In the latest episode of Dynasty, Alexis helps Jeff make things right with his family, the Clark County chemical leak goes public, Cristal and Fallon team up to help Culhane’s family (as well as others affected by the chemical leak), Blake fires Cristal only to replace her with Fallon, Culhane’s father dies after spending days in the hospital, and Steven finally finds his long-lost brother, Adam.

The episode shows us flashbacks of when Alexis and Blake are still together. Young Fallon tells them that she’s going to the dance with Jeff and Alexis and Blake, Blake especially, are not happy about it. So they go to Jeff and Blake basically threatens him by telling him that he’ll lose his scholarship if he takes Fallon to this dance. But Jeff comes anyway the night of the dance but Alexis tells him, while he’s standing in front of a limo he’s rented for the dance, that Fallon already left with another boy.


But later, Alexis goes to Jeff’s house to apologize because she lied about Fallon going to the dance with someone else but doesn’t state the reasoning behind why she, or more accurately, why Blake hates him because he doesn’t see how he did anything wrong. Truth is, he didn’t do anything wrong. Blake hates him because Jeff is actually…a Carrington!

Which in other words, probably means that Jeff is Blake’s baby brother. Because, as we’ve learned in a previous episode, Blake never had an affair with Jeff’s mother, Tom did. But grossly enough, this means that Fallon technically slept with her uncle. And almost married him. Why Blake didn’t stop the relationship altogether just tells us how terrible he really is. Which honestly, isn’t that surprising considering he literally blackmailed his own wife last week.


Speaking of which, Cristal tells Fallon about the environmental problem, the blackmail, and how it all affects Culhane. Cristal wants all of this to go public but Fallon just wants to fix it all by actually changing how Carrington Atlantic does business, in an environmental sense, all while  helping to make it right for Culhane. So the two of them devise and implement a plan that where Fallon breaks into Blake’s safe at work to get the recording device while Cristal distracts him.

They end up getting the recording but the news goes public anyway and apparently, according to Blake anyway, the audio file only has Cristal’s part of their conversation on it, which means it wouldn’t have helped her anyway. Fallon and Cristal both insist that neither of them leaked the news and we later find out that it was Alexis who made the scandal public in her mission to destroy Blake.

But regardless of how the scandal became public, Blake, as CA’s CEO needed to address it. Fallon suggests that he make a statement, apologizing for the chemical leak and promising to devote the company to clean energy sources and to just make CA into a better and more sustainable company, which they already should’ve been doing in my opinion. At first, Blake dismisses it and is just worried about how the government is going to scrutinize over all of the company’s decisions but later ends up agreeing with her and says just that in an impromptu press conference.


At that same press conference, Blake announces to the public that Cristal is stepping away from the company and Fallon will replace her as COO. Which coincidentally is the job she’d been working for until Cristal got the job over her at the beginning of the series. Fallon, still in shock, accepts the job but only does it because she thinks she can do more good for Culhane and his family (and others affected by the leak) on the inside. Cristal isn’t happy about getting fired but at least agrees with why Fallon accepted the job. So she hires Culhane so that he can work from the inside to make things right for his family.

While all of this is going on back in Atlanta, Steven goes to El Paso, Texas to track down his long-lost brother’s kidnapper. After slipping another person hundreds of dollars in an envelope (he did the same thing to the last person he talked to), someone shows up at his door at the end of the episode and claims that he’s Steven’s brother.

It’s honestly hard to see why Cristal ever fell in love with Blake in the first place.  It’s also hard to see how he could ever be redeemed (if he even will be) after everything he’s done, especially in the last few episodes. But Steven being able to find his brother is great news, that is assuming that he is who he says he is. After the whole Liam revelation from last week, I don’t know if I can trust that Adam is who he says he is.

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