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Legends of Tomorrow returned this week with a new episode and just like the rest of the season, it was a lot of fun. This season we’ve seen Ray fight a dinosaur, the JSA, American Civil War zombies, Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk team up with Al Capone and even a samurai version of the Atom suit and now we have an episode focused on George Lucas and a what could happen if he never made Star Wars and Indiana Jones, it’s great. As always, spoilers from this point on.

So the first half of the season ended on a pretty big cliffhanger, Rip was now an American director in the 1960’s making a movie based on his own escapades aboard the Waverider. It was a pretty big bombshell and I was kind of worried that they were gonna wait a few episodes for picking up on that plotline, luckily they went right into with the opening scene showing us exactly what happened to the legendary captain. So the basic gist of what happened to Rip is that he needed to protect the Spear of Destiny from falling into the wrong hands, he did this by erasing his memory and having the Waverider/ timedrive (I’m not entirely sure how that worked) drop him in a random time period. Merlyn and Darhk, now named The Legion of Doom by Nate, trace the Spear right to this location and they find a very confused Rip who is working with George Lucas and has no idea what’s going on.

Props to Arthur Darvill who very convincingly played the new version of Rip and he was probably my favorite bit of the episode, with all the great Star Wars references being a close second. The Legends trace the Legion to 1967 as well because of a time aberration they create to lure the team. Chaos obviously ensues and George Lucas kind of freaks out and drops out of film school. Unfortunately for both the Legends and The Legion, Rip used the Spear of Destiny as a silly prop and gave it to George Lucas for safekeeping, so when Lucas drops out he also throws out all of his props leaving the Spear in the city dump.

After being arrested, Rip is rescued by the team and believes he is going crazy after seeing things such as the Waverider and The Legions laser guns. This leaves it up to Gideon to attempt to restore any of Rip’s memories, but it seems like any of what’s left of the real Rip is gone. Nick and Ray the begin to forget how to do things aboard the Waverider that used to be second nature to them, this of course is due to the fact that Star Wars and Indiana Jones were never created which happened to be Nick’s reason for becoming so fascinated with time travel and Ray’s reason for creating the Atom suit.

Ray, Amaya and Nick journey to George and attempt to get him to create the film’s they used to love and realize things are worse than they seem as Nick can’t steel up and Ray has no suit. Malcolm and Darhk show up and take the four to the city dump so that they can find the Spear, this is where the Star Wars references start coming in. Amaya tells George he’s her only hope, the trash compactor from A New Hope, the Atom suit being George’s possible reason for Boba Fett and of course the Waverider looking very like the Millennium Falcon. Finally Eobard Thawne shows up and you can stop wondering why two people are supposed to make a Legion, I have a theory for why he’s not always around but it could be spoilery so I’ll save it for tomorrow.

The real Rip shows up (YES), oh wait. Rip pretends to be the captain they all know but he’s still the American director, I actually loved this scene though, Rip trying to fire his gun at the Legion was great. The team eventually recover the Spear, George makes Star Wars but Rip is taken by Thawne. I’m hoping the Rip regains his memory soon because I really want to see what his past with Thawne is like.

The secondary plot in this episode was how Mick was still seeing Snart everywhere and he needs Stein to try to help him get rid of his delusions (but are they delusions?). After his help Mick believes that Snart is gone but he’s really gonna be shaken when the real Snart shows up in the next few episodes.

The Verdict

I really enjoyed the new episode, and I’m looking forward to the Legion focused episode next week.



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