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Last week on Cloak and Dagger, Tyrone and Tandy explored how their lives could have been different, while O’Reilly dove deeper into her investigation. Here’s a recap of “Funhouse Mirrors”.

The Divine Pair

“Funhouse Mirrors” kicked off with Evita and her aunt, Clarisse, doing a reading for NOLA to make sure nothing too crazy is about to go down. Clarisse guided Evita to really think about what was going on and to see a pattern. They examine old stories to reveal what’s coming. Each story dealt with a pairing. It doesn’t take them long to realize that something is coming and the divine pair will be the ones to save NOLA. Evita was saddened when Clarisse said the cycle of one half of the pair dying will continue for Tyrone and his other half.

The Roxxon Intern

Tandy posed as Liz, a Roxxon intern to get closer to Mina Hess, the daughter of Ivan Hess. Ivan survived the rig explosion. Mina brushed aside questions about the rig and wanted to get right to work.  After Tandy proved that she read Mina’s work a problem with one of the cooling systems for the new rig disrupted their swamping. Mina got summoned by a co-worker named Stan who complained that her system was malfunctioning. Tandy eyeballed the schematics and pointed out that the construction was off by ten meters.

That knowledge and the fact that Tandy kept asking Mina about her dad, made the young woman realize Tandy’s true identity. Later, Tandy followed Mina to a care facility where Ivan was in a conscious but mostly unresponsive state. When Mina let Tandy talk to him for a moment, she used her powers to look into his mind. She came across a door but before she could open it her hand was stung but a wispy dark cloud that resembled Tyrone’s powers.

Getting In The Game 

Image result for cloak and dagger episode 6After discovering that Duane worked with Connors, Tyrone went to see him about a job. Duane didn’t have a job for him and advised him to keep his head up. Tyrone decided to follow one of the drug runners but it didn’t long for the boy to realize he was being followed. He pulled a gun and Tyrone backed down, not trouble.

He went to tell  Tandy about what happened and they discussed that they could be in their targets shoes if life had gone differently, Tandy in Mina’s and Ty with the young man he followed. Later, Ty found Duane’s runner just as O’Reilly and Connors came across the teenager. While the duo chased down the group, Tyrone picked up the backpack that had been dropped. Connors cornered Duane’s runner and told him that he needed to lay low before getting in a few good hits on the young man and sending him off.

Tyrone finally used his powers to fight off the young man, using his nightmares against him. After returning the bag to Duane, Tyrone rode with him to get a taste of his life. Later, he and Duane argued about Billy’s death and the fact that Duane was there and said nothing, leaving people to think Tyrone was crazy.

In Too Deep

Image result for cloak and dagger episode 6After Officer Fuchs warned O’Reilly about making waves with Connors and the drug ring, O’Reilly found a lead on a possible headquarters. Connors offered to ride with her. After failing to get anything from their earlier stop, he took her to see his man on the inside.

While O’Reilly waited in the car, Connors went inside and told Duane that he needed to kill O’Reilly since she’s a problem. Duane was hesitant to follow through. Neither of them knew that Tyrone was watching. The teen tried to call O’Reilly but she ignored his call and went inside. Connors called out and before Duane could shoot O’Reilly, she shot him.

Tyrone yelled and drew their attention before fleeing. Connors chased him down and shot after him, only to be confused when Tyrone vanished before his eyes. The boy ended up in Tandy’s church where he broke down in tears while she watched with tears in her eyes.

Thoughts on this Week’s Cloak and Dagger

I wasn’t sure if Mina was going to be a good person or just another Roxxon snake. I was happy to see that she was mostly good. It made me wonder why she would work for a company that left her father in such a state even if she is improving the world through her work with them. Ally brought a softness to Mina that I wasn’t expecting. It’s a great balance with the character’s intelligence that I enjoyed. Many shows with super smart women either make them very quirky or very cold.

I’m bummed that Duane is gone. He and Tyrone really needed to continue that conversation. Now, not only have we lost a witness to Billy’s death, Tyrone has lost someone he cared about and Connors got another win. It wasn’t exactly clear if he actually expected that outcome though. On another note, I think the episode would have been a smoother watch if Evita and Clarisse’s scene was all together at the end of the episode instead of spliced throughout.

I’m giving this week’s Cloak and Dagger an 9 out of 10.




Cloak and Dagger airs Thursdays at 8 PM EST on Freeform.


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