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The public and both political parties pressure Kirkman to pick a side as he tries to get them both to sign a bill, Agent Hannah Wells launches her own independent investigation against Valeria to find some closure over Damian’s death, and Kendra gets targeted for an old case it unfortunately gets Emily shot at the last-minute.

The episode of Designated Survivor starts with Kendra at her house with Trey, who apparently spent the night with her. Later we find out that the both of them want to see where this goes. I don’t know much about Trey yet but him and Kendra seem like they’d be a nice couple. And Trey seems to really like her and they both have that “I’m not good at relationships” thing going for them so who knows, maybe this relationship will actually work out. Because so far, none of the romances have ever really worked out on this show thus far.

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But that aside, Trey leaves her house but comes back because he left his wallet. When he gets there, someone’s broken into Kendra’s house and trashed her living space and he goes upstairs to find Kendra with a bat and the intruder long gone. A detective and Mike Ritter from secret service hunt down the culprit and we find out that it has something to do with an old case from when she was a DA. Basically, she flipped a murderer for intel on a drug cartel and sent him into witness protection. The intruder wanted justice for his brother but gets caught by the detective and Mike and the situation seems resolved.

Except it wasn’t. The FBI bring in the killer but he’s killed by a sniper as he’s taken into custody, and the sniper turns out to be the guy’s father. Turns out they were both working together and they blame Kendra for letting him go after murdering their family member and destroying their family. But after the home invasion, Kendra didn’t feel safe to go back home so Emily goes to her house to get her things so she can stay at her place for the night. And the sniper ends up shooting Emily, but I’m assuming he thought it was Kendra. And that’s how the episode ends so, we’ll just have to wait and see what happened to Emily. But I’m guessing they’re not killing her off considering she’s Tom’s head of staff.

agent hannah wells

Meanwhile, Hannah is off trying to find Valeria, AKA Damian’s handler and the person responsible for his death. Valeria trashed Damian’s apartment as well as Hannah’s but didn’t find whatever it was she was looking for so Hannah convinces Aaron to let her look at Damian’s personal effects. She finds an old letter she sent him that said to meet at their spot so she goes there and finds a USB and a key hidden in the park bench. She basically finds a fail safe of sorts in the form of a video that Damian made if he were to die addressed to Hannah. He reveals that he has a daughter and he wants her to go to London to protect her. And she immediately calls to buy a plane ticket to London.

On the more political side of things, the new election is coming up and new candidates are starting to come out of the woodwork as Kirkman is still undecided about whether or not he’s going to run for a second term. Meanwhile, he’s trying to get a bill passed but both political parties pressure him into picking a side, being that Tom is a registered independent. In the end, he stands his ground and gets both parties to agree and to sign the bill.

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Other than that, Kirkman goes after President Moss through another investigation involving Moss leaking sensitive information to the press and he gets Ethan West to facilitate all of it. West interviews everyone, Moss included, and he comes up with the conclusion that Tom got Agent Wells to look into Moss. In fact, he seems a little obsessed with the fact that Hannah’s become Kirkman’s “Swiss army knife” as he puts it.

But after all that, Moss goes on the offense saying that he did all of those things to protect Americans from Kirkman and his recklessness. And that none of the information he leaked wasn’t sensitive information. In addition to that, he announces to the public that he’s running for president again. With Moss shaping out to look like a stronger adversary, I like the way the writers have kind of made him become like a villain who thinks he’s the hero, which is great because those are always the best types of villains.

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