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First off, it was recently revealed that Designated Survivor, among many other shows, got cancelled after 2 season and I just have to say, I’ve enjoyed the show since its beginning and I’ll miss being able to see Maggie Q every week if I’m completely honest. But the show also hasn’t been quite the same since its first season in my opinion, which may or may not because the show’s gone through 4 different show runners. But regardless, fans are trying to get another network to pick it up, much like a lot other shows that were prematurely cancelled like Rise, Deception, and Lucifer among others. But with that aside, let’s get into last night’s episode.

After getting shot in last week’s episode, it turns out that Emily is completely fine but gets 13 stitches and the shooter was apparently taken out. But despite her injury, she goes back to work almost immediately. But after everything, Emily resigns because she realizes that she’s made this job her life and she’s ultimately lost perspective.

On the more political side, Tom deals with the co-conspiracy investigation that Ethan West charged him with and trying to aid Taurasi, a (made-up) U.S territory after a tsunami claims the lives of hundreds of people with thousands missing. On the investigation side, the attorney general doesn’t want to charge Kirkman with criminal charges because it’d be too hard to deal with the public so he, with the help of head senators, comes up with an alternate plan, one that is more politically charged. He wants Kirkman to announce that he’s not re-running for president, which would allow the senators to support whatever candidates they wanted to.


As for Taurasi, Lyor and Seth meet with their governor because their citizens want independence from the U.S. If the territory were to cut ties, it could potentially cause other strategically important U.S territories to follow suit. But while they’re still negotiating, a tsunami hits. Lyor’s safe upstairs but Seth, at least at first, is nowhere to be found because he left the hotel to buy coffee. Later, they find each other and we find out that Seth went to the roof for safety after fortunately being warned by someone in line with him. And he even saved a woman’s grandchildren by carrying them to the roof with him.We all knew Seth was a romantic but now we also know he’s also a hero. How Emily was so conflicted about her feelings for him is still beyond me.

But after the tsunami, Taurasi is asking the U.S for help. But the house only want to save the American tourists because Taurasi wants to cut ties with them. But they’re in a state of crisis so they tell Kirkman that they’re able to give them $3 million, which isn’t nearly enough to do anything for them. Eventually, Kendra finds a solution after the supreme court denies Kirkman’s executive order. (AUMF). Basically the Taurasi’ governor signs a referendum, dissolving their protectorate status, making them a potential conflict for the U.S (at least on paper).Then through something called the authorization for the use of military force, they’re able to aid Taurasi with $3 billion.

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I’m still pretty confused with this whole concept to be honest but I’m ultimately glad that they were able to aid the territory and get Taurasi to change their mind about wanting independence from the U.S at the same time. At the end of all of it, Kirkman feels the need to address the American people publicly so he does at the end of the episode, fully planning on telling everyone that he isn’t going to run for president again. But at the last minute, he decides to run for president again.

Meanwhile, Hannah goes to London to find Damian’s daughter, Amy. And finds her after she tries to first pretend to be her roommate and run off, meaning that Amy, at the very least, suspected that her father wasn’t who she thought he was. Hannah finds out that Damian had a list of British Intelligence agents in his personal storage. But Valeria, Damian’s former handler, isn’t far behind and gets there first.

But luckily for Hannah, Amy’s seen the list and has a photographic memory. But then Hannah, with the help of Chuck, figures out that Valeria’s still after Amy because Amy could go to the British Intelligence with this list, which they would then change, which would make this list completely useless.

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Hannah and Amy later trick Valeria and Hannah goes after Valeria. After Hannah corners Valeria with a gun, Valeria reminds her that she no longer works for the FBI (even though she’s clearly still using her FBI contacts) and can’t arrest her. Even if Hannah tries to bring her in, the judge would just remind her that Valeria has diplomatic immunity in England, which would make that attempt useless. So she kills her, takes the USB from her jacket and throws the gun in the river.

But before she leaves, Amy reminds her that she doesn’t have anyone looking out for her anymore now that Damian’s dead. But Hannah looked out for her, so she wants to go back to the states with her. And against her better judgement, Hannah agrees to let her come back with her. But right when we think everything’s resolved, we see Hannah putting the USB into her laptop on the plane and finds footage of Emily meeting with Valeria.

I think the show runners knew that there was a possibility that they’d get cancelled because everything in this finale pretty much wraps everything until Hannah finds that footage of Emily. There’s even a scene between Kirkman and Mike where Kirkman and Mike say that if this is the end, that it was an honor while it lasted. And an honor it was. If it does come back, Emily somehow being involved with Valeria is definitely interesting because she is, or at least was because she resigned in this episode, Kirkman’s right hand woman for his entire presidency. And for her to be a traitor or a part of another conspiracy would be interesting.

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