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Aquaman holds the conclusion of The Drowning. The Drowning series brought back Black Manta bringing terror to Aquaman. Destroying the Spindrift Station, getting arrested then being rescued by N.E.M.O. NE.M.O then attacked a USS Pontchartrain Operational Exercise, making it look a Atlantis attack. This lead to Aquaman being arrested. Black Manta meets the Fisher King, the leader of N.E.M.O. Mera breaks Aquaman out of prison, leading them to fight their way to the sea. As they do that, Superman appears.

The Drowning Conclusion: Out Of His League starts off where it last left us in Aquaman Rebirth #5: Executive Sanction . Aquaman asks Superman if they sent for him, as it feels like that, and frankly it hasn’t been the best day. Superman tells Aquaman he had a conversation with the President, and whatever this is, it has to end right now. Aquaman tells Superman that it seems that the President of the United states believes he’s an international terrorist, an enemy of the state. While it also seems that Superman just became an enforcer for the White House. Superman replies that the President called him, but he came voluntarily to help. Aquaman asks Superman what’s helping, telling me to, standing in my way. He also notes that Superman doesn’t even know what’s going on here. Superman tells Aquaman that he thinks he knows what’s going on. He was told about the USS Pontchartrain, and that right now he can hear the rising hum of the Atlantean war fleet advancing into Chesapeake Bay. The story cuts to the Atlantean war fleet, where Lady Regent is asking Captain Siron to arm the weapon systems, rig for surface assault. Captain Siron raises the concern that the King went to great pains to avoid conflict with the nations of the land, Lady Regent says she is aware of that, and will always obey his wishes. But this is bad faith, the Americans have attacked him, hounded him, cornered him, the King is under threat. Atlantis can’t tolerate this.

The story cuts back to Aquaman asking Superman why he isn’t helping. While at the White House Situation Room, Mr Gantry is asking Shurman what Superman is doing, she tells him that Superman appears to be talking too. Before Shurman finishes the sentence, Mr Gantry shouts SYPERMAN! PUT HIM DOWN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Superman tells Aquaman that the Chief Of Staff are losing patience with his approach, the approach being him talking to Aquaman peacefully, and aiming to resolve it. Aquaman tells Superman that if he was here to help, Superman  would be holding the army back so that he could leave and resolve this crisis, without question, without hesitation. That if Superman trusted him, he wouldn’t be standing in his way. Superman tells Aquaman that he needs to answer for this . He cant leave. Aquaman replies to this, I can’t leave, I’M A KING. As Aquaman hits Superman. It cuts back to the White House Situation Room where Mr Gantry is saying now were cooking, Superman’s so goanna . It cuts back to Superman saying stop this as he avoids a punch by Aquaman. Aquaman tells Superman to step aside. Superman hits Aquaman back, while telling him hew wont step back, let him go to Atlantis and face the crisis. Perhaps he needs help. Mera comes out of no where and tells Superman has help, while hitting Superman out-of-the-way. Aquaman tells Superman he’s always tired to get past it. The beloved trinity of Superman, Diana and Batman, then the loyal and true trio of Lantern, Flash and Cyborg. Then him, the molwark on  the outside, Mera tells Superman that a molwark is a an Atlantean word for the rouge fish that doesn’t turn obediently with the rest of the shoal. Superman asks if Aquaman that’s how he sees himself, as a black sheep.  Aquaman agrees. that’s how he sees himself being seen. Atlantis had nothing to do with the loss of the Pontchartrain , Superman raises the fact that Atlantis has attacked the surface before, Aquaman tells him not on his watch, never on my orders. He tells Superman that isn’t it significant that this happens the same week I try to bring the nations of the land and sea closer together. You have enemies Superman. How many times have they tried to defeat you by making you look bad in the eyes of the world.  And that he’s Superman, its damn easier to discredit Aquaman. The creepy fish guy nobody trusts. Not even his so-called friends in the Justice League. Superman replies deeds not words Arthur, he doesn’t know how many millions of dollars worth of U.S military equipment he’s wrecked getting this far, or how many service men he injured . Mera yells Non-lethal force, Arthur insisted non-lethal force, every step of the way. Aquaman throws another punch at Superman, while telling him he was trying to cooperate, And now he has to get back to the sea, find those responsible for engineering this crisis. Superman tells them hew cant let them go, Mera asks why not, they are both sons of other worlds, she thought of all people he would sympathize, Superman says that as Arthur was legally arrested under the Patriot Act, the U,S. want him detained. If Superman lets him go, there’s no extradition to Atlantis. They have a responsibility to demonstrate that the Justice League is above the law, he can call for the League to help . Aquaman hits back, for the good of Atlantis I have to be the one to fix this, he’s protecting his kingdom and family. He is the king of Atlantis, GIVE ME A CHANCE TO SHOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Then the Atlantean war fleet arrive, Aquaman says that their King is under attack, of course they would come. They are waiting for him to say attack. Aquaman tells Tula to hold fire, return to the water. They are done here, he’s stopped the war, and now he’s going to prevent the next one. Aquaman asks if Superman is going stand in his way, Superman tells him to fix this. or else.

The next part of the story is Antarctica, where the Fisher King is telling Black Manta, that he amuses him, he seems to be laboring under the illusion that if he joins N.E.M.O, he will have some say in its actives and objectives. Black Manta asks why wouldn’t he. Fisher King says that Black Jack mentioned he was bold, NE.M.O agenda has been set for decades, it is a carefully structured program of global manipulation. No newcomer however talented, will be allowed to come along with radical new ideas and disrupt our intricately designed program. They went to some trouble and expense to produce you, Black Manta could be an asset to the cause. Black Manta tells him he has never served anyone. Fisher King tells him to get use to it, otherwise the conversation is over. The out of no where Black Manta says clearly and kicks the chair Fisher King is sitting on. Then Black Manta slits open Fisher King neck with a knife. Black Jack asks what has he done. Black Manta sits on the chair, and says the King is dead, long live the King. Any questions? The story goes back to the Atlantic, where Mera asks Aquaman if she heard right. Was he just threatened by Superman, and was he serious. Aquaman says he was, and it means he really has to fix this,

What a way to end the Drowning series, with full on fight between Aquaman and Superman, along with Mera, Aquaman showing how he feels was a real turn point that made you feel for him. The talks between them were amazing, it gave everything a tense feeling.  But more still has to  be answered,  like what will N.E.M.O do next with Black Manta in charge after that surprise kill. The artwork was once again amazing, it made the fights more real and gripping . I rate this 9/10. DunnComicsEntertainmentRecent PostsAquaman,aquaman 6Aquaman holds the conclusion of The Drowning. The Drowning series brought back Black Manta bringing terror to Aquaman. Destroying the Spindrift Station, getting arrested then being rescued by N.E.M.O. NE.M.O then attacked a USS Pontchartrain Operational Exercise, making it look a Atlantis attack. This lead to Aquaman being arrested. Black Manta...