Batman Issue 2

batman issue 2

Issue 1 ‘I am Gotham: Part one’ left us on the cliff-hanger of Gotham and Gotham Girl saving the 747 Commercial Jetliner from crashing. Issue 2 ‘I Am Gotham: Part Two’ starts at the Statue of Justice, Gotham City where Gotham and Gotham Girl are fighting Solomon Grundy with his catchphrase. Born on a Monday. Christened on a Tuesday. Married on Wednesday. Took ill on Thursday. Grew Worse on Friday. Died on Saturday. Buried on Sunday. While Grundy is saying this damage to the Statue of Justice got worse when Grundy threw Gotham into it. The Statue half collapsing, Gotham Girl putting it straight. When Grundy gets to Sunday Batman appears from a mist of smoke, while taking out Grundy with him saying ” And that was the end of Grundy”. Batman throws Grundy on the floor, while putting his foot on Grundy neck, saying Feel it Grundy, feel how much it hurts. And Remember if you get up, it’ll feel a whole lot worse. Gotham thanks Batman, however Batman says they were letting him get too far. As from when Batman interrupted, they would have caught Grundy in one point three seconds, leaving him yo trample the man in point(who’s seen in the background sitting by a bin) seven  seconds. As Batman leaves Gotham follows him saying they know they need to be better, and they want to be better. They are not there to challenge Batman, they are there to help the city. He tells Batman he’s been fighting the war for years, but they are there for him now. And if they are fighting wrong, they want Batman to show them how to fight right.

The story cuts later to the Batcavers where Bruce is looking at photos of Gotham and Gotham Girl. He says he was dead, he knew the options, that there weren’t any. That there are going to be more, other planes, asteroids. aliens. He wont be able to stop them, he will die. Dick will take his place, he will die. There’s nothing he can. Alfred tells Bruce that its very intriguing, but there’s less than 250 guests in the Morrison room, for the children’s hospital gala they arranged, and the are waiting for Bruce arrival.  Bruce tells Alfred the plane, Grundy and now two Supermen. Alfred replies with that Gothman City descends ever into chaos. What a shock, but there is still 250 guests waiting for the past hour to see him.

GCPD is next for the story, where a woman tells Jim that the man from the Bank is still there, he’s been there for some time , she will let him in. When the man comes him , Jim tells him that if the GSB sent someone at this hour it must be something. The man tells Jim he isn’t from GSB, that’s a little fib he told too get meet Jim. He is there to confess to freeing Solomon Grundy. He tells Jim more, that he put a bomb on the truck transporting Grundy to Arkham, and when he was free he took Gundy to the statue and told him too bring it down. Jim tells the man to slow down, and to tell him his name. The man says he is called Bob Castro, he worked on munitions, and that he didn’t really have a choice for what happens. As Bob is saying this, he pulls out a small knife, then slits his own throat with his last words being ” You see, The Monster Men are coming, The Monster Men are coming, aren’t they strange?”

The Morrison Room in next where Bruce is dancing with a women, as the Bat Signal showing outside the window. He tells the women he has to leave. He walks to the Grandfather Clock with Alfred and Duke, he tells them he’s bringing Gotham and Gotham Girl with him as they need too see what they the city’s facing. Duke asks if he trust them by taking them to Gordon. Bruce tells Duke they have enhanced vision, they already know about Gordon. And as far as trusting them, he doesn’t even trust Alfred, Alfred tells Duke that for his tenth birthday, he asked for a Katana Duelling Blade, he got him a wakizashi, which seemed more appropriate for his age.. Bruce has been that way since. On the GCPD rooftop, Batman tells Jim not too worry about Gotham and Gotham girl, as he wants them too hear what Jim has to say. and that they saved the plane and others. He wants to see if they can do more. Gotham tells Jim that he is Gotham and she is Gotham Girl, and that it’s an honor to meet him, Jim just mutters is it really easier to fight crime with a crime on, he thinks it would itch, Jim tells them he’s got a guy calming he blew up the transport, and that he slices his throat open. Gotham Girl tells Jim that the people who used the missile on the plane, they were found having killing themselves too. Another Suicide Attack? Another Kobra Attack. Jim tells him it’s another something , he also asks them if they’ve heard anything about the Monster Men. They all say no, Gotham tells Jim they are here to help, here to save the city. As Batman does his usual party trick, Gotham and Gotham get confused, saying its impossible. As with using their Ultra- Vision they can’t see him. Jim just tells them it’s not impossible, its Batman.

The next part of the story takes a big twist. As a photo is seen with a  scared face. Are you scared? The person replies yes professor, I’m very scared. Another photo is passed, with a smiling face, Are you happy? The reply yes professor. I’m very happy. The next photo is a sad face, Are you Sad? The reply yes professor, I’m very sad. The next photo of an angry face. Are you Angry? Yes professor I’m very angry. The professor replies good very good, you’re getting better every day. The patient replies thank you Professor Strange. The Professor says please Roger, after all this time, call me Hugo. An army commander behind Hugo tells Miss Waller who’s also behind Hugo, that she’s finally saved Gotham City. Miss Waller says Well someone had to.

After a slow issue 1, issue 2 lived up to the hype. With Grundy in the beginning, and the return of Hugo Strange at he end. But the big question, has Psycho-Pirate returned. Its set a dark path ahead, while solving little mysterious . But the Big questions being who are the Monster Men, what’s Miss Waller plan to save Gotham, are Gotham and Gotham Girl part of the plan. I am Gotham looks like it could be on a for good series. The artwork was also outstanding as well, making the story even dark and more gripping. My rating for Issue 2 will be 8/10 DunnComicsEntertainmentRecent Postsbatman issue 2,batman rebirth 2Batman Issue 2 Issue 1 'I am Gotham: Part one' left us on the cliff-hanger of Gotham and Gotham Girl saving the 747 Commercial Jetliner from crashing. Issue 2 'I Am Gotham: Part Two' starts at the Statue of Justice, Gotham City where Gotham and Gotham Girl are fighting Solomon Grundy...