Cloak and DaggerThursday night on Cloak and Dagger, things turned sour and dangerous after Tandy and Tyrone’s moments of success caused serious issues for both teens. Here’s a recap of the penultimate episode of season one, “Back Breaker”.

The episode started off with Evita’s aunt coming across pipes in the city labeled Roxxon after drawing symbols and using alcohol to find the source of the coming event. Across town, O’Reilly discovered the murder weapon that killed Fuchs before being escorted out of his home. At school, Evita heard a fitting lesson about heroes regressing after suffering a loss or a setback. On that topic, Tandy started to use drugs again and con rich men, this time to take their hopes. Turns out she can use her abilities to take other’s hopes to experience positive feelings.

Gloria Reuben, Andrea Frankle, Miles Mussenden, and Aubrey Joseph in Cloak & Dagger (2018)The same day, Tyrone and his parents were informed of the investigation into Connors. While they’re not satisfied that things aren’t closed after the recording, they’re glad that the case has been reopened. Throughout the day, the family struggled to maintain their cool as the emotions of the tragedy resurfaced. His mother had a conflict at work and Ty ended up getting into a fight when one of his teammates bumped him in the hall and gave him attitude.

At brunch with Mina and her father, Tandy used her powers to make Mina feel how she felt after the young woman offered her a job at Roxxon. Ivan, who’s still trying to get used to being aware and moving, unknowingly upset Tandy when he told her that her father was a great man.

Using the money from Roxxon, Tandy bailed Liam out of jail and brought him back to the church. He was unsure when she started talking about wanting to get married. She used her powers to look into his hopes of their weddings and take them. At school, Tyrone lashed out at Father Delgado who tried to get Tyrone to open up. When Delgado tried to restrain him, Tyrone saw his nightmare about killing a woman and child in a car accident. While inside his mind, he came across Tandy trying to take Liam’s hopes. Confused, Tandy yanked away from Liam leaving him in a daze. Ty pulled back from Delgado’s mind and left when the man asked him to leave.

At Fuchs memorial gathering at a pub, a drunken O’Reilly was pissed off when Connors arrived and gave a toast. She tried to attack him but was overpowered. Everyone stood around while Connors repeatedly hit and kicked her. After getting out of class, Evita tried to get Tyrone to talk to her. Their conversation was interrupted when Tandy showed up and demanded that Ty stay out of her head. Evita stepped in and told her to leave. Instead of leaving, Tandy got into Evita’s head and was surprised when the other girl kicked her out.

Evita was stunned to discover that Tandy was Ty’s other half and quickly left. That left Ty and Tandy to hash out their own drama in the only way they seem to know how, low blows and comparing their issues. After they part, Tandy headed back to the church and discovered that Liam left and took her money from the statue.

Elsewhere, O’Reilly listened in as the call came in that Fuchs murderer had been found and that all officers were called to the location. In the woods, Mina ran for her life after a Roxxon pipe under construction burst, causing two of the workmen to become violent.

At the Johnson household, Ty and his mother had a heavy conversation about why she seemingly refused to listen to Ty’s side of the story. His mother feared for his life as the only witness to Billy’s murder and now feared that her son was a target with a corrupt police force against them. Their conversation was cut short with the police arrived declaring that Tyrone was wanted for the murder of Officer Fuchs. While Ty fled, Tandy was put in a desperate situation when a hitwoman sent by Scarborough held her mother at gunpoint.

Review of Thursday’s Cloak and Dagger

This week’s episode was an amazing build up for a season finale. Every character is seeing the consequences of their actions and New Orleans is in for even more drama. I love that Evita was able to kick Tandy out of her head. That moment had me like:

christina aguilera wow GIF

With New Orleans in for trouble, the last thing Tandy and Ty need to be doing is fighting, but that’s what makes the coming finale so exciting. We’ll have to see how they come together. I’m still a little stumped on why Liam rolled out and why he took all of Tandy’s money. It probably won’t be touched on with our characters in dire situations but hopefully, we’ll see what happened to him.

The conversation Ty had with his mother was so real and one of the reasons I love this show. The writers have intertwined this fictional world with real issues and pull no punches. They don’t skirt around race and the state of the real world the way some superhero shows and films do.

I’m giving Thursday’s Cloak and Dagger a 10 out 10.


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