Batman Issue 5

batman issue 5


After the cliff-hanger in I Am Gotham: Part Four where Gotham turned bad under the Psycho-Pirate effect. I Am Gotham: Part Five starts with Gotham arriving at Gotham city centre he tells everyone to run as his eyes light up. Batman tells Alfred that the Pirate broke Gotham, gave him an anger he can’t lose. He blames the city; he’s going to try to destroy it. He then tells Alfred he’s on his way, but he won’t get there in time, Alfred has to do what he can. It cuts to the Batmobile where Alfred is putting the cowl of the Batman on. He talks to himself about how he’s honored that Thomas asked and trusted him with the care of Master Bruce. But of course the need of such care will never rise. It’s not as if on some dark night, they are just walking down Crime Alley with Martha in her best pearls. He talks more about if such unlikely circumstances were tragically to come to pass, it will not be a difficult burden to bear. As Bruce is a good boy, quiet and calm, caring for him will be a pleasure not a chore. As Alfred is saying this, he is getting closer and closer to Gotham, until he hits him. Alfred gets out of the car in the Batman outfit. He says fear not citizens of Gotham, the dark knight has returned. Gotham asks who he is. Alfred tells him he is Batman. Gotham replies that he is just a man in a mask. Bruce then tells Alfred he is there; Alfred runs away as Batman kicks Gotham in the head as he tells Gotham they need to talk.
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Batman throws Batarangs at Gotham forcing him to back up to the Batmobile. Gotham shouts a man in a mask, what is that? A man in a mask. Compared to this city, compared to this hell? WHAT IS THAT? Batman tells Gotham they need to talk as he blows the Batmobile up, catching Gotham in the explosion. While at the Batcave Thomas is watching the fight on-screen, he tells himself that they going to run out of Batmobiles. Gotham Girl walks in; she tells Thomas she is sorry. She’s still infected by the Pirate; she’s scared of everything. Back at the scene, Batman is telling Gotham to stop and listen. He understands he got hit. Hit hard, and now he’s hurt. But just because he is hurt, doesn’t mean he has to hurt his city. Stand down, or I’ll put you down. Gotham tells him, A man in a mask. What is Batman going to do? Shoot a rope at him. Batman replies no, he’s going to crash a plane into him. As Batman brings the Batplane onto Gotham, he jumps to the nearest rooftop while calling Alfred. He tells Alfred to get on the Batphone, and make the call. Alfred asks they’ve never done that in Gotham, is he certain? Batman tells him he is certain. Back at the Batcave, Gotham Girl stops screaming NO!NO! As she throws a Robin costume prop into the computer breaking it. Thomas asks if she is going to kill him. Gotham Girl tells him she is so scared, Gotham is her brother, he’s never left her. And now he’s going to, she’s alone.

Gotham tells Batman he tried to save Gotham. He says goodbye to Batman. Batman says goodbye to Gotham. As Gotham eyes lit up, as he’s about to aim fire onto Batman. A blur knocks him over. As the laser beam heads to Batman, a green shield appears protecting him. The Justice League appears; Superman holds Gotham by the neck. He tells Gotham he’s Superman and this is the Justice League. They are Batman’s friends, and they would appreciate it if he would surrender. Gotham hits Superman, ripping punching right through Cyborg. Batman asks Thomas about Gotham powers. How fast or strong he is. It’s not fixed. It varies, he adjusts to what he’s fighting, the minimum of what he needs. He needs to know how he does it, and why he does it. He needs Thomas to get Gotham Girl to tell them. As Gotham defeats the Justice League one by one, Gotham Girls tells Thomas they bought them, strength, invulnerability, ultra-vision. They brought them. But what they brought weren’t powers for life. Was life for powers. They can use their life, years of normal life, to produce hours being super. And the best worst part if, they can always choose. They can be ordinary for a few decades, Superman for a few years. Or god for a few hours. You see Batman can’t win. Batman’s just a man in a mask, her brother is more. He won’t stop until he’s done what he needs to do. Gotham stares at Batman. He says fine kill Gotham. But this city it’s just brick and concrete. It didn’t free the pirate or hurt those soldiers. And it damn well didn’t kill Gotham parents. The Pirate was here as Batman couldn’t stop the chaos that bleeds the city. Gotham hurt those soldiers as Batman told him to fly to them. Gotham parents were murdered because Batman couldn’t save them. Does Gotham want to kill Gotham. For being weak, for being afraid. For falling again, and again, and again, and again. Batman shouts I AM GOTHAM. KILL ME.

At the Batcave, Thomas tells Gotham Girl it’s okay to be scared, it’s just like means everyone gets a chance to be brave. Gotham Girl says that Hank always said that, he always said to be brave. She flies away. At the same time, Gotham is telling Batman, that from the beginning, the alley, the man. A mask you. YOU!. He doesn’t need to destroy the city; he needs to destroy Batman. As Batman says goodbye to Gotham, Gotham Girl flies into Gotham and picks him up. As Gotham Girl fights Gotham and defeats him, she tells him that she tried to stop him. If he didn’t stop, it would all be gone. She tried. As this happening Gotham Girl is talking from the future. “Later after we were married, after Bruce did what he did, after he died how he died. After I killed him I mean. Duke and I come here once a year, on the anniversary of my brother’s death. Just to take time to remember. Remember that this is where it started. The origin of Gotham Girl. The Death of Batman”

Another brilliant Batman story that was entertaining and full of action. It showed Gotham at its power, how strong he is. By taking down the Justice League with no trouble. While also showing Gotham Girls powers when she killed her own brother. The artwork was outstanding again, by making the story even more darker. 9/10 DunnRecent Postsbatman 5,batman issue 5Batman Issue 5   After the cliff-hanger in I Am Gotham: Part Four where Gotham turned bad under the Psycho-Pirate effect. I Am Gotham: Part Five starts with Gotham arriving at Gotham city centre he tells everyone to run as his eyes light up. Batman tells Alfred that the Pirate broke Gotham,...