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ABC’s Designated Survivor season finale ends on the high note as the FBI scores a big win in stopping what I’m going to call the muscle of the army in this season-long charade of conspiracy theories and traitors. But in the last few minutes of the episode, the show sets itself up for the next season with the disappearance of Patrick Lloyd, AKA the architect of the entire plot to take over the white house.

For those of you who haven’t seen the show, here’s a quick synopsis: someone bombs the Capitol building, killing the president and all of the cabinet members forcing the country to rebuild with a new president, the designated survivor, which by the way, is a real thing. Meanwhile, the search to find the killer is commenced and halfway through the series, the FBI, or more specifically, FBI agent Hannah Wells uncovers that the bombing was not done by a foreign terrorist group but a group of traitors right on U.S soil. Now to continue with the season finale. Spoilers to follow.

The finale starts where the last episode ended; with Hannah Wells opening up the back doors of a black van full of explosives on a timer with other FBI agents pointing their guns at her. So of course, her solution is to drive the van to the closest body of water, eliminating the possibility of killing everyone in that building.

After Agent Hannah Wells moves the van full of explosives to a body of water, Agent Forstell clears her name by request of the president himself and the search for Patrick Lloyd, Lozano, and the White House mole, who we know is Jay Whitaker, starts again. Unfortunately, they are unable to find and arrest Lloyd because his card is used by other members of the conspiracy group to try to send the FBI on a goose hunt to find him. But in addition to that, there’s also an escape tunnel in his house, which is what every good house needs, right?

We then follow Lozano as he gets into the Pentagon to get information about “troop movements, intel on nuclear arsenal, [and] identities about [their] covert assets”. But before we learn that, Agent Wells sees him as he leaves the Pentagon on the way to who-knows-where and follows him in a car chase all the way to what looks to be a house in the middle of construction. The fight is a brutal hand-to-hand combat and ends with Lozano getting stabbed by what looks like long rods from the house construction.

On the more political side of things, President Kirkman and his staff have their own problems to deal with in the form of journalist Abe Leonard’s article and impending questions about leaked information he obtained from the White House mole. And by deal with, I mean they actively try to avoid having to comment on the situation to news outlets per request of President Kirkman. Later after a face-to-face with the president, Leonard thankfully decides to honor his wishes by holding onto his speculations for a little longer. By the end of the episode, the mole is found surprisingly with the help of Aaron and General Cochrane (who Kirkman fires earlier in the season) and all is good with the world, or so we all think it is.

The finale ends with Kirkman giving a grand empowering speech to the public, finally addressing Leonard’s claims and letting everyone in on what’s been going on with the investigation of the Capitol bombing and he leaves the American people on a good note, at least for the most part. That is until we all discover what information Lloyd has and the fact that he has the resources to do whatever he wants with it without any suspicion. Given that the information that he has all relates to the country’s security, it makes the country’s defense superstructure completely vulnerable. This ultimately means that they they’re in presumably more danger than before.

The mole is found from an email that Jason sent to Agent Wells before he died in last week’s episode, making Jason’s death that much more impactful. After the mole is caught, the FBI was apparently able to arrest 200 people involved but that in no way means that Lloyd is the only one still a part of this conspiracy group. But finding the mole in the White House as well as eliminating Lozano, the one thing that has been made clear in this episode is that Lloyd is seemingly the figurehead of this group and now the FBI knows exactly who they’re looking for. There are a lot of ways that the rest of the story can unfold but what’s great about this show is that we never really know what’s about to happen and I only expect the same when the series returns in the fall for its second season.

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