The Super Fight – A Tailor Made Exhibition

Now only a day away, the epic “super-fight” between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor is almost upon us! At UFC 196 virtually the whole world will be watching. It’s likely this will be the most purchased pay-per-view in UFC history. Unfortunately, original opponent Rafael dos Anjos was forced to bow out due to injury, but that doesn’t seem to have affected the hype. As a matter of fact, it may even have increased the anticipation. One opponent was exchanged for another, and where Dos Anjos perhaps lacked, Diaz excels.

Nate Diaz may not be a master of the mic, but he certainly knows how to make waves. The Diaz Brothers have a ravenous fan base behind them. People simply can’t get enough of their unique style of grit and grind.

The MMA World couldn’t have gotten a more tailor made fight.

Conor McGregor is a Warrior

Without question, Conor McGregor is the greatest trash-talker in sports. No one on the planet can compare to his brash, yet brazenly calculated, mind games. Single-handedly he can pick an opponent apart, dissecting him with every word. A pre-fight press conference leaves little left of his antagonists. Where previously there may have sat a strong opponent, an entirely new person appears. The unflappable confidence of a hardened fighter disintegrates, as the words of McGregor sink in. Like an ant, frying under the gaze of a magnifying glass.

McGregor wields words the same way one uses a flashlight to illuminate something overlooked in the dark. Before a fight, he systematically unearths self-doubt in the heart of his opponent. McGregor cuts adversaries down, to see what they’re truly made of. Whatever’s left of their broken confidence and shattered mind, he takes care of in the ring. If there is anything left, that is.

Nate Diaz – A Different Sort of Fighter

There isn’t anyone quite like Nate Diaz. Much like Conor McGregor, he’s truly one of a kind. TUF Season 5 Winner, and the youngest brother of the ‘Diaz Duo,’ Nate has made his fair share of headlines – both inside and outside the octagon. Most recently, he accused ‘everyone’ in the UFC of taking steroids. That’s a pretty big deal in the world of professional sports. Cheating is no laughing matter, and Diaz definitely didn’t snicker when he said it.

Despite McGregor’s taunts and psychological warfare, Nate Diaz may be the first fighter not to crack under the pressure. Diaz has demonstrated in the past, it doesn’t matter who he fights, he’s there until the end. For this reason, it will be interesting to see how things go down in the cage. In the Octagon, Diaz is known to taunt and jeer opponents, just as McGregor does. In reality it may be McGregor who has some adjustments to make.

What to Expect

Fight fans are in for a real treat with this one. Neither of these men are going to back down, and the result will be spectacular. Expect both fighters to get off to a fast start. With so much hatred in the air, it will be difficult for either man to hold back early. McGregor will probably strike first, with his superior speed. A few uniquely styled kicks will likely be Conor’s first choice, but watch for Diaz to mix it up.

Nate has to impose his will on the fight if he’s going to win. With his superior size, length, and possibly strength, he should look to take the fight down to the ground if exchanges don’t go his way. Nate’s background in Jiu-Jitsu gives him a distinct advantage on the ground. Diaz should also have a massive reach advantage, so creating separation and then closing the distance when given the chance will be key.

The Prediction

As reigning Featherweight Champion, and one the best pound-for-pound fighters in the UFC, I expect Conor McGregor to win. Nate Diaz clearly has a window of opportunity, but I feel McGregor will prove too much for Diaz to handle. McGregor is extremely disciplined and technical. He has more heart, and trains at a much higher level. In the past, Diaz has struggled to even make weight. Weight won’t be an issue this time around, but rumors are that he may have gotten out of shape since his last match…again.

As witnessed in his last bout with Jose Aldo, all it takes is one mistake, and one punch when you’re fighting Conor McGregor.

Landin Murphy

Landin “Shredder” Murphy has been athletic since early age, quickly developing a propensity for both baseball and swimming. One of Landin’s fondest memories was his youth baseball team narrowly missing out on the opportunity to play in the Little League World Series Final. Unfortunately, during high school Landin was forced to forget his originally preferred sports as a freak basketball injury nearly ended his life. All prospects for Division I sports scholarships evaporated. Despite this set back, Landin focused his energies in new modes, becoming an All-State musician, avid sports journalist and by"Bodybuilding" to stimulate and heal his body. In an effort to assist others, Landin is currently pursuing Pre-Medical, Dosimetry and Sports Medicine degrees.

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