batman rebirth 3

Batman Rebirth #3

‘I Am Gotham: Part Two’  left with the cliff-hanger of Miss Waller working with Hugo Strange to save Gotham. Hugo Strange wasn’t the only major Batman villain making a return, it looks like Psycho-Pirate has made a return as well. I Am Gotham: Part Three starts off at Gotham City, Park Row in the past, where a family ( three people, man, women, and a boy) are walking into a alley, as they enter the alley someone is waiting for them with a gun. As the gun is raised the father walks forwards, as he does that the man holding the punches him in the gut, then reaches for the women.  As the boy watches in terror, the man holding the gun tries to grip the necklace. As he reaches, another hand stops him. Batman picks him up and throws him against the wall. As this scene was happening, a voice was talking about growing up in Gotham, your raised in the piss and smoke of it. Then something happens to you, even if you don’t get to like it. You sort of get use to it. You stop seeing it as something other, you start seeing as more of yourself. Its risen and its fallen just like you have, its been spoiled and abused just like you have. Its bent just like you. All you have to do is forgive it the way you forgive yourself.  The voice goes on that he understands that its all in him, which somehow makes it better. Instead of reaching it in  Deeper, I smile, and I shout good and loud. No. Batman is the one who says no when he picked the man holding the gun up, and threw into the wall. Batman tells the family that an ambulance is on the way. They are going to be scared for a while, and that’s fine. Everyone is scared. But remember, it all means that everyone gets the opportunity to fight the fear, Every one gets the chance to fight to be brave.

The story cuts to the now at Robbinsville, Gotham City where the father from the incident is telling a mysterious figure in a green coat, about why he raised the kids in the city after the robbery. So they could learn what he learned.  The mother calls the father Henry, and that the nice man did not come all the way from the FBI Head-quarters in Washington D.C to hear about his opine on piss and smoke. He wants to hear about Hank and Clare. The mysterious says he appreciate the background, it helps him to understand what exactly is going in. It goes to the bedroom where Clare tells Hank she had a bad dream. Hank tells her everyone gets scared. As this is going on talk about not being ashamed to say that after what happened, Hank became enamored with Batman, mainly with Batman helping people. Its said that Claire was at her friends when the robbery happened, but with kids, anything her older brother was into. And pretty soon those two set out to help whoever they could. The family made a fortune in the city, and they kept talking the father into giving it away. When they weren’t being do-gooding, they were training or researching and learning. They were obsessed, and maybe they should of interfered. But sometimes good can become a obsession, or at least we hope it could. As this is being said, it shows Clare and Hank giving food to the elderly, reading to some one in a hospital bed, weightlifting, reading books about Forensic Evidence and staring at the bat signal.  The talking carries on about last year, Hank and Clare went overseas, doing charity work in some difficult places, they asked Henry to wire them money, a lot of money. They didn’t say what for, and he didn’t ask. As Henry is saying this, it shows more of mysterious figure. Henry carries on talking about how sees Hank and Clare, he sees who they want to be become, they are Gotham. He wired the money. Then a month ago they returned, happy and healthy. Around that time the city got two new heroes. Gotham and Gotham Girl. The mysterious figure says he’s only there about the payment, as it was a huge amount, its an anomaly. The Bureau was checking on possible fraud. Miss Clover says they aren’t stupid, they governments interest  here are obviously go beyond this payment. And that there are worse things that have happened in the city. The mysterious man says he respect her onion, and that they remind him of a couple he knew when he was a kid. That good people with good judgment die too young. Miss Clover asks the man what his name was, he tells her its Malone, Agent Malone, but most call him Match.

As Agent Malone walks away, he talks his mustache and glasses off, its seen that he is Bruce Wayne. Alfred tells Bruce that there’s been another incident at the Vince Finkle Bridge, its collapsing and its rush hour. It was caused by a suicide bomber, and before she relived. She was heard shouting THE MONSTER MEN ARE COMING. The car Bruce is driving splits in half, as the Bat bike comes out. Bruce is in the bat-suit telling Alfred he is four minutes out. Alfred tells Bruce, that the bridge will not hold for four minutes. Bruce tells Alfred it will hold. The story cuts to the bridge, where Gotham is holding the bridge up, saying he cant, it hurts too much. Gotham Girls tells him, its going to be all okay, Batman is here. As Batman arrives to the bridge, another voice is talking about When you grow up in Gotham, when you’re born into the dying of it all something happens to you. Fetid walls always falling, mold always spreading. People forever sinking into its graves. You see all of the decay as part of yourself. As if its your fate, as if its your pain. Riots, chaos, Zero Year, Owls, and Joker. Now bombs going off, planes, statues all falling. You feel each blow, and you wonder when you might fail. But that Ms.Waller is merely an illusion, trick of the mind. . As this is being said, Batman has planted some devices on the bridge, which sends ropes to the Bat-plane when he signals for it. The talking carries on about how the people of this city accept what they can not accept. It lullabies them into complicity, teaches them to ignore the horrors. To embrace the horrors, to become the horrors. Its their goal to eliminate this illusion, to free people from the psychosis of the city. They not riot or resist. They will not panic, they will preserve. Villains will surrender, heroes will triumph. With my coaxing and rogers gifts, they will finally separate the life of the mind from the rot of the city. And they will declare I  am not Gotham. I am Better than Gotham. The voice talking turns out to be Hugo Strange.

The story cuts back to the bridge where Batman is talking to Gotham and Gotham Girl saying he’s run down leads, and connected the bombers. They watch the city, in case the next one comes, before he can stop it. Gotham tells Batman he can’t thank him enough for helping them, he wanted to say as a kid. Batman stops him, and says its good to see him out here, and its good to see what he did with the fear. The story cuts to later, where Gotham and Gotham Girl are still waiting, then a explosion happens in the background. When they arrive to the scene, Psycho-Pirate and Hugo are waiting. Psycho-Pirate says his scared, very scared. Hugo tells them they haven’t met yet, and that he’s Professor Hugo Strange. And that Roger Hayden is the Psycho-Pirate. Master of all emotions. His theirs, yours.

I Am Gotham: Part Three was just amazing, with a brilliant backstory and introduction of the back story of Gotham and Gotham Girl, even though there’s more to their story. Plus with the Psycho-Pirate being confirmed has made this story more interesting, The artwork once again was outstanding, I cant wait to see what happens next .


Review Score: 8/10 DunnComicsEntertainmentRecent Posts#dccomics,Batman,batman rebirth 3,comics,DC Comics,dc rebirthBatman Rebirth #3 ‘I Am Gotham: Part Two’  left with the cliff-hanger of Miss Waller working with Hugo Strange to save Gotham. Hugo Strange wasn't the only major Batman villain making a return, it looks like Psycho-Pirate has made a return as well. I Am Gotham: Part Three starts off at Gotham City,...