Last night on Designated Survivor, the FBI, with the help of Dr. Frost, chase down a dirty bomb, Emily and Kendra butt heads over how to deal with the Moss investigation, and 6 federal agents die from the dirty bomb, one of which is FBI director, Agent Forstell. By the end of the episode, President Kirkman attacks the country behind the dirty bomb as an unofficial declaration of war.

After last week’s episode, Aaron informs President Kirkman that there’s a dirty bomb on U.S soil so everyone chases down any and every lead they can find. They start looking at East Han Chiu first because they seemingly have the most motive, especially after Chairman Kim’s outburst over the treaty.


But because they don’t know where the bomb is, when it’s going to go off, or who’s behind it all, they send President Kirkman and his staff to the emergency bunker. Which leaves a persistent reporter trying to find out what they’re all trying to hide (all they really know is that the President and his staff are in the east wing instead of the west). But because they don’t want to cause a huge panic, they decide not to tell the press about what’s really going on. It isn’t until after they diffuse the decoy bomb and the other one goes off that Kirkman addresses the public.

Agent Wells continues to interrogate Kim’s son, Joon, who found refuge in the states as well as told her that his father was already in possession of nuclear weapons, giving East Han Chiu motive and resources. Then, Joon passes out (when Detective Blakey isn’t looking) from what looks like some type of poison. But it turns out it was just baking powder and he escapes while he’s held up at the hospital, making him suspect number one.

Meanwhile, the FBI work with Dr. Frost, who returns again for this episode, because they want to use her advanced technology to find the bomb and the bomber. Eventually, they find the suspected bomber, who they find dead from radioactive poisoning and they disarm a decoy bomb, just as it’s about to go off. The only thing is they don’t know it’s a decoy until it’s too late; the bigger bomb goes off at the same place the decoy was at, killing 6 federal agents in the process, including Director Forstell. But thankfully, there are no civilian casualties because the investigation into the bombing sanctioned off the area from civilians and press, who were also there when the bomb went off.


Meanwhile, Kendra confronts Emily about the Moss investigation because Emily authorized Chuck to go through the reporter’s phone records without a warrant. Emily stands by what she did because it was a matter of national security. However, Kendra knows they can’t argue with the evidence they found against former President Moss because Emily obtained it illegally and she knows that he’d use it against them. Which ultimately makes it problematic because that is the only evidence they have against Moss.

As far as finding the culprit behind the dirty bombs, Agent Wells and Detective Blakey find Joon in a warehouse that the suspect was in hours earlier. After getting nothing from the initial interrogation, the bigger bomb goes off, leaving Joon as the only suspect and assumed culprit of the bombing. After Hannah threatens him with the death penalty, Joon reveals that someone called him and told him that they had his girlfriend and that they’d kill her if he said anything. Other than that, he has no other information about the bomber or the people behind it.

hannah wells

But fortunately for them, they still have the other suspect to look into. They eventually find Joon’s girlfriend tied up in an abandoned apartment and look into the bomber’s bank accounts and find that shell companies paid him, those shell companies trace back to the Kumani government. And it just so happens that the financials of the abandoned apartment where they found Joon’s girlfriend correspond to that same shell company.

After this discovery, President Kirkman meets with the ambassador, who claims that there’s no way that his government would do this but still knows something but refuses to share what he knows. Furious, Tom heads to the general and orders for the U.S to engage, which is what I assume, is their unofficial declaration of war against Kumani.

Overall, I’m still left wondering the why of it all: why would the Kumani government bomb the U.S? And why isn’t Kumani’s ambassador telling them everything he knows? Because it’s clear that he knows something but says that he won’t say what it is until it’s the right time. As far as the rest of the episode goes, it was sad to see Forstell go like that, especially since he dies trying to save the 5 other agents that are in that subway but it all explodes just as he walks inside the building.

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