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On Friday night’s episode of Dynasty, Steven and Sam hide their engagement news (because they apparently didn’t get married like I thought they did), Liam, sticks around to keep up with the husband charade in front of Alexis, and Alexis sticks around and stirs up some trouble, pitting Fallon and Blake against her and Steven.

Following Alexis’s dramatic and white-hot entrance to the funeral, she mourns over Tom’s death and Blake tells her to go home, leaving everyone else asking all the questions we want answers to including, but not limited to, what is she doing back and why now? But everyone goes back to the Carrington mansion to find Alexis already there, waiting for them, so that Anders could read them all Tom’s last will and testament. After the standard and pretty expected things come up, they’re shocked to find out that Tom left the Carrington mansion, AKA the house they’re currently all in, to Alexis.

Alexis takes advantage of being left the estate by gradually bringing some of her things in while Blake tries to sort all this out legally. But as he’s doing that, Fallon tries to manipulate her to find out more. Things between them are tense but Fallon invites her to a mani-pedi where she mentions the fact that she’s missed 11 of her and Steven’s birthdays, which gives Alexis the idea to throw 11 birthdays for them. In addition to that, Alexis also tells her that Blake bribed a judge to get custody, which Fallon confirms with Cristal later on in the episode.

enter alexis

Suspicious of her mother’s real intentions, Fallon (with the help of Culhane) investigates into Alexis and finds out that contrary to their initial beliefs, her “driver” is actually just an uber driver and she’s been living out of a trailer, which basically adds up to the fact that she’s dirt poor. After Fallon realizes that she’s lied, it all breaks out in a huge cat fight, ending with Fallon and Alexis fighting in the pool and Fallon pulling out a gun to scare Alexis out of the house once they’ve dried off.

But before that happens, Fallon finds pictures of her and Steven hung up in Alexis’s trailer that were only taken a few months ago along with letters and postcards from none other than, Steven. Apparently Steven and Alexis have been in contact for quite some time now. But regardless, Steven keeps his engagement with Sam from everyone but ends up telling Alexis near the end of the episode, to which she seems a little less than thrilled that it’s Sam, who, as we know, is Cristal’s nephew and Cristal isn’t someone Alexis is all that fond of. But regardless, Steven is still sympathetic towards his mother which leaves Fallon on her father’s side trying to push Alexis back out of their lives.

Later on, Blake manages to beat Alexis, legally speaking (at least partially), claiming that Alexis must have gotten his father to write her into his will under duress because Tom changed his will around the same time he had a major heart surgery. None of this is apparently true though because Fallon apparently got the doctor to change the date of Tom’s surgery around (and tells her this to her face) but Alexis doesn’t have the money or resources to prove it.

fallon and alexisBut despite Blake being able to kick Alexis out of the main house, it turns out that the Carrington mansion was her father’s land and was gifted to the Tom’s family. But the land technically belongs to the Carrington’s now because Tom gave Blake the estate when him and Alexis got married. The only reason Tom was able to leave Alexis the house in the first place is because Tom left his name on the deed.

However, Culhane moves out of the loft due to some mysterious family emergency (all we really know is that it has something to do with his dad being admitted to the hospital). How is this relevant exactly? Well, apparently Alexis’s family still technically owns the land that the loft is on, making it legally hers. So she moves in, which in other words, means that she’s here to stay. For a while anyway. But Alexis does still seem to genuinely care about her children, but she definitely still has a financial motive.

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