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Last night on Dynasty, the writers make it clear that this season will be full of drama. I don’t think I need to stress that there’s going to be full spoilers. Steven, Sam, and Melissa throw a baby shower to find out the gender of the baby shower and this is where all the drama happens in classic Dynasty fashion: it’s shocking, it’s a little confusing at first, and it’s very public.

Fallon continues to play loving wife as she meets Liam’s parents while Culhane helps Fallon pay off the escort that witnessed Max’s death and a shady associate of Max’s lawyer, Ada (still not really sure why Max’s lawyer, Vance doesn’t talk to him instead). Blake gets to know the new Cristal but wishes she were the old one while Kirby remembers via hypnosis at court-mandated anger management therapy sessions (thanks to Fallon) what really happened the night of the fire (the first one, not the one from last season). But the biggest reveal in the episode is really three things: Anders and Alexis had an affair (once a long time ago), they produced a child (unbeknownst to Anders), and Steven’s not actually Melissa’s baby daddy.

blake and new cristal

After the ending of last week’s episode, Blake gets to know the new Cristal as she gets to know more about the last four years of the other Cristal’s life. And since it’s a little confusing differentiating the two, I’ll refer to Cristal from this season as new Cristal and the Cristal from the first season will just be Cristal, just to make it a little easier. That aside, we learn that Cristal met Celia in a hospital in Mexico when new Cristal was a patient and Cristal volunteered. New Cristal gave Cristal her identity because she said she thought hers was over. We don’t learn what she means by that but I expect that we’ll find out later on in the season, even though she leaves Blake at the end of the episode.

But Blake decides to show her all of Cristal’s clothes, jewelry, and later her favorite fancy food on a private jet. Yeah, he takes her on his private jet to go eat sushi in Miami. At first, Blake’s just trying to be nice and I think genuinely wants to know more about this woman, especially because he’s learning stuff about Cristal that he didn’t know before. But then it gets to be too much when Blake pushes Cristal’s favorite foods on new Cristal and wants her to order her favorite things and keep her earrings on because Cristal would never take them off. So, new Cristal understandably leaves saying that it’s best this way. But given that the actress’s face is on the season two promo pictures, I expect she’ll be back soon.

fallon and laura

Meanwhile, Fallon meets more of Liam’s family because Liam’s mother, Laura Van Kirk, will taking over the business from now that Max is dead. But instead of going to Max’s memorial in New York, Laura just wants to meet Fallon because she apparently didn’t have the best relationship with her brother, Max. So to continue with the facade, Laura convinces Fallon to stay overnight after a very competitive game (at least to Laura) of tennis because why would she not stay with her husband?

At first, Fallon and Liam plan to wait until Laura’s asleep and have Fallon sleep in another bedroom because their house is obviously huge. But Laura doesn’t seem to take a sleeping pill as Liam thought so she ends up finding Fallon in another room after she’s gotten off the phone with Culhane, who’s trying to get a contract that Max signed before he died, buying Carrington Atlantic. But because Laura’s so nosy and suspicious, Fallon ends up sleeping with a pillow wall between her and Liam. But before they go to bed, Liam and Fallon talk about Laura and why Liam just lets her hurl insults at him because he’s protective of her.

Apparently, after his dad died, she had a mental breakdown so now Liam doesn’t want to hurt her. Which is sweet and Fallon’s sympathetic of that and they have a bit of a moment. But Fallon blows it off, turns around, and says goodnight. The morning after, Fallon tells Laura off when she insults Liam again, meaning that the only hope for selling Carrington Atlantic is for Culhane to get the signed contract from Max’s lawyer.

culhane and ada

Speaking of Culhane, he goes to New York while Fallon deals with Liam and his mother. Culhane goes to meet with Vance, Max’s lawyer, to get (and pay for) the signed contract but meets a woman named Ada instead. We don’t learn much about her but we know that she’s an associate of Vance’s and she’s super shady. Culhane is suspicious (as he should be) and decides that they should not be working for someone like her, so instead of getting the contract from her, he walks away. Then he pays off the escort with a suitcase full of cash but Ada pays her double and gets a signed testimony from her, therefore blackmailing Culhane into working for her. With what exactly is still unknown but I can tell it isn’t a good thing.

Liam shows up again during Steven’s baby shower and asks Fallon if she has feelings for him. But before she has a chance to respond, Culhane interrupts, giving Fallon the signed contract. But despite the deal essentially being done, Fallon asks Liam to stick around for a while to help with the transition. But despite the writers’ efforts to stir up more drama in this love triangle, I’m still Team Falhane, which is now their official ship name.

kirby anders

Now for the biggest reveal of the episode, Kirby goes to therapy and through some hypnosis learns what really happened right before she got shipped back to New Zealand. We find out that Alexis was the one who set the fire and blamed it on Kirby because she overheard Alexis and Anders talking about how they had an affair years ago. At the time though, Kirby didn’t really understand what they were talking about but it was reason enough for Alexis to blame her and send her away.

So instead of talking to Anders first, Kirby plants a secret camera in a stuffed animal and leaves it in the Carrington mansion’s office, where she overhears and records Alexis and Anders arguing and it’s revealed that their affair produced a child, which Anders didn’t know about prior. Kirby assumes that child was Fallon and tries to have the video play at the party right when they’re about to reveal the gender of the baby. Alexis unplugs it from the big screen and tries to get everyone to think she’s crazy again when Kirby tries to tell everyone the truth.

melissa, sam, and steven

But Anders stops Alexis and tells everyone it’s true and that Fallon isn’t the child they produced but instead, it was Steven. Which quite frankly, makes a lot more sense being that Steven’s his child because Fallon’s definitely Blake’s daughter. So with that revelation, Melissa tells Steven, and everyone at that party, that Steven isn’t the father but it’s actually her gyno, which means Alexis was right all along (at least partly): Melissa was just a gold digger after all.

And that concludes this week episode. Are you Team Falhane or Team Fiam/Lallon (or whatever Fallon and Liam’s ship name is)? And what do you think will happen next? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @mzsnguyenthai.

Dynasty airs on the CW on Friday nights at 8/7c.

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