Aquaman Issue 3

Aquaman Issue 3 meraPreviously in the DC Rebirth Aquaman series The Drowning, Black Manta attacks and explodes the Spindrift Station (Atlantean Dry Land Embassy). This leads to a fight between Aquaman and Black Manta,as shown in the second issue The Drowning Part Two: Full Circle. After the fighting talking, Black Manta surrenders. With the cliff-hanger of the prison van holding, with a mysterious women letting Black Manta escapee.

Issue 3 The Drowning Part Three: Capitol Crimes, starts off with tension between the U.S army and Commander Murk. The tension is there, as the U.S army have jurisdiction to the Spindrift Station, as it’s on U.S soil. Murk points out that the Spindrift is Sovereign Territory of Atlantis. One solider raises the fact that it was a terrorist attack, leading to nine dead and dozens injured. Murk doesn’t stand down with this fact, as he then says that the attack was the work of a surface dweller, and that they have to reopen the embassy to rebuild. With the tension building even more, Aquaman arrives asking what the problem is, and why the they cant go into their own Embassy. A soldier mentions that the State Department revoked the Embassy, with the orders being not let anybody onto sight, so that an incident doesn’t occur. The fear is questioned, are the Surface World afraid of Atlantis, The answer coming from  a soldier, that he doesn’t want to be afraid, but they have reasons. These reason lead back to the New 52 Throne of Atlantis when Atlantis attacked Boston, New York and Gotham.

The story leads to Amnesty Bay, where Aquaman talks to Mera, about the Embassy being closed. Mera mentions about  the fact that,Surface Dwellers seize upon a notion and cling on like a limpet, that they fear Atlantis and they always have. Aquaman says that’s why their mission was so vital, that he’s only just begun with it leading to the most important thing he’s ever done. That he must got to Washington to sort it out.

An Abandoned Airfield in Maine, is the next location in the story. In this Airfield, is where Black Manta is being held by the group that helped him escape. the mysterious women calls herself Black Jack, and that the group is called N.E.M.O. Black Jack tells Black Manta they are making him a job offer, due to his talents and the deep enmity to Atlantis. Black Jack tells the masked men around her, to uncuff him, however at the same time Black Manta has already done it. He then attacks one of the masked men, while Black Jack says how disappointed she is, that it took him ten hours to get out of the cuffs. Black Manta mentions that he was out of them in two, while waiting for the right moment. Black Manta says this as he neck chops another masked men. Black Jack points out that N.E.M.O  has no love for Aquaman, while pointing some things from the Black Manta vs Aquaman fight. That Black Manta is wasting his life, and that there’s a place in N.E.M.O for him. For that Black Manta needs to have a proper conversation with Black Jack, then after that he meets the boss.

Washington, D.C is the next place in the story, where Aquaman and Mera are there to see the President. The Chief of Staff points out that this isn’t how things are done, and that The United States of America has no wish to muddy relation with the Kingdom of Atlantis. Aquaman says that he’s glad to hear it, and that Atlantis has nothing more than peaceful interaction with U.S and the World. Aquaman is their to request the reinstatement of their diplomatic status and the resumption of dialogue between nations, and that with the Embassy being closed that morning wasn’t a friendly act. The Chief of Staff talks about the how Aquaman people struggle for the Throne of Atlantis, cities on U.S mainland suffer massive damage, leading to many lives being lost. While also it not being the first time, they know very little about Atlantis, while knowing that its a real and present threat to the security. It took a lot of work for persuade the right people, that a dry land embassy was a good idea, but with what happened they regret that decision. That they need a rethink, other ways to strengthen contact with Atlantis, with the Embassy being off the table. Aquaman talks about fact that he is trying very hard to bring Atlantis onto the World stage and dispel the fear.  That USA is the closet ally, and that he’s proud to be an American Citizen. And if the Chief of Staff doesn’t trust, ask someone who he trusts. The Justice League being someone to ask, as the Chief of Staff mentions that Aquaman service with the Justice League was exemplary, and that the president has shown his gratitude.

The story takes a dark turn, as it goes to the USS Pontchartrain Operational Exercise, on the South Atlantic when a boat explodes.  In the war room, two large shadows appear saying ” In the name of Atlantis. the Deluge sweeps you away. ” The story cuts back to the White House, where Agent Copeland comes into the room asking for Arthur Curry to come with him. As he’s arresting him under the patriot act for crimes against the U.S.  The agent then points out the reason for the arrest as that USS Pontchartrain was lost, and that responsibility has been claimed by Atlantis. As Aquman is put into handcuffs he tells Mera that this is a mistake, that they will prove its a mistake and don’t do anything rash. Then it ends with the cliff hanger of Aquaman in handcuffs.

For me this was another strong Aquaman issue, the way the story was told. It was gripping, while holding questions. Who is N.E.M.O, who’s the Boss. What’s Black Manta next plan. How will Aquaman persuade that the attack was a mistake to a terrified U.S. The art also stood again ,it told the story easier. I cant wait to see how this story carries on. The rating for this will be another 8/10 . DunnComicsEntertainmentRecent PostsAquaman,aquaman issue 3,MeraAquaman Issue 3 Previously in the DC Rebirth Aquaman series The Drowning, Black Manta attacks and explodes the Spindrift Station (Atlantean Dry Land Embassy). This leads to a fight between Aquaman and Black Manta,as shown in the second issue The Drowning Part Two: Full Circle. After the fighting talking, Black Manta surrenders....