aquaman 5 rebirthAquaman Rebirth #5: Executive Sanction starts off at the Hillcrest Department of Homeland Security Holding Facility, Washington. D.C, where it last left us in Aquaman Rebirth #4 of the Drowning. Semper Fidelis . As Aquaman and Mera escape the facility with the U.S army holding them back. A pilot of a helicopter gets cleared to fire at Aquaman and Mera. They both jump out the way, as Mera shouts “They’d gun us down like animals?”. Mera jumps onto a tank, as she rips off the turret. then throws it at the nearest helicopter while knocking out the solider in the tank. The turret hits the helicopter, as it spins out of control. Aquaman shouts ” No one dies, Mera. NO ON.” as he catches the helicopter. Mera tells Aquaman that she thinks the Americans would beg to disagree, I will not allow them to murder my intended as she hits a few of the soldiers. Aquaman  replies with that when he said no one, my love, I meant no one. Not them, not us as he steady’s the helicopter on the ground.

The story cuts to the White House Situation Room, where Mr Gantry asks Major Shurman what’s happening . As Mr Gantry asks, a radio message comes in saying they’ve just took off, they launched like missiles. Mr Grant says he didn’t knew that could fly, only swim. Major Shurman says its more like leaping, however they might fly the distance they’re covering. Mr Gantry says he’s spoken to Potus, that Aquman and Mera need to be stopped and contained, Shurman raises her concern at this, as she wants to query the authorization of lethal force, as it feels wrong , due to the fact that Aquaman is part of the Justice League. Gantry tells Shurman that Aquaman is commander-in-chief of a hostile action, he’s authorizing acts of aggression against us, while also breaking out of detention. Aquaman is a terrorist, He’s not an important member of the league, or a beloved icon, like the big blue or the Amazon. He’s just the fish guy, there just to make up the numbers. While it also happens to be the most dangerous. Another radio message is heard, “Control! Targets reacquired. about two miles short of the Potomac” Shurman says they are heading for the water, she also gives the permission to engage. Sanction Authorized. At the same time Mr Gantry has a call from the President. Gantry tells the President he should make the call.

Aquaman and Mera are seen next fighting their way through the army, as Mera floods the tanks with water. She takes a dig at them saying ” You either want to put us in them, or kill us with them,” With the Tanks flooded with the water, it’s all ben scrambled. As they are fighting their way with more soldiers, Mera asks Aquaman if he’s angry with her, with the fact that she brought this on, by freeing him. That sometimes they wont agree on everything. That Aquaman’s way didn’t work, that those people will not be reasoned with, they see them as enemies. They can do more to resolve this, when Aquaman is free instead of incarcerated. She also asks if the betrothal is off. Aquaman says that this is not the time for conversation, but for the record yes he still wants to marry her, but he just wants them to be alive for the big day. As Aquaman is saying this, hes saving Mera from gun fire. The story cuts to Atlantis where Captain Siron tells Regent that Commander Murk and the drift have managed to break free of the American Navy at the wreck site, the American Navy in pursuit, but they wont outpace the Drift. She also has other news to tell Regent, that they have intercepted  the U.S  military transmissions, that their King and Lady Mera are being harried by significant U.S military near the city called Washington. They have commanded to kill them. Regent tells Captain Siron to mobilize the war fleet.

Antarctica  is next where Black Jack shows the Fisher King Black Manta. The Fisher King says that Black Jack has informed him that he would make a fine addition to the inner circle of N.E.M.O. He says the Fisher King is just a title, he is lord of the world. He has power and influence beyond his imagination. Why should he give Black Manta a share in it. Black Manta replies that Fisher King is thinking too small, he can show him how to think bigger. Amnesty Bay, the lighthouse of Arthur Curry, as Joanna Stubbs ( seen in issue 1) stand there looking. Erika Watson ( Amnesty Bay PD) arrives and tells Joanna she can’t be there, as she has orders to lock down the lighthouse, and that she doesn’t know what Arthur/ Aquaman has done now. Erika says that Arthur is good guy, part of the community. She doesn’t have any idea what’s going on. Her boss got a call from some guy in D.C, she had to go to the lighthouse anyway too feed the dog.  Joanna tells her that if she sees him ,could see give him this as she hands Erika an object. Aquaman and Mera are still fighting their way to the ocean, as they flip more jeeps or soldiers out the way. As Mera is destroying a tank, and saying they should punch their way to the river. Aquaman says stop it. A red cape is seen, as Superman hovers, saying ” Good advice. Hello Arthur. I think we should talk.”

The Drowning Part Five: Executive Sanction for me was one of those issues that slowed things down, after 4 epic issues. Part Five did solve something though, we saw the Fisher King, but it still gives us a taste of what’s going to happen next. However the fight scenes were amazing and brilliantly drawn out, to give it that realistic feeling . Hopefully the next issue should be interesting with the cliff-hanger of Superman arriving. I rate this 7/10. DunnComicsEntertainmentRecent Posts#dccomics,aquaman 5 rebirth,aquaman rebirth 5,comicbook,reviewAquaman Rebirth #5: Executive Sanction starts off at the Hillcrest Department of Homeland Security Holding Facility, Washington. D.C, where it last left us in Aquaman Rebirth #4 of the Drowning. Semper Fidelis . As Aquaman and Mera escape the facility with the U.S army holding them back. A pilot of a...