Chuks Okorafor Draft Profile

Chuks Okorafor draft profile


  • Elite NFL size
  • Has thick, well-proportioned frame and carries it comfortably
  • Lands hands where he aims them in run game
  • Takes decent angles up to his second level blocks
  • Comes out of his stance with good, two-step quickness in kick slides and is able gain plenty of ground to the edge
  • Hands are strong and he’s tough to deal with when he gets defenders locked out
  • Has natural power sit and anchor against a bull rush
  • Has started at both tackle spots

Analysis: Chuks Okorafor and his family immigrated from Botswana to the United States in 2010, so he got a late start on learning football. Despite eventually getting recruited by football’s biggest powers, he stayed in Michigan to play for Head Coach P.J. Fleck at WMU. Okorafor played as a reserve in 12 games in 2014, then started every game at right tackle as a sophomore. He switched to left tackle for his junior year after the departure of Willie Beavers for the NFL, earning first-team All-MAC honors for his efforts, using his wide body and length to protect the quarterback and blast holes for running back. Okorafor received numerous All-American accolades and a first-team all-conference nod for his play as a senior in 12 starts at the left tackle spot. He has the size you look for in a high draft pick and his strength comes naturally. Versatile player who can line up at both tackle positions.


  • Base is very narrow for his size
  • Has limited lower body bend
  • Poor leverage makes him inconsistent as drive blocker
  • Struggles to change direction against active opponents
  • Mirror and punch placement in pass protection needs work
  • Instincts are below average
  • Scouts complain he’s “big and nice” when he needs to become “big and nasty”
  • Doesn’t have a feel for what opponents are going to do

Analysis: Chuks Okorafor’s size and potential will likely get him drafted earlier than where the tape says he should go. While he has plus physical traits, inconsistencies with balance and instincts could be a challenge to correct. He has the feet to handle speed rushers, but multi-move rushers could eat his lunch early on. Okorafor will need to play with much better consistency and toughness on the next level to become an average NFL starter. He is a late starter to football, only playing the game when he moved to America from Botswana in 2010. Due to that his instincts are lacking and he doesn’t understand the game as it unveils in front of him. He doesn’t have an idea of what defenders are about to do, lacking the knowledge of pass rush moves, counters and how to deal with them–his position coach will need to work on that with him right away. He lacks the mean streak successful lineman have in the NFL. Leverage issues due to lack of bend in knees and waist.

What the experts say: “He got started in football a little late but I still think he should have some of these issues cleaned up by now. He’s big and he has talent so he’s probably going to play early on.” — NFC team executive

Size: 6’6 330lbs

Draft Grade: 4th Round

NFL Comparison: Donovan Smith

Draft Projection: Round 3

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