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Cooper's Treasure

On day 26 of the Bight of Acklin’s search Darrell’s team finds a modern iron shipwreck from the 1900’s-1920.

Eric dives with Darrell and finds a deck prism. Deck prisms were built into the deck to allow the suns rays to filter below deck in other compartments. The team decide to scan the ocean containing the wreck with a laser. Darrell hopes that the shipwreck he’s been hunting is laying underneath the modern wreck. They see a capstan and what looks like an anomaly in the ocean floor beside it. Problem is Darrell’s boats are too big to take in the shallows.

Eric borrows The Victoria to help them raise the capstan to deck-side for examination. Right away Mike has to guide the ship in. Immediately they run into a problem the anchor gets stuck and won’t lower.

One of the crew members hits it with a sledgehammer and dislodges it. Darrell dives but has limited time to raise the capstan, examine the area underneath where it lay, then replace the capstan all before low tide.

All goes as planned except no other shipwreck was underneath. Darrell believes if there had been ballast they would have found treasure.

Later that evening the crew is deciding their next move. Darrell and Jim will travel to The National Maritime Museum in London, England to research more and try to figure out what ships had not returned from their expedition in the Bahamas. Jim believes the wrecks to be English.

Unfortunately, Darrell receives devastating news from his mom. His father Roger Miklos has died suddenly in a parked car. Darrell is beyond consoling. He had hoped he would reconcile with his father and make him proud.

After a family meeting via phone Darrell’s family tells him to continue the treasure hunt. That his father would’ve wanted that. Mike and Eric repair the boats and equipment while Jim and Darrell fly to London.

The historian informs Darrell he’s more than welcomed to search the insurance and port records for ships like the Nancy. Jim and Darrell find clues but nothing concrete. They fly back to the Bahamas and Acklin to continue the search.

R.I.P. Roger Miklos 1941 to 2018.

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