floor. She swiftly lifts Harley to her feet by one of her pigtails. Her laughter echoing off the walls. “Feels like old times doesn’t it? Daddy says that look in your eyes takes him back.” Duela whispers into Harley’s ear. Her brain began to flood with the dark images she tried so long to lock away. Harley could feel tears building, her vision began to blur. As she felt her hands ball into tiny fists, Harley remembered all the good times she had with her Puddin. Only her Puddin could make her cry, and this wasn’t her Puddin, just a stupid girl wearing his face. With a quick punch and a shove, Harley makes a dash for her bat. This time she doesn’t miss her target. Harley grips her bat tightly, jumps up, and spins around quickly. She freezes as something shiny comes into sight. Something slices her left cheek, fresh warm blood drips slowly down her face. “Still too slow Har!” Duela victoriously announces as she slams Harley against the cell wall. “Let me even out your face for ya.” Duela held up the crescent end of her staff and presses the bladed point to Harley’s right cheek. Screams fill the room as Duela slowly slices deeply into her flesh. “Perfect!” Duela says to herself with a smirk. Unfortunately, Duela was too captivated by her handiwork that she didn’t notice Harley still had her bat until she was knocked to the ground by it. Harley slowly walks over to Duela, kicking the staff out of her way. “Time to make pudding outta ya…Puddin…” she whispered and smiled as she slowly lifts her bat. Harley manages to get three good wacks in before Waller’s voice shook Harley out of her trance informing her the fight is over. “Pay up Sage…” was the last thing Harley hears over the speaker before the alarm fills her ears, signaling for her to drop her bat and assume the usual position so they could take her back to her own cell. “You don’t control me anymore.” she whispers to the unconscious Duela as she awaits for the guards to arrive.


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