Dalton Schultz Draft Profile

Dalton Schultz draft profile


  • Elite blocker
  • Well-schooled in blocking fundamentals
  • Initial hand placement is good
  • Ability to sustain and finish
  • Gave it to USC’s Rasheem Green on more than a couple of snaps when matched head to head
  • Has good feel for attacking the voids against zone coverage
  • Has ability to become a reliable target over the middle and in traffic
  • Physical in creating space at top of his routes
  • Will shut routes down early to keep throwing window open for quarterback

Analysis: Dalton Schultz is a Y-tight end with the ability as a run blocker to help bolster a team’s rushing attack very quickly. While his frame could still use more mass, he plays with good technique and play strength at the point of attack and shows an ability to impose his will upon edge defenders if they half-step into the rep. His coach at Stanford, David Shaw said Shultz was the “most complete tight end” he coached at the school. That’s an impressive compliment when players like Austin Hooper, Zach Ertz and Coby Fleener all played under Shaw at Stanford. Schultz can step in Day 1 and be a starting tight end tasked to block along the offensive front. He won’t wow you with his receiving ability, but he is competent in that area and has room for improvement. He dominated potential top draft pick Rasheem Green from USC when matched up with him man-to-man. He is a physical target in the passing game who will need to learn to use his size more walling off defenders. Elite technique for the position.


  • Receiving production has been underwhelming throughout his career
  • Lacks speed to attack over top
  • Not as physical after the catch
  • Routes can be monotonous and predictable
  • Strikes first, but will lose initial hand placement when long defenders get into him
  • Struggles to separate against man coverage on intermediate routes
  • Needs to play bigger in space and use his frame

Analysis: Dalton Schultz won’t wow you in the receiving game, but if he works on that part of his game enough he will be more than a serviceable starter at the next level. He doesn’t bring the physicality he possesses while blocking when he has the ball in his hands. Needs to be more physical after the catch. He wasn’t used as a receiver too often, but his production in that are was lacking with the Cardinal. He will not be running past many cover linebackers in the NFL–he lacks the deep speed some of the receiving tight ends have in the NFL. Route running is very monotonous at this point in his career and he will need to work with his position coach in that area. Something small like adding a small head fake in his routes could help. That lack of route running makes Schultz struggle creating separation from defenders–instead he let’s them into his frame and hopes to overpower them for the catch.

Size: 6’6 242lbs

Draft Grade: 2nd Round

NFL Comparison: Wesley Walls

Draft Projection: Round 3-4

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