Derrick White-PG-Colorado
Size: 6’4 200lbs

Derrick White


  • Size
  • Versatile
  • Patient, willing passer
  • Disruptive on defense
  • Range
  • Decent array of shots

Analysis: As a Colorado fan, I was able to watch Derrick White burst onto the scene this past season and instantly become the best player on an already talented Buffaloes team. White was a transfer from Div-2 Colorado-Colorado Springs and did not miss a beat against Div-1 competition. He has great size for the point guard spot standing at 6’4 without shoes on. His size allows him to see over the top of most defenders where he can utilize his passing ability and be a primary facilitator in an offense. White always plays with his head up in transition and is able to recognize passing lanes by seeing over the top of the defense with his size. He is willing passer that plays with good patience, and he does a good job of finding big men ducking in from the post area or kicking out to shooters off the drive or from the perimeter.  Although he is not a great athlete, his combination of size and length allows him to finish above the rim in space with ease. As a defender he is disruptive with his length, does a good job of getting in passing lanes to force turnovers, and contest shots. White’s greatest strength is most likely his versatility as a scorer—In his lone season for Colorado he averaged 22.3 points per 40 minutes on 57% shooting from two point range and 40% shooting from three, showing the ability to fill it up from all three levels. He has excellent instincts and plays with great pace and skill and excels at scoring out of the pick and roll, where he can pull up off the dribble or finish with craftiness at the rim. He has a particularly advanced floater game, which he can use off of one foot or two feet with soft touch. White can finish with either hand and has excellent body control when going to the rim. He is also a quite capable spot up shooter, which allows him to be effective off the ball, and he can fire away coming off of screens. Another strong selling point of his repertoire is his advanced feel for the game on both ends of the court. He consistently stays poised under pressure and has the requisite vision to initiate the offense. He also has solid defensive instincts, anticipating plays well and forcing ball handlers to make counter moves. He also has good awareness defensively when locked in and understands where to be on the court at all times. His best attribute defensively is his ability to slide his feet and stay in front of a ball handler without using his hands. He does a textbook job of preventing straight line drives and forcing his man to change directions. Many scouts also believe that because White is a late bloomer, there is still plenty of room for him to continue developing.


  • Not an explosive athlete
  • Struggled at times against great competition
  • Needs to become more vocal on the floor
  • Shot selection
  • Quickness

Analysis: White is considered a late bloomer, but he does not possess the athleticism scouts drool over. He can be too upright at times both when turning the corner on offense and when guarding his man, limiting his explosiveness. He also may struggle to get all the way to the rim and finish over the top of NBA length. He has only an average first step from a triple threat position, making it challenging for him to turn the corner easily. His lack of burst also does not allow him to play slow to fast at a high level, as he is unable to change gears with much force—even against big men in the pick and roll, he is not always able to turn the corner and is often forced to settle for off-balance jumpers. Against teams above .500, he shot 50% from two-point range compared to over 60% against teams under .500, leaving numerous questions about if he can create offense against better competition. Despite solid athleticism combine numbers, (36.5 max vert) he is generally a below the rim player in traffic, and he will have to rely on floaters mostly, but he has shown great ability in this area. He also will settle for too many difficult, contested pull-ups on offense at times. On defense he will take plays off; instead of getting low in his stance and being committed to stopping his man by sliding his feet he will reach a bit too often. His defensive versatility in the NBA is also a big question mark. On the one hand, he may not have the frame to guard bigger two guards and wings, but he also may not be quick enough to guard explosive NBA point guards.

NBA Comparison: Kris Dunn

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