Last night culminated the end of DCTV’s 3-night crossover, titled Elseworlds. The story revolved around the changing of realities: Barry became Oliver/Green Arrow while Oliver became Barry/The Flash. After teaming up together, they go to Earth-38 for Supergirl’s (and unexpectedly Superman and Lois Lane’s) help because they’re switch-up didn’t affect other Earths. Then, they make their way to Gotham City to find Dr. John Deegan, who’s (partly) responsible for the change in reality, where they meet Kate Kane/Batwoman and break into Arkham Asylum to get the Book of Destiny from him. Reality changes again and Deegan becomes the Black Superman, so Barry and Oliver go back to Earth-38 for the real Superman’s help. From there, chaos ensues, with the heroes (obviously) winning in the end.

The altering of reality wasn’t completely caused by Dr. John Deegan though; a villain named Mar Novu, AKA The Monitor, gives Deegan The Book of Destiny, hoping that this Earth is good enough to deal with multiverse crisis. Or something like that. It’s only really explained once why he’s using The Book of Destiny to destroy Earths (because he also destroyed Earth-90). His story didn’t really come to a conclusion as much as it just got brought back up near the end of the last Supergirl episode when Oliver asks him to spare Barry and Kara (their destinies were dying while running in the opposite directions to slow down time) because they’re the true heroes. The problem with that, however, is that he says that changing their destinies would throw off the balance, so it would mean that he’d have to do something to balance it out. For a minute. I thought it would mean that Oliver was sacrificing himself but he’s also the title character so, it doesn’t make sense to kill him off.

supergirl, oliver as the flash, and barry as the green arrow

Overall, the crossover event really played off of the hilarity of Barry and Oliver switching bodies in both the physicality of it as well as their changing personalities; Barry became a little darker and more serious and Oliver became more of a comedic relief. In addition to that, the writers gave the fans a LOT of fanservice. Some examples include, but are not limited to: seeing Clark Kent with the iconic Smallville theme song at the old Kent barn (from the original Smallville), seeing tons of Batman references on the doors at Arkham Asylum like the names O. Cobblepot (The Penguin), E. Nygma (The Riddler), P. Isley (Poison Ivy), and B. Karlo (Clayface), and we also saw V. Fries (Mr. Freeze) in a close up on a cold gun. We also saw Malcolm Merlyn and Reverse-Flash via a Scarecrow gas hallucination and met another Barry Allen/Flash played by the OG Flash (John Wesley Shipp), this time from Earth-90, and finding out that Diggle on Earth-90 is actually Green Lantern, which is a very popular theory in the DCTV fandom. In addition to that, there was plenty of WestAllen moments in The Flash episode and some Olicity in Arrow.

Honorable Moments

  • Hearing the Smallville theme song again. I half-expected to see Tom Welling as Clark Kent again, but that song and that show bring back so much nostalgia for me, as someone who grew up watching the show.
  • Barry shooting Oliver with his arrows just like Oliver did to him in the first DCTV crossover. Barry only did it because he thought it was funny whereas Oliver did it to help train Barry when he was still just starting out but regardless, it was funny.
  • Defeating Amazo. Just a great fight scene altogether.
  • Supergirl and Batwoman shaking hands – they both have cousins who are also big heroes so, it was nice seeing them bond even though their cousins are “frenemies”, as Kara put it.
  • Catlin Snow/Killer Frost being in all three of the crossover episodes. I think she’d been severely underused in the past so it’s nice to see her be more a part of it now.

batwoman and oliver as the flash

  • The introduction of Batwoman. It was honestly what I think most of us were waiting for, and the wait was definitely worth it.
  • The hallucination fight between the Green Arrow/Malcolm Merlyn and The Flash/Reverse-Flash that happened via the Scarecrow gas. It was a great fight scene that ended with Batwoman coming in between them.
  • Kara talking to AU Alex – they have a strong sisterly connection, regardless of what universe they’re in. It was a very well-written dialogue between the two and I give credit to the actors for pulling off this sentimental scene.
  • Clark proposing to Lois. They were in the Fortress of Solitude, Lois is a dress that is very reminiscent of the original Christopher Reeve Superman movie.


What did you guys think of the Elseworlds crossover?

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