“I won’t forgive. I won’t forget. Let hell open and rain my wrath down on them all. I will not be stopped and I have no mercy left inside me. I am death and I revel in the killing of my enemies.”

~ Darling

Dark Hunters


​New York Times #1 best-selling author, Sherrilyn Kenyon, has devoted over thirteen years of her career to publishing her #1 International best-selling series Dark Hunters and has announced the DH movie and TV series are currently in development. The official website states the (tentative) debut date is September 21, 2018. Amber Entertainment’s progress, with Sherrilyn Kenyon maintain a heavy role in production, on the major motion franchise and television series has been the hot topic among DH fans since 2013. The main questions we have been screaming since the first word of this spread are: When will it finally come out? And will it ruin the beloved paranormal romance novel series we have fallen in love with since 2002’s Fantasy Lover?

​        Kenyon transfixes readers with her fantastical paranormal world of Dark Hunters, Shapeshifters, and Daimons – OH MY! However, will she and the franchise corrupt fans’ admiration by compiling a twenty-seven book series into a show?

​        I have little hopes for the series receiving vast popularity. More other than not, movie and television adaptions inevitably come up short in comparison to the books. How on earth do they intend to reenact their version of a soon-to-be twenty-nine book series?
​The series is a combination of the supernatural, relationships, drama, action, and mystery. My theory is the TV series will focus more on the action between the Hunters and their enemies rather than the bonds created throughout their journeys. IMDb states the genre of the TV series is fantasy and the overview briefly informs the potential viewers the story will circumference the battle between the scorned Dark Hunters and the cursed race of Daimons and Apollites to protect mankind or die trying.

The official Facebook page of Sherrilyn Kenyon has been posting an update here and there since 2013 in regard to the Chronicles of Nick being tied into a series as well which centers on the action and adventure. Does this mean a huge chunk of the books will be overlooked? Many characters’ true natures and struggles have been exposed during those built relationship which is what provoke readers to fall so madly in love with them and the novels. Whatever their approach is, I just hope it does not tarnish the novel series reputation as this was a career saver for clever and talented Kenyon. Remember what Queen of the Damned’s widespread hate did to Anne Rice? She refused to continue The Vampire’s Chronicles after Warner Brother’s tragic attempt to compile just two books into a standard length movie, despite devoted readers’ pleads for further publications.

​      Why oh why can’t producers and script writers devote as much effort into creating original material as they do taking other people’s stories? #creatvivtyisdying #endcopying

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