batman 6

I am Gotham Epilogue starts off on a Monday where Gotham Girl is talking to Hank, (who died in the last issue) about a joke she’s heard, while shaving her hair off. On Tuesday, Colonel Blimp wants thirty million dollars as he has go their submarine. As Gotham Girl takes down Colonel Blimp, by throwing him out of the Blimp, then catching him mid-air, she still talks to Hank about staying up late and watching reruns, they used to watch in the kitchen in a morning. She also says she’s been thinking about mum, as she hands Colonel Blimp to the police. About if he thought she was almost too judgmental sometimes. While this is happing, Batman watches on the Batsignal. On Wednesday, Duke tells Batman, Gotham Girls is out again, and that her brother and parents are dead. Being driven half-mad by the Psycho- Pirate, and that every time she uses her power, she’s loses a bit of her life. That doing this, the fighting she’s killing herself. They have to save her. Batman keeps on telling Duke he knows. On Thursday, Gotham Girl is looking over the city of Gotham, she tells Hank that at nights she likes how it looks, beautiful. Friday, Gotham Girl, asks Hank if he remembers the time they went out to Mimis place, about how she tried to make chicken. As she is saying this, she can hear voices in the distant. “Karl Karl.. I Don’t want to die….I’m not Batman. We’re not Batman. I’m your brother Karl. Karl Please, think of Molly and the kids. “ When Gotham-Girl arrives, Karl is dressed as a pirtate, pushing off a man dressed in a Batman costume off the rooftop, with 3 toher batmen tied up. Karl tells the man, that ye’fooled me befre brothers. But ye shall not be foolin’ ol’ Captain Stingaree twice. The man tells Karl, to get his meds. Karl tells him that yer sentence fer pretendin’ to be me brothers is to walk the plank, tonight the sharks’ll feast mightily out of Davy Jones’ locker. Karl pushes the man off the rooftop, as he turns to the three other batmen. Gotham-Girl arrives with the man who got pushed off, as she takes down Karl, she tells Hank how he loved pirates, when they were little. Then Batman arrives.

Batman tells Gotham Girl they need to talk. Gotham-Girl tells Hank that first a Pirate, now Batman. Batman tells her she needs help; he can help her. She’s in pain, he can help with the pain. Let him help her. Gotham Girl, just replies its really Batman and flies away. Batman asks Alfred how he helped him, when his Mother and Father passed away. Alfred tells Bruce, that each night he would leave the house and go leaping off buildings dressed as a bat. Does he really think, he helped him? As this is happening, Karl gets up with the sword, Batman kicks him in the face. On Saturday, Kite Man, steals a necklace off a woman. As Gotham Girl, stops Kite Man from flying away, she tells Hank the same joke she did on Monday, and that she doesn’t feel good. After she drops Kite Man off at the police, Batman shines the Batsignal into her. He tells her that he’s not here to help her. He thought maybe she could help him like she’s helping the city. He needs to know something, why she’s helping the city. Gotham Girls asks Hank if Batman would understand, that no one understands expect for Hank. It hurts so much when you’re alone, helping Gotham, makes it hurt less. There’s not like a choice, you just have to. Batman takes his mask off, telling Claire (Gotham Girl) he’s Bruce Wayne. When he was ten years old. His parents were murdered. Before the police came, he held his mother’s hand. It wasn’t cold, but there was blood on her hand. His father was a good man, but he could never talk. The father was very formal. But he could always talk to mother, she was the only one. And then there was blood on her hand, he talked. He talked to her, he had to, he still has to.

Sunday holds a discussion between Amanda and Batman. She tells Batman if he’s sure, she could care less about his cowl, or the cave, or the little justice league. If he wants this, he works for her. Barman asks where is he. Amanda tells him, that from they’ve gathered, Strange made some sort of deal. He caused a series of disasters around Gotham in order to gain control of Psycho- Pirate. He then apparently exchanged the pirate for a significant quantity of venom. Which means the pirate is in Santa Prisca, Bane has him. Bane was behind all of this, just to get him. If Batman wants the cure to get the fear out of the girl, or maybe he just wants vengeance for the boy, for Gotham. He has to invade a powerful, Sovereign country. Break into the most secure, depraved prison, in the history of man. The somehow pry a lunatic out of the hands of a, monster. Isn’t it nice hat she has a way to do it. But she has to admit, the plans fairly risky. He goes, he probably won’t come back. One might say, ITS SUICIDE.

I am Gotham Epilogue was a very sad issue, with seeing Gotham Girl dealt with her brother dying, which wasn’t that well. Hopefully Batman does get the Pirate and get her back to normal, which we can tell she gets better due to the end of last issue. This issue also held some of the cheesiest villains, Kite Man and Colonel Blimp. Really DC, really. But at the same time, its teased the next big villain. BAANEE. Bring it on. The issue was very slow though, the main bit was at the end with Amanda and Batman talking. However, the artwork once again made it better, telling the story in a darker way.  Batman Rebirth #6 – 6/10 DunnComicsEntertainmentRecent PostsBatman,batman 6,batman rebirth 6,DC Comics,dc rebirth,Gotham CityI am Gotham Epilogue starts off on a Monday where Gotham Girl is talking to Hank, (who died in the last issue) about a joke she’s heard, while shaving her hair off. On Tuesday, Colonel Blimp wants thirty million dollars as he has go their submarine. As Gotham Girl...