On Friday night’s episode of Dynasty, the Carringtons stage a fake wedding but hit a pretty big obstacle along the way in the form of Cecil Colby and Fallon gets married. Twice actually, with the Carringtons beating out the Colbys, just as I predicted they would.

For starters, Fallon agrees to keep up the ruse and plans for her wedding to Jeff whereas Cristal refuses to go along with Blake’s plan to whore herself out to serve his purpose as she puts it. As for the wedding, Blake plans to have his security guys break into Jeff’s house to get his server, AKA the servers he’s been using to hack into the Carrington network. But he fails to even try the first time because Cecil won’t come to the engagement party or planning session that the Carringtons have at their house, meaning that they actually have to have a wedding ceremony.

cristal and fallon

Fallon continues to plan her wedding including finding her dress but is worried about her company Morell Corp because Jeff still technically has stake in it because she wasn’t able to buy out his share from it yet. In addition to that, she’s pretty distraught about the whole situation given that she’s being pushed around by Blake with all of his plans and from this, her and Cristal finally bond a little; both are being manipulated by Blake.

Blake then goes to Cecil and convinces him to go to the wedding (so that his men can steal Jeff’s server) and his men it a few complications while trying to get into Jeff’s server room, cutting it really close to the “I do’s”. Unbeknownst to Blake, or anyone else really, Fallon creates a plan to win in the end, with the help of Cristal, and marries Jeff and then signs the contracts pretty much right after the ceremony, making Jeff think that he’s just won. Only problem is, Fallon’s already married. I’ll explain later.

culhane and fallon

Meanwhile, all of this isn’t all that easy for Culhane either; watching the woman he loves marry another man, even though he knows it’s fake. Plus, he told her he loves her and she didn’t exactly say the same back, even though she clearly feels the same way. In another one of their secret meet-ups, Fallon asks Culhane to marry him, for real, and finally says that 4-letter word Culhane’s been waiting to hear all along but unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons.

But because Culhane says no to marrying her, Fallon (unintentionally?) finds someone else to marry, a complete stranger no less named Liam, who also happened to come to the wedding as Sam’s date. But because bigotry is illegal, Jeff and Fallon’s marriage is also not legal, making their business contracts null, making the Carringtons as the winners in the end.

After all of this though, Cecil is so angry at, well everyone quite frankly, that he takes a gun from one of Blake’s men and goes with the intention to confront and probably shoot Blake. But instead, he finds Blake’s father (who also by the way is at the wedding and completely appalled by all of it, Blake’s failed plan included) and just the sheer shock of Cecil coming in with a gun scared the guy into a heart attack. Then Jeff walks in, takes the gun from Cecil, and tells him to leave so that he’s not indicted for the crime, leaving Blake’s father to continue laying on the floor, dying.


Based on the fact that the next episode centers around a funeral, I think it’s safe to say that he died then and there. But before he dies, the Carringtons rush into the room where Tom is lying on the ground and mutters out that Blake never had an affair with Cecil’s wife and that he was just protecting him. Which has to mean that Cecil was accusing the wrong Carrington, right?

Overall, I’m still confused about what’s going to happen next, especially because the promo for next week’s episode features Fallon and Steven’s mother showing up for Tom’s funeral, who also happens to be played by the brilliant, Nicollette Sheridan. What her intentions are is still unknown but my guess is she’ll be on the show for quite some time considering Alexis is still a little bit of a sore topic for both Fallon and Steven and it says that she’ll be on the show for 7 episodes according to IMDB. Plus, despite the fact that Fallon is now married, it was just a fake one just to beat out Jeff so I’m definitely still rooting for Fallon and Culhane to get together.

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