Over the past few weeks I have covered some of the more popular DC Comics characters – Superman, Flash, and Red Hood. This weeks showcase will be about a character I feel gets a bad rap and is the red headed step child of the DC Comics universe. If you are a fan of the television show The Big Bang Theory then you know that out of all the comic book characters, Aquaman gets the most hate. The band of nerds would rather dress as any other member of the Justice League than go as Aquaman. In one episode the crew dress as the Justice League to win a contest and Raj said he would rather go dressed as Wonder Woman than go as Aquaman – ouch! Often he is butt of jokes and comedy and DC has tried over the years to revamp his image to make him more powerful and edgier. I am here to let you know there is much more to Aquaman than just talking to fish and this showcase will open the doors to his world and hopefully will let readers appreciate the character more.

We have already seen the monster that Zack Snyder will unleash this fall with Justice League. Jason Momoa will play Aquaman and while his character looks more like Khal Drogo with armor – which is completely bad ass – the comics version of Aquaman is much different.

Arthur Curry (Aquaman) made his debut in More Fun Comics issue #73 in November 1941.  He was the brain child of  Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris. Aquaman makes his home in the under water Kingdom of Atlantis.  There he rules as its King alongside his Queen, Mera. Arthur was born to Atlanna and Thomas Curry. Thomas is a human lighthouse keeper and Atlanna is an Atlantean Princess.

As a side note I really hope we do not get jokes about both Bruce and Arthur’s father’s sharing the same first name. I do not want another “Martha” incident. 

Aquaman has a wide range of abilities and powers:

Animal Control
Electricity Control
Ice Control
Radar Sense
Super Hearing
Super Sight
Super Speed
Super Strength
Water Control
Weapon Master
Aquaman joined the Justice League after making a visit to the surface world and meeting Barry Allen (Flash) who convinced him to join. For a brief time Aquaman even lead the team. He has played a significant role in several story arcs including Infinite Crisis, Blackest Night in which he becomes a Black Lantern, and Brightest Day.
Aquaman does not boast the rogues gallery of say Batman or Superman but he does have some very interesting enemies. Some of his more notable enemies include his half brother – Ocean Master who like Loki with Thor, wants the throne all to himself. Another villain that is the most famous and even killed Aquaman’s son – Black Manta.
Some other notable villains include the Dead King who is a New 52 ice based villain. Charybdis who was responsible for Arthur losing his hand and Thanatos who is the evil twin of Aquaman. As I mentioned earlier, Aquaman is usually treated like the little brother or the step son that was never wanted. But he is much cooler than you think and even though he can talk to fish, there is much more that he can do. He is not the strongest member of the Justice League but he has thrown a punch so hard that it sent Superman flying. He can breathe underwater and swim and speeds up to Mach 5. His weapon of choice, Trident of Neptune, can cut actually cut the flesh of Superman. He also uses the Trident to control the weather and the seas. He can use it to form hurricanes, tidal waves and lightning. He also has used the trident to transform creatures. The trident has a built in feature where only those of Atlantean Royalty can handle it. If you were to try and disarm him from the trident then you would receive and electric shock that could be fatal. Aquaman has no rule about killing, if he feels the need then you will die. He has used the trident to stab the eyes of Darkseid during a battle. He can control all sea life and that includes fish, dolphins, whales and sharks. How awesome would it be to see Jason Momoa summon a shark in Justice League or even his upcoming film? I would love to see him come riding in on a Great White shark like a boss. These are just some of the many reasons why Aquaman does not suck and actually is a lot more interesting than you might think. Maybe you knew this already and you have been a fan for years but perhaps there are some facts about him you did not know.
Lets take the time to dig into some of the lesser known facts about Aquaman.
  1. He actually is a founding member of the Justice League – That is right Superman and Batman fans
  2. He originally was raised by dolphins and not his parents
  3. Aquaman’s first love was a Dolphin named Nera – Yikes!
  4. He was once a diplomat who worked with the United Nations
  5. He wanted to play Magic the Gathering
  6. He has the power of Poseidon
  7. Spongebob parodied Aquaman with Mermaid-Man
  8. Atlantis is the largest territory in the world
  9. There has been more than one Aquaman
  10. HE STABBED DARKSEID IN THE EYES!!! –  I mean come on! How bad ass is that?!

So there are just 10 facts that you may or may not have known about. And number 10 says it all I feel about just how awesome Aquaman is. His perception of this wholesome and lovable guy might be true to some degree but make no mistake about it, he can unleash a side most do not want to see when provoked. Jason Momoa’s Aquaman will be the latter and his look is far from the comics that is for sure. Gone is the orange and green attire, swapped for dark green and more gold. Momoa will bring the edgier attitude to the big screen and is for sure the one fans are most looking forward to seeing. I think the movie will help readers gain more interest in the character and this will lead to a better overall appreciation for Aquaman.

Some comics and arcs that I would suggest you check out involving Aquaman are:

  1. Throne of Atlantis
  2. Brightest Day
  3. Aquaman: The Others
  4. Aquaman: Tidal
  5. Aquaman: Death of a Prince

I really hope you enjoyed this weeks DC Showcase and please check back each week for a new DC Comics character. If there is a character you would like to see then please leave a comment and I will make sure to cover it for you. Please continue to follow MFST for all of your Entertainment needs.


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