Cooper's Treasure

Tonight’s episode of Cooper’s Treasure started with a recap of last week’s pilot. The opening of this episode was with Darrell tracking down Gordon Cooper’s closest co-workers and his Cooper’s widow. Darrell Miklos’ father still refuses to let him have the chart.

Darrell asks Cooper’s widow Susan if she knows of anything she may still have of Gordon’s that may help him pinpoint some of the sunken treasure in the files Gordon gave him. She happily obliges. There is a massive amount of files and folders to sift through. Darrell is overwhelmed.

He finds audio records of the 22 orbit path on Mercury 9 Gordon traveled. Susan allows Darrell to take whatever he needs. He promises to return them.

Darrell meets with flight controller Gene Krantz to see if Gene could shed some light. He says the whole purpose of the mission was extended endurance. They were training others how to be astronauts and were experimenting on what space travel did to the human body.
When Darrel begins asking Krantz about sunken treasure he becomes hostile and ends the meeting. Darrell leaves dejected.
Darrell begins pouring over the audio and begins to notice clues in Cooper’s silence. At the 28-hour 21-minute and 43 seconds of the flight Cooper goes silent for 10 minutes. He does this three separate times. Darrell says Gordon was like a father to him, a reasonable man. Not someone who would make up stories.

Darrell decides to plead with his father Roger Miklos for the master chart Gordon gave him. Just as last week Roger begins to argue but becomes quiet and cooperative when he realizes Darrell’s close father/son relationship with Cooper. He gives Darrell the chart.

Darrell sees there is a place on the chart that looks like a shipwreck site minutes from where he is. Him and a friend build a magnetometer. A device that looks for iron. He gets a hit and dives. He finds a shipwreck but not a period shipwreck. It proves Gordon’s map holds truth.

I’ll see you guys next week. Cooper’s treasure airs on discovery channel Tuesday 10:00pm.

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