Aquaman rebirth #4


In recent events of the previous issue, The Drowning Part Three: Capitol Crimes Aquaman was arrested for the loss of the USS Pontchartrain, with the responsibility of the attack being claimed by Atlantis. Even though Atlantis or Aquaman didn’t do the attack.

Aquaman Rebirth #4 of the Drowning. Semper Fidelis starts in a Hillcrest Department of Homeland Security Facility, Washington, D.C. Aquaman is being led into a cell by soldiers. Agent Copeland (first seen last issue) is waiting for him at the cell. At this point shows that he doesn’t understand Aquaman, by asking him if he needs any special requirements or biological needs, like the holding cell to be flooded. Aquaman responds to this with sarcasm, by saying he would like a fish to talk , or maybe listen too some Whale-song. Aquaman and Agent Copeland both agree this is an awkward situation.  Copeland then talks about aiming to get it resolved without further incident, while also adding that if Atlantis did sink the USS Pontchartrain that’s an act of war. The United States of America have every right to detain Aquaman as the hostile power. Copeland also offers to removes his cuffs. Aquaman responds that he can flex his wrist to get the cuffs off and walk out of the prison, but he wont as he will not allow the relationship between the two countries to deteriorate any further. Leave the cuffs on and consider them a symbolic of Aquaman willingness to comply, while the situation is resolved through good sense and diplomacy.

The story cuts to the White House where Mera is talking to Tula who is at Atlantis. Mera talks about waiting for an audience with the leaders who aren’t in no rush to speak with her. She’s outraged that Arthur has been thrown into a cell in chains. That Arthur has ordered her  to take no provocative and action, just sit and wait. Mera says she’s inclined to ignore his instruction, as the people are barbarians. Tula says the king made her regent of Atlantis, so he could focus on the surface world. Tula also mentions that the people of Atlantis are up in arms over the news, demanding she takes action and free the king. She has hatred on the surface world, but she is conscious of the Kings ambition to forge peace with the land, and for him to submit to detention proves he’s more determined than anyone realized. Tula also talks about going to a sea festival in Amnesty Bay and feeling hope for the future. Mera asks Tula if she’s investigating the Veracity of The American’s claim, she replies she is and  for Mera not to do anything rash.

After the conversation between Mera and Tula, Caption Siron tells Tula that there’s a  signal from the drift and they are approaching the wreck site. Tula ask for Commander Murk report, Murk says they are accessing the wreck, and that it’s a forsaken scene, all lives lost and that one deserves this, not even the surface scum. Tula tells Murk for extreme circumspection as American Recovery ships are in the area, and that there’s been enough provocation. Murk reports that the residue shows hull damage, consistent with plasmid weapons. Atlantean War- Teach. Tula tells Murk that the Royal Arsenal have been checked, and nothing is missing, no Warcraft or battle gear. Murk then spots an Atlantean War sword, which is an Heirloom Blade, and that no Atlantean solider would leave it stuck in the hull of his kill. It was left there deliberately to mark the act, to indicate responsibility, to discredit their people, Then as Murk is saying this, a warring is raised . Attention! Atlantean forces, surrender immediately! Submit immediately or face the consequences! Murk tells Tula that American soldiers, special forces have discovered them. Tula warns Murk to break off the withdraw and do not engage.

The next scene is a Jet flying in the sky, Black Manta tells Black Jack that their technology is impressive. Black Jack thanks him for notching,  and that the plane is an Albatross Stealth Plane, and can stay airborne for weeks at a time. That capability improves N.E.M.O.S global coverage and response. Black Manta asks what’s N.E.M.O is, and that he’s gone along with this. Black Jack says that N.E.M.O stands for Nautical Enforcement Macro-cosmic Order. N.E.M.O aim to control the world by using the sea. As the sea is the life of the planet, it determines climate growth, agriculture, transportation, communication, security, Control the oceans and you control everything. Black Jack says that N.E.M.O was founded in 1873 and they have remained entirely clandestine. They have grown and developed their techniques. Functional control of the seas was achieved in 1983, and they’ve been refining their methods since. And that it’s now time to act more openly, the nations of the word are vulnerable to them without knowing it yet, and they have one last obstacle to overcome before they go public. Black Manta say Atlantis, Aquaman. Black Jack says that his appraisal is acute, the Fisher King is going to like him.

White House is the next part of the story where Mera is talking to Mr Gantry (The White House Chief of Staff) about what is taking so long. Mr Gantry says that the mess is spreading, and that the last thing they need with an election coming up, is the prospect of a multinational occupation of Atlantis for the next decade. While also pointing out that the people of Atlantis are medieval and that their mind-set is medieval. That they think they can come to the White House and play the Royalty card. Make demands then attack and that it might have worked in the dark ages. That Atlantis have attacked the rescue and recovery ships at the wreck site of the USS Pontchartrain, and that he would throw the Geneva Convention into Meria face if she would sign it. He tells Mera this isn’t how Diplomacy works or how peace happens, they are just children on the world stage, with no idea of how things operate. They’ve been underwater too long, and are out of touch. He tells Mera to call the forces off, she tells him she can’t as it’s not them.

Hillcrest Holding Facility is the next part of the story, where Agent Copeland asks Mr Curry what The Deluge are. Arthur tells him that they were a terrorist cell, Atlantean Xenophobes with a passionate dislike for the surface world, he shut them down. Copeland asks if Atlantis isn’t united in its desires to form closer bonds with land-dwellers. Arthur says that Atlantis has been isolated for centuries, people used to their way of life. They fear change and the surface. With reasons in history for them to do so, and that some Atlantean are radical. Arthur works like any head of sate, to educate, to help people embrace future possibilities and shed old prejudices. Arthur asks Copeland if America is united behind its president, do they have no secessionists, domestic terrorists, struggling underclass. Arthur says he’s closed down the Deluge, he fought his own people too protect the United Sates, and that there is a possibility that some part of the organization remained, and for him to return to Atlantis to find out. He can comply with Copeland about by staying in the cell, or he can comply with him by bringing those to International Justice. Copeland choice.

The story takes a twist when Mera breaks into the Hillcrest Holding Facility, then taking out Copeland and an American soldier standing by him. Mera rips off the cell door, holding Aquaman, Mera tells Aquaman that Opening shots have been fired, Atlantean and U.S forces have engaged, and no one order. Aquaman doesn’t have a choice, he has to go back and stop the bloodshed. They start escaping with U.S forces firing at them, Mera gives a little accelerated dehydration. As they get outside the Facility, nearly all of the U.S is waiting for them.

Part Four of the Drowning. Semper Fidelis  for me was one of the best so far, its making the plot thicken wit the threat of pour. Its been a powerful series so far as well, Aquaman is living up to the hype again. Part four also holds mystery, who is this Fisher King? Will he be a bigger threat? And what will N.E.M.O do. The artwork was also outstanding again, cant wait for part 5. I rate this 8/10 again. DunnComicsEntertainmentRecent Posts#dccomics,Aquaman,aquaman rebirth 4,comic book    In recent events of the previous issue, The Drowning Part Three: Capitol Crimes Aquaman was arrested for the loss of the USS Pontchartrain, with the responsibility of the attack being claimed by Atlantis. Even though Atlantis or Aquaman didn't do the attack. Aquaman Rebirth #4 of the Drowning. Semper Fidelis starts...