Cloak and DaggerLast night on the season finale of Cloak and Dagger, Tandy and Tyrone’s tale came to a climax with an entire city and lives on the line. Here’s a recap of “Colony Collapse”.

The episode started off with the story of the first known divine pair. The original pair survived a famine that killed their tribe. When one half of the pair died, the land was restored. In the present, Evita placed a figure of Tandy next to Tyrone’s figure. At the Bowen home, Tandy and her mom fought off Scarborough’s assassin, forcing the woman to flee. Telling her mother to go into hiding, Tandy went to find Mina.

Cloak & Dagger (2018)At the Red Hawks hideout, Tyrone hid until his father bought him his cloak. After disappearing, Ty hid in the Mardi Gras crowds while Evita told her aunt that she wasn’t sure Tyrone and Tandy could stop whatever was coming. Ty was almost able to escape with O’Reilly but he was cornered and unwilling to use his powers in front of so many people. He and O’Reilly are placed in a cell until Connor arrived.

The man’s plan of arranging O’Reilly and Ty’s deaths was stopped by a man impacted by the chemicals from the pipeline bursting into the station. They call those infected terrors. There are more terrors to come. Elsewhere, Mina and Tandy were heading to annex 616, the location of Roxxon’s valve shut off they got after paying Scarborough a visit. Tandy left the man inside his own mind, while the young women hid from terrors running around.

Tyrone managed to get his cloak and transport himself to Tandy just in time to stun Mina with a stun gun. She had turned into a terror after one of the others grabbed her arm. The pair retreated to the church where Evita showed up and explained the history of the divine pairs. They were terrified that one of them would die but after a pep talk from Tandy to Tyrone, they headed for the annex.

There, O’Reilly tried to snipe the terrors surrounded them before Connors showed up and shot her. Despite wearing a bulletproof vest, she was injured after being blasted by a nearby pipe and kicked into the water by Connors. The man went after Ty and Tandy but was unprepared for their powers and quickness. Ty was prepared to drop Connors from the front of the annex when Connors was suddenly absorbed into his dark shadows.

Convinced that he had to die, Ty went inside to stop the pipeline explosions alone. Tandy wasn’t having it and went in after him. They joined hands and sent the energy being expelled skyward. While Evita packed up the divine pairing figurines and Ty’s parents were questioned by police, Tandy moved back home with her mother while Ty snuck into his house to pack his bags. His mother found his empty draws but was relieved that he was okay.

He took up residence in the church and Tandy brought him groceries. In the last moments of the season, a shaky looking O’Reilly climbed out of the bayou and disappeared into the woods.

Review of the season finale of Cloak and Dagger

Last night’s finale was tense and bordered on a zombie apocalypse. I really enjoyed the way the writers wove stories of the previous pairings into “Colony Collapse”. We’ve been talking about them for the last few episodes, so it made sense to see them.

I loved Tandy’s pep talk to Ty when he doubted himself and her decision to stop him from dying alone. It showed her growth. In episode one, she would have rolled out. While I’m more than glad that Connors is gone, I’m not sure we’ve seen the last of him. I’m particularly interested in learning about Ty’s new ability and if he’ll tell Tandy about his latest discovery. The joining of their powers at the climax wasn’t the best visual, but it was exciting to see.

Hopefully, with Cloak and Dagger‘s season one success, Freeform and Marvel will put a little more money into the CGI and effects for the show. I’m excited to see O’Reilly as Mayhem. I may have like the reveal more if they didn’t announce that season was going to be mayhem. Very subtle guys.

I’m giving last night’s season finale a 9 out of 10. Congrats to the cast and crew on an entertaining first season.


Cloak and Dagger will return to Freeform Spring 2019.


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