Okay folks before I go off and tell you all why Daniel Cormier vs Brock Lesnar makes all the sense in the world for the UFC, I have to give Cormier the props he deserves. First off, I did not see DC winning vs Stipe Miocic. Usually I call these fights fairly correct on my podcast “The Thomas Take Sports Podcast” which is available on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. You can follow me @thomastakeover and know that when sports news breaks get the Thomas Take. See what I did there. I just made a plug for myself. In the Professional Wrestling business they would classify that as “cutting a promo”. In order to get ahead even a little bit you have to promote yourself. That is what took place once former World Heavyweight Champ Stipe Miocic was helped off the canvas, DC took the mic and stated “listen to DC” and we did. What came after this, in my opinion a highly controversial performance inside the octagon (more on that later) came a highly controversial call out of former UFC Heavyweight Champion and current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. As silly as the confrontation inside the cage was and as WWE-esque as it was, this is just what the UFC needs. As we take a step back and analyze the current state of the “star power factor” there is much to be desired as we sit here in July of 2018. Let’s go down the line and analyze the current state of the UFC before we continue to throw stones at DC vs Lesnar.daniel cormier vs brock lesnar

  • We have no specific date as to when Conor McGregor is coming back. Many reports have stated that Conor will return sometime this fall to take on UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov which is obviously a massive fight, but Conor has carried the company torch inside the octagon and inside the boxing ring for the better part of the last five years.
  • The greatest UFC fighter of all-time Georges St.Pierre stepped back inside the cage to make unprecedented history by dropping and then submitting Michael Bisping to win the title at UFC 217. That was back in November of 2017 and much has changed in the Middleweight division since and in terms of dollars and cents the changes have not been good. Robert Whittaker fought and defended his Middleweight title vs Yoel Romero for the 2nd time in June at UFC 225 and the PPV barely surpassed 150,000 buys.
  • Jon Jones has a fight vs the United States Anti Doping Agency as he has a court date set for sometime this year. The date has repeatedly been pushed back as USADA and Jeff Novitzky (the man who brought down Lance Armstrong) reviews his positive drug test. Under USADA regulations a 2nd suspension is an automatic four-year suspension which would put Jon Jones out until he is 33 years old. The suspension will be retroactive to the positive test conducted days before his July 29th bout at UFC 214 with Daniel Cormier. Regardless of his crime against the sport and his own career Jon Jones is unavailable to the UFC…again.
  • Max Halloway was set to fight Brian Ortega at UFC 226 but during his training camp he suffered a concussion which was unbeknownst to his team of trainers and teammates. Halloway is currently being shelved as he is suffering from post concussion symptoms. As far as a return date there is no time-table for his return.

I could go on and on and pick apart Demetrious Johnson and Amanda Nunes for their failure to understand the business that although they are both great fighters they might not be able to sell water to a thirsty man in a desert and let’s be honest we are talking about a company that has based it’s business model on being a PAY-PER-VIEW BUSINESS. DC vs Brock Lesnar is the right fight to make there are plenty of selling points to this bout.

  • Brock Lesnar ranks among the based NCAA wrestlers of all-time as does Daniel Cormier combined they have a record 159-15 as Lesnar finished his tenure at Minnesota (four years) with a record of 106-5. Cormier finished his tenure (two years) at Oklahoma State University with a record of 53-10. Out of Cormier’s 10 losses 6 of those losses were against Cael Sanderson and for those of you that are not NCAA wrestling fanatics Sanderson is like the Michael Jordan of NCAA Wrestling and has parlayed his success into 7 NCAA Wrestling Titles as the Head Coach of the Penn State Wrestling Nittany Lions.
  • Cormier has always been known around MMA circles as being “the biggest pro wrestling fan in MMA”. He attends Wrestle Mania almost every year and talks about WWE wrestling on his podcast ” TALK & TALKER” often.
  • Lesnar is currently coming off of a drug suspension which adds even more drama to this fight given DC’s beef with Jon Jones. DC is known as one of the cleanest fighters in the sport and has been tested as a part of USADA’s drug testing program since 2001. This adds to the narrative of the bout as this will be yet another fight that DC will push as DC vs another fighter that has tested positive in the past for a banned substance.

You get the point people. This fight is not one that features the most deserving Heavyweight contender in Lesnar nor does it feature the most deserving Heavyweight Champion in Daniel Cormier. Cormier’s career is a perfect example of a saying and the saying goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Within the pitfalls of Jon Jones’ career DC has been the LONE beneficiary of Jones’ downfall. Even after losing to Jones at UFC 214 Cormier was re-gifted the Light Heavyweight belt once Jones tested positive for the 2nd time. A move in which I thought was nothing short of ridiculous. Even the Miocic fight. Originally the plan was that if Jon Jones beat DC at UFC 214 that Jones would then fight Brock Lesnar.

We can only wonder what if and we can only realize that this isn’t the fight Mixed Martial Arts fans asked for but it is the fight Mixed Martial Arts needs DC vs Brock Lesnar is coming soon whether you like it or not !! ( I do).

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