Last night on Designated Survivor, we find out that the hacker, known as Gamine, is actually Dax and NOT Dr. Frost, President Kirkman and his staff deal with trying to get an American kid out of Bhutan, and Agent Hannah Wells decides to go after Damian’s real killer, without the support of the U.S government.

For what I think of as the political problem of the week, President Kirkman and his staff try to negotiate a deal with Bhutan in order to get a teenager, arrested over a small graffiti charge, out of the country. But Bhutan wants to negotiate in order to obtain some land so they can use it for mining oil. But things get complicated when the country’s ambassador gets murdered at an event Kirkman is holding.

It also doesn’t help that Ethan West, who’s back fighting for this teenager’s safe return home, constantly bad mouthing Bhutan’s prime minister to the press. But eventually, they work together and the negotiations rule in their favor and the kid gets to come home. As far the ambassador’s murder goes, Chuck and Mike work together to find his killer and the killer turns out to be someone who killed him over a different piece of land.

kendra and steven

Meanwhile, Kendra is working on getting her old mentor, Steven Flannery, to become a judge, in what I’m assuming is for the Supreme Justice court. After vetting him, they find a few accounts of past workers accusing him of sexual discrimination or misconduct claims. All of which turn out to be relatively innocent. But he also has a bit of a past with Kendra so she starts to wonder if what happened between them was consensual or coerced. Still confused about which one it could’ve been, she decides to pass on giving him the job.

After Hannah got fired last week, she decides to investigate Dr. Frost herself, with Chuck’s help of course. So really, Chuck is working double duty in this episode, with the investigation into the ambassador and Hannah’s independent investigation into Dr. Frost. Hannah goes to Dax, who, if you don’t remember is another one of Kirkman’s closest friends and is big in the car manufacture business. She gets him to distract Andrea while she breaks into her house and gets Chuck to hack into her computer systems. She finds what she’s looking for gets out of there as fast as possible.

Only thing is that she was actually looking into Dax. And apparently Hannah getting fired in last week’s episode was a complete hoax: it only happened because Kirkman found a bug in his office in the model car that Dax gave him and needed to find more proof to prove that Dax was the hacker. And Hannah and Chuck found it. After illegally breaking into his house and hacking into his enormous computer system but I guess something they’re just going to brush over as it being a matter of national security.

After the FBI arrest Dax, Hannah and Chuck go over the data they got from his servers and connect the dots to find out that he worked with Damian’s Russian handler, Valeria Poriskova. Except the target was Hannah, not Damian. But now that they’ve found the hacker and relations with Russia are settled, Hannah knows that she’s not going to get the support of the FBI or the U.S government if she were to go after Poriskova. But she wants to make her pay for killing Damian so she resigns from the FBI and decides to go after Poriskova herself.

andrea frost

Is that the smartest plan? Probably not. But after everything she’s been through, it makes sense. Plus, it reminded me of Maggie Q’s previous show, Nikita, which is still to this day, one of my favorite TV shows. I also really liked the hacker twist. Andrea Frost just seemed too innocent to really be the hacker. It still would’ve made for a great story if she was the hacker, but I like that it wasn’t because personally, I really liked her. But it was just as good of a twist that it was another close friend of Kirkman’s.

But unfortunately, I think this episode was Dr. Frost’s last episode (at least for the season) because she also tells Tom that she’s moving to San Francisco for work. But she also says “til I see you again”, so maybe we’ll see her in another season of the show, and maybe she’ll become a love interest again. But given that Alex died earlier this season, it makes sense as to why they don’t push the two together yet.

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