This week’s episode of Dynasty picks up right where it left off but what started as a hostage situation ended with (SPOILER) Iris going on the run, Alejandro dying in the end, and Blake revealing that Fallon and Steven have an older brother. Now let’s get into this episode:

Alejandro calls Blake via Fallon’s phone and demands $15 million which later increases to $25 million. The circle of trust widens to include not just the Carringtons but also Culhane, Jeff Colby, Cristal, Sammy Jo, and of course, Anders.

Blake insists on handling the situation his way and stays calm and collected throughout the whole process but despite his insistence, Culhane tells Jeff about Fallon’s kidnapping and he offers Blake $8 million dollars in cash adding on to Blake’s $1 million, which is still $14 million short of the ransom price. But just to be clear, it’s not that they don’t have the money, it’s just that they can’t liquidate that much cash in the span of a couple of hours. Blake accepts the money but still shoos Jeff away and has Culhane keep an eye on him.

cristal and alejandro

Alejandro demands that he and Blake meet in person alone with the cash at the airport with which Blake decides it’s a good idea to bring a team of snipers. But his plans fall through when Cristal takes the money to meet up with Alejandro but ends up becoming a second hostage because there wasn’t enough money in the bag.

When Culhane goes to visit Jeff, they start by trying to track down Fallon’s porsche that Jeff got her for her birthday and they end with a full-out brawl between the two fighting over both Fallon and Monica. But despite the tracking of the porsche turned out to be a dead end, Jeff was apparently smart enough to plant a tracker in the bag of money and are able to track down Fallon and Cristal with Blake and the police following shortly after they arrive.

fallon and cristal

On the other side of things, Fallon is tied to a chair with zip ties and gets some of her hair chopped off, giving her a new set of bangs which she’s super upset. We see a little bit more of Alejandro and Iris’s relationship where he clearly has control over her and she’s just letting him control her. Fallon points this out to her and Iris points out that Fallon has always worked under another man whether it was her dad at Carrington Atlantic or working with Jeff Colby at Morell Corp, which she takes pretty seriously as she tells Jeff that she’d like to Jeff out of the company or for him to buy her out so that she can truly be an independent woman all while Jeff is planning to propose to her. Now all of this is undoubtedly messing up Jeff’s plan of eventually taking over the Carrington business so we’ll just have to see if he’s going to try to win her back or if he’s going to come up with a new tactic.

To end the hostage situation, Cristal and Fallon get out of their zip ties using the gold hair stick in Fallon’s hair and attack Alejandro and Iris when they get back. But through all the fighting, Cristal gets Alejandro away from Fallon using a lighter and some hairspray but Iris comes up from behind with a gun, letting Fallon get away. Alejandro and Iris take Cristal into a big truck to get them all from the police and in the ride to wherever it is they were going, Cristal convinces Iris to leave him and after some struggling, Iris shoots Alejandro, actually killing him this time.


But although the episode is full of high tensions, the big reveal came in the last few minutes of the episode when Cristal is tells Blake that she can’t compartmentalize the same way he can with which he says that he couldn’t lose another kid; apparently he and Alexis (AKA Fallon and Steven’s mom) had a son before Fallon and Steven were born named Adam who was kidnapped when he was 6 months old. I’m guessing that they wouldn’t bring this storyline up if one, Adam wasn’t still alive and two, he wouldn’t show up at one point or another. But this brings up a lot of questions which I’m hoping the writers will answer eventually.


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