Cloak and DaggerLast night on Cloak and Dagger, Tyrone and Tandy interacted after their fight and both discovered things that took them deeper in their pursuits of justice. Here’s a recap of “Princeton Offense”.

While Tandy tried to piece together what she could from Greg’s Roxxon files, Tyrone when to detective O’Reilly after Tandy mentioned that she was one of the decent cops. O’Reilly was hesitant to believe him but told him she’d look into Connors who technically doesn’t exist on police record.

Tyrone got a surprise when Tandy showed up at his school to use a computer. He warned her not to use her powers but logged her in so she could explore Roxxon’s website. He was also curious about how she formed a dagger. After she left, Ty had to focus on a pep rally for the state basketball game. He was less than enthused to be around his teammates after they beat him up. Overlooking the rally, Tandy got the idea to steal one of the cheerleaders’ school uniform.

Cloak and Dagger

At the police station, O’Reilly and another officer that she happened to be sleeping with discussed the changes to the 12th district thanks to Connors work. The other officer looked hesitant to discuss Connors aloud. Elsewhere, Tyrone went home and had a heartfelt discussion with his mom about Billy. In the midst of hanging up Billy’s old photo, he was teleported to the workplace of one of his brother’s old friends, Wayne.

Wayne had been thinking of him and offered encouragement for the upcoming game and his future. Elsewhere, Tandy discovered that there’s a Roxxon charity event coming up and that the event will hire women from a company called #NoLadyLike. Posing as a young woman with a large social media following and wearing a uniform from St. Sebastian Prep, she got hired for the event.

At St. Sebastian, Ty gave Evita his letterman jacket as a symbol of their new relationship. During the game, Tyrone realized the refs were calling the game in St. Sebastian’s favor, even calling a foul on a player even though the boy and Tyrone knew there was no contact. Elsewhere, O’Reilly went to Liam for knowledge on the drug scene while Tandy went to the Roxxon Gulf Charity Gala.

When one of the referees patted Tyrone’s shoulder, he saw a vision of the man being attacked. The basketball in his hands disappeared and reappeared at the gala. Ignoring it, Tandy slipped through the crowd touching people to see into their minds. Back at the school, Ty threw a towel over his face in the locker room during the halftime break and ended up at the gala right in front of Tandy. Luckily, she was upstairs with few people around her and had discovered a picture of a man she saw in multiple people’s minds.

Cloak and Dagger

Coming to the conclusion that they needed to put themselves at risk to use their abilities, Tandy shoved him over a balcony and into a fountain. He reappeared in the locker room soaking wet. While O’Reilly stopped a woman who was connected to the drug cartel hoping to find a connection to whoever was at the top, Tandy did research on Peter Scarborough, the man who came and took her dad’s research when she was a child. She went to his house claiming to have a flat tire. While he changed the tire, she saw into his mind, seeing his greed and indifference to the death caused by it.

As Tyrone moved down the court with ten seconds on the clock, he saw visions of players in danger. With one second left, he missed his shot, handing the victory to Hancock High. Seeing the other team’s reaction, he didn’t seem torn up over it. After the game, Evita snuck into Tyrone’s window in only his jacket and lingerie. She revealed that she knew who Ty is and what he did on the court with his powers. After she left, Tyrone laid down and reappeared at Wayne’s warehouse.

He witnessed Wayne and Connors in the midst of an argument about their partnership. Elsewhere, Tandy found her father’s name on the back of a blueprint and set her sights on Mina Hess, a young scientist working for Roxxon that she met at the gala.

Review of last night’s episode of Cloak and Dagger

Last night’s episode introduced a lot of characters and had Tyrone and Tandy using their powers more than ever. Tandy’s Roxxon research named at least four or five people and we’ve returned to Wayne, Billy’s childhood friend who didn’t seem too important until this episode. Mina Hess, played by Ally Maki, had a very low key introduction, but I’m interested to see how her storyline plays out. I’m also hoping we don’t get too many new characters.

As for their powers, you would think Tyrone would learn to stop throwing fabrics over his face. The specifics of the duos powers are still not clear but now we know that Tyrone doesn’t even have to cover himself to be transported. It was also interesting to see that Tandy could call him to her location.

I’m on the fence about O’Reilly. Was she doing drugs to get close to Connors or is she the same as the other corrupt cops just like the woman she busted said? Evita, girl, are really we climbing into people’s windows? I’m glad Tyrone possibly has someone to confide in, but I’m still nervous about her aunt’s motives.

I’m giving last night’s Cloak and Dagger an 8 out 10.


Cloak and Dagger airs Thursday at 8 PM EST.


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