batman rebirth 4

Batman Rebirth 4

Batman I Am Gotham: Part Four starts off with Batman walking into a room with dead soldiers around him and Gotham Girl is curled up in a ball, whispering “I’m scared”. I’m very scared over and over again. Up above Gotham Girl, written in blood is  I AM GOTHAM. Batman tells Alfred, that he’s looking at twenty-seven dead soldiers, it appears that they were killed by someone with superman-level powers. Can he check the city for Gotham. While on top of a rooftop is a man holding a phone. Gotham arrives while talking to the man. I know things look bad, maybe you’ve done something bad, I did something bad. But that doesn’t mean we cant fix it. We just have to remember, every-one gets scared. But all that really means is everyone gets an opportunity to fight that fear. We can fix this, I can fix this. Everyone gets a chance to be brave. I can fix this . The man then talks, right yes thank you. I didn’t know if I  could do it, but your right. I can fix it. The Monster Men Are Coming. The man presses the detonator on his phone. Even everything explodes around him.

At the Batcave, Gotham Girl is screaming on a bed, Alfred asks if she wants coffee, she screams NOOOO! Thomas comes to help by giving her a blanket, she tells him she’s very scared. He tells her that he’s very close to a semi-possessed super person, who could rip his head off. But they can be scared together. Bruce asks Thomas over the commutation, if he’s the completed the analysis on the crime scene, as he has eyes on Gotham. As Thomas is looking at the analysis, Gotham is holding a steal beam at the bridge, trying to fix it. He keeps telling himself he cant fix it. Batman yells, you’re not an engineer, or an architect, or the mayor, or the city council. It means right now, Gotham cant fix this, he can only make it worst. Gotham throws the steel beam and Batman while shouting in rage YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I CAN DO! As the steal beam smashes into the Batmobile. Batman says that he’s right, he calls him Hank and that he thought he did . Batman tells Hank that he looked into him, watched him, tested him. He isn’t like hurt like him, Hank isn’t weak like he is. He goes down with the pane, you life it out of the air, he thought Hank could save the city, like he never could. So yes he thought he knew what Hank could do, before he came across the twenty-seven dead men in a burning building. Hank asks twenty, twenty-seven. He flies away in rage. Thomas tells Bruce he’s found a pattern.

As Bruce blows the destroyed Batmobile up, he glides away off the bridge. Thomas tells Bruce, the pattern is the serial numbers of the dog tags. They seemed random at first, but he started playing with them. Then it added up, Twenty-Four, all the numbers added up to Twenty- Four. Thomas also adds that he cross-referenced that with the back-doors into the military databases. It refers to a unit, twenty -four. That’s the letter of the unit. The twenty-fourth letter. X. Batman replies Task Force X, Amanda Waller’s little Suicidal Squad. At the office of Amanda, Mr Lane is telling her, there’s no need to worry about him, he’s not going to connect this, and even if he did, this site isn’t on any books. He cant find us, the damn Bat-Man isn’t going to find us. Amanda tells Lane that Batman is right behind him. Batman tells her its time to talk, as he smashes Lane head into the wall. Waller tells Batman the Zero Year, Owls, The Joker, the Joker again. Bloom. Plus all your colorful friends. Ever since he arrived in Gotham, Gotham has been on fire. As this is America, we don’t stand idly by while our cites burn. She was tasked to put out the flames, she assessed that two of her men would be enough for the job. Psycho- Pirate who controls emotions, to handles the problems. Hugo Strange, who controls criminals, to handle the Psycho- Pirate . But the bad news, Strange betrayed the mission, used the Pirate to drive Batman new super-friends crazy. Used them to kill the guards I sent to prevent such a betrayal. The good news, Batman is there to help her with this unfortunate situation. The Psycho-Pirate  is a man who could make gods go mad,  a man who could make the mad gods sane again. She knows where he is, and the only way to get him. She will work him, but only if says please. Batman tells her twenty-seven of her people died, and she wants him to say please. Waller tells him to check his facts, twenty-eight of her people are dead, at the hands of one of his colorful friends.

Ten minutes later at the Robbinsville in Gotham City, Batman finds Mr and Mrs Clover are dead on the floor, while Gotham is holding a solider by the neck. Batman tells Gotham he understands, it gets hot under the mask, you sweat it itches. Gotham took the mask off didn’t he, he thought that all those soldiers were dead, he took the mask off. Just for a second just to cool down after a fight. But one of them was just playing, one of them saw, took a picture. Ran it through task force X databases, found Henry and Mary Clover. Out of his mind the solider took his revenge, killed Gotham parents. Finding that , seeing that, brings out an anger like none you’ve ever known. He understands that too . Batman tells Gotham to put the man down, that this isn’t his doing, its the Psycho-Pirate. Gotham said tells Batman, do you know what he said? Just standing over mom waiting?  Batman tells Gotham he’s going too find the pirate, bring Gotham back. Show him that how this moment, this anger, can make him a better person. Gotham finish he’s sentence by saying ” Your a monster”, and that Batman cant fix this. Then Gotham snaps the soldier neck . As Gotham fights Batman, throwing him into a wall. Gotham tells Batman that this is better, maybe its the way it should be. He sacrificed everything! EVERYTHING!. To save his city. To save Gotham!. And this city, Batman tried to save it, yet it just bleeds him. It destroys you, it destroys EVERYTHING!. In Gotham, the Monster Men are always coming. I cant fix it, no,no,no, I cant fix. But I can make it worse, I can just wipe it out. I cant save Gotham Batman, but I can kill it before it hurts anyone else.

Batman I Am Gotham: Part Four  was dark, grim and gripping. It answered questions, like why was Waller there to save Gotham. Yet it still holds questions. Who are these Monster Men that everyone is talking about. What will Gotham do? The artwork for this, gave the story a more darker tone, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

This issue gets a 9/10 score! DunnComicsEntertainmentRecent PostsBatman,batman rebirth 4,DC Comics,dc rebirth  Batman Rebirth 4 Batman I Am Gotham: Part Four starts off with Batman walking into a room with dead soldiers around him and Gotham Girl is curled up in a ball, whispering 'I'm scared'. I'm very scared over and over again. Up above Gotham Girl, written in blood is  I AM GOTHAM. Batman tells Alfred,...