On Friday’s episode of Dynasty, and there’s a lot of drama coming from The Van Kirk’s, AKA Liam’s family while Alexis becomes suspicious of Melissa and her pregnancy. Then Kirby, Anders’ daughter, goes after Fallon by trying to create a wedge between Fallon and Monica’s newly repaired relationship. But by the end of the episode, someone dies, which will just create more drama for episodes to come.

Fallon’s in New York meeting all the Van Kirk’s, while still pretending to be Liam’s wife. Culhane calls her because Blake has an announcement: He’s decided that he’s going to cut everyone out of his will, which means that whatever they have left of their inheritance, and whatever’s left after he dies will get buried with him in the family mausoleum.

sam and alexis

Alexis comes to the breakfast table still in her lacy nightgown, making it clear to everyone at the table that she and Blake slept together last night. Sam however already knew from the sounds they were apparently making… Other than that being gross and cringeworthy, Blake just brushes her off and it seems like he’s trying to ignore it. Alexis also ends up stealing one of the Carrington’s paintings to try to keep Hank at bay because she obviously still doesn’t have the money for him.

Later, Alexis admits to Sam that she thinks that Melissa is a gold digger and might even be faking her pregnancy. At first, Sam dismisses her but he follows her anyway because he starts to feel a little suspicious himself. He follows Melissa calls Alexis to report back so to speak, only for Alexis to become suspicious of the fact that she bought turkey and cheese, which she says pregnant women aren’t supposed to eat but I’ve never heard of that before. But even after they find a fake pregnant belly in Melissa’s house, it turns out they were wrong and Melissa had the food for an upcoming dinner party and she was using the fake stomach for a dress she planned to wear in the future.

fallon and max

Fallon meets Liam’s Aunt Mora (Max’s wife), who makes it clear that she doesn’t want the Van Kirks to buy out Carrington Atlantic. Later, we find out how much of a sleaze Max really is: he invites Fallon to his place to basically have sex with her despite the fact that they’re both married (or at least Max thinks that Fallon’s married, and to his nephew no less). At first, she declines but then finds out that Max is meeting people from other energy companies and figures (and I think rightly so) that Max is only going to sign the papers (to buy Carrington Atlantic) if she sleeps with him.

So she devises a plan to hire an escort with the same body type as her to sleep with Max after she blindfolds him and handcuffs him. Once she gets the escort in place, she leaves on a flight back to Atlanta to see Culhane and go to Monica’s club grand opening. At the club, however, Fallon encounters Kirby, who’s out for vengeance because she thinks Fallon is the reason why Anders shipped her back to Austrailia, so Kirby attacks Fallon, thus leading them into a big catfight.

Afterward, Kirby accuses Fallon of starting the fight and Monica basically believes Kirby, even though she technically doesn’t even work for her. Honestly, this vengeance against Fallon seems to mirror what Jeff was trying to do last season, but with Kirby, it’s solely focused on Fallon. She thinks that Fallon set the fire and maybe she’s right but I’m conflicted: does Fallon actually deserve the hate from Kirby or is Kirby just being petty? Only time will tell.

There’s also a small bit of this new Cristal character, Cristal Jennings, coming to the house to talk to Blake. The people at the front gate apparently thought she was a nurse, which Anders called for because Blake broke his hand while he was off competing with Jeff for a car. I thought their mini fight was petty and I thought they’d be racing actual cars but it was just with toy cars on a toy racetrack, so that was strange. But that aside, new Cristal comes to Blake saying that she and the now deceased Cristal were friends and has a picture to prove it.

both cristals

But what does that mean now? Cristal says that she thinks that the other Cristal wanted her to take care of Blake now, or something like that, which I’m still pretty confused by that but we’ll probably find out what that means later. Also having two Cristals is a little confusing to read about but I guess one being dead helps to differentiate the two.

But just when everything seems like it’s back to (mostly) normal, the escort calls Fallon and tells her that Max died from a heart attack after he asked her to gag him. And that’s where the episode ends! How Fallon’s going to try to fix the situation will be interesting: she could pay the escort even more money to not say anything about her. Instead, she could make up a story about Max hiring an escort for the night rather than Fallon tricking him.

mora van kirk

But either way, it probably means that Fallon has to try to convince Mora (Max’s wife) to buy CA because, without Max, Mora probably has to step in, who made it clear that she doesn’t want their company to buy them out. And she obviously doesn’t like Fallon either so there’s bound to just be even more drama there.

What did you think of the episode? What’s going to happen with Liam’s family business? And who do you think will come up on top: Fallon or Kirby? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @mzsnguyenthai.

Dynasty plays on the CW on Friday night at 8/7c.

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